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Benchmarking Operator Performance in the Williston Basin using a Predictive Machine Learning Model

T. Cross, K. Sathaye, K. Darnell, D. Niederhut, K. Crifasi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... prediction can be used as its own benchmark for parameters not included in model training, chiefly artificial lift and operational choices. This machine...


Abstract: Phisico-Chemical Evolution of the Soil Water During an Artificial Recharge

M.A. Hessane, H. Karrat, W. De Backer

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...Abstract: Phisico-Chemical Evolution of the Soil Water During an Artificial Recharge M.A. Hessane, H. Karrat, W. De Backer #90074©2008MAPG First...


The Super Pad„A Multi-Year Integrated Approach to Resource Development in the Montney

Michael Dembicki, Glen Nevokshonoff, Merle Spence, Jordan Johnsen

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... for artificial lift using gas lift; 4) enable the ability for high pressure field gas gathering and transmission; and 5) minimize rig release to initial...


Innovative Deep Autoencoder and Machine Learning Algorithms Applied in Production Metering for Sucker-Rod Pumping Wells

Peng Yi, Xiong Chunming, Zhang Jianjun, Zhang Yashun, Gan Qinming, Xu Guojian, Zhang Xishun, Zhao Ruidong, Shi Junfeng, Liu Meng, Wang Cai, Chen Guanhong

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and majority wells are using artificial lift of sucker-rod pumping. With the depletion of the reservoir, oil production keeps decreasing and the water cut...


Internal Check Valve Installation to Eliminate Well Integrity Issue

Iman Prasodjo, Lily Gandakusuma, Narendra Rangga Alam Aji

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to internal check valve installation, the well should be shut-in from flowing either natural flow or artificial lift (if any), then conducting APD...


Arresting Production Decline in a Heavy Oil Field in Indonesia

Peter Mark Smith, Emir Syahrir

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... available to other operators in a similar situation. INTRODUCTION Older reservoirs lose natural lift and rely on artificial lift systems to pump oil...


Aspects of Vertical Multiphase Flow Determination and Calculation Procedure in South Palembang District Oil Wells

Okti Barmi, M. Assegaf

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... a suitable artificial lift installation for a particular well. When fluids are produced energy is dissipated or wasted. Knowledge about such losses...


Application of Progressive Cavity Pump in Melibur Field, Lasmo Oil (Malacca Strait) Ltd

Yudianto Kosman, Lisdiyanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...., Recommendations and Comparisons for selecting Artificial lift Methods, Journal JPT December 1993, Page 128. 5. Moyno Down Hole Oil Well Pump Technical...


Progress of A Horizontal Well in a Mature Steamflood Project: Kern River Field, CA

K. L. Haney

Pacific Section of AAPG

... successful from a drilling and completion standpoint, major progress has been made in the areas of artificial lift, sand control and horizontal production...


Reducing the Risk of Plugging of Production Liner in Unconventional Wells

Yuri Fairuzov, Victor Fairuzov

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of the lateral. Active mitigation involves using a new artificial lift system for horizontal wells. URTeC 1033 2 Introduction Shale oil and gas...


Dynamics of Sediment Movement

Gerard Middleton, John B. Southard

Special Publications of SEPM

... in place (the submerged weight of the grain), and those tending to lift, roll, or slide the grain out of its position in the bed (forces of fluid lift...


Estimating Reservoir Pressure from Early Flowback Data

R. S. Jones, Brian Pownall, Jarrid Franke

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., to compare wells and estimate deliverability  rate transient analysis (RTA)  simulation history matching  artificial lift sizing As mentioned above...


West Black Bay, Black Bay and East Black Bay Fields, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Dwight A. Free, Jr.

GCAGS Transactions

... on an 8/64-inch choke. A total of 107 wells have been drilled in the West Black Bay field. There have been 149 oil completions (2 artificial lift), 11 gas...


Gas Conservation in the Sangatta Field

Syahruzad Syahrudin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the reservoir sands, the diminishing amount of prospective zones, shortage of artificial lift facilities, formation damage, formation blocking, large...


Empirical Approach to Calculate Production Rate at Well-X With Downhole Choke

M. Tamrin Humaedi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... technologies of artificial lift to increase oil production by considering reservoir performance. Controlling production rate is one of several efforts...


Floating Production Systems with Subsea Wells: Case History of a Marginal Field Development

Iwan D. Satiagunawan, A. C. Carl, P. G. Wybro

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the SSTB and is then attached to the SSTB. Wireline work to change out gas–lift valves, and other downhole maintenance, is performed with a wireline...


TOTALS Experiences in Tackling Mature Field Challenges in The Mahakam PSC, #30565 (2018).

Henricus Herwin, Bayu Giriansyah, Irfan Taufik Rau

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...) System to Unlock Oil Potential in Well Without Artificial Lift: Proceedings of Indonesian Petroleum Association, 40th Annual Convention & Exhibition...


Banyu Urip Reservoir Surveillance Strategy

M. Romadhona, Ardian P. Putra, Ratih P. Nugroho

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... will be implemented as necessary. This artificial lift method is driven by adequate produced gas from the reservoir. Gas cap size & transmissibility...


Myths and Facts of Forecasting Horizontal Well Production in Unconventional Reservoirs … Are We Complicating a Simple Analysis?

Vivek Muralidharan, Krunal Joshi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., and artificial lift strategies. EUR values per well were generated via numerical modeling using a production history match. Our results show...


A Proposed Solution to the Challenge of Producing Oil Reserves from Offshore Marginal Fields in the Natuna Sea of Indonesia

F. H. Rodriguez, B. Peribere

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and techniques in order to service downhole safety valves, install or replace artificial lift equipment, set plugs, open/close sliding sleeves, etc...


Esperson Dome Field, Liberty County, Texas

John T. Riddell

Houston Geological Society

.... Production History Table. Production History All gas production is utilized for pressure maintenance and gas lift operations. In addition...


A Practical Method for Optimizing Electric Submersible Pump Designs in High Viscosity Crudes

G. C. Bihn, A. N. E. Sumantri, E. H. Utomo, G. P. D'Silva

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Development Corporation), 31-64. Brown, K.E., et al. 1980. The Technology of Artificial Lift Methods (Tulsa: Pennwell Publishing), Vol. 2, 91. Centrilift...


Extended Abstract: Recent Exploration and Development in ATP 269P

S. L. Keenihan

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... is produced without artificial lift and is currently treated in storage tanks at the Field sites prior to trucking to the various outlets. The oil...


Field Summary: Nugget Field

Steven B. Moore

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... reports indicate that three wells are under injection, six are shut in, and five are on artificial lift: REFERENCES Jones, D.C. and Murray, D.K. (1976...


A Paradigm Changing on Surveillance Thru Virtual Well Test Implementation

Mario Andre Yogasugama, Ivan Susanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., there are a lot of technology implementation in the field starting from the artificial lift until the reservoir enhanced oil recovery technology...


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