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Early Performance and Improved Oil Recovery Process Evaluation … Kerisi Field, South Natuna Sea

Tuan D. Ma, Mohammad Oggi Refani

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... injection at 50 MMSCFD, optimal gas lift, and two infill wells as currently planned, the base oil recovery could be improved by 31%. It could be improved...


Unlocking Production Potential in Ujung Pangkah Field by Improving Stimulation Methodology

Guntur Susanto, Zulfikar, Sukarmen, Siswara Suryanada, Noviana Wintarti, Sera Saifuddin, Imania Mustika Purwitaningtyas, Muhammad Fuad, Diah Setianti

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... are producing with artificial gas lift system. In general, production wells in Ujung Pangkah field are highly inclined to horizontal well. All the wells...


A Comparative Study in Deciding Between Conventional Vertical Drilling and Horizontal Multilateral Drilling for Coalbed Methane

B. Marbun, T. Thariq

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... expected from the drilling fluid, stimulations, type of artificial lift used in the future and volume are some of the tasks that should be dealt...


Discoveries, Development and Future Prospects--Eromanga Basin, Australia

R.J.S. Hollingsworth

Circum Pacific Council Publications

..., one of which is on artificial lift. Murta wells produce at rates ranging from 30-800 BOPD, and Namur wells produce at rates ranging from 150-800 BOPD...


Determining Speed of Electric Submersible Pumps to Optimize Production in ESP Wells

Handoko Saputra

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS TO OPTIMIZE PRODUCTION IN ESP WELLS Handoko Saputra* ABSTRACT An artificial lift method known as the Electric Submersible Pump...


Overcoming High Watercut and High Free Gas Content on ESP Well Using VSD a Field Study

Bastian Wismana, Adi Matondang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... USING VSD A FIELD STUDY Bastian Wismana* Adi Matondang** ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Electric Submersible Pump as one of the artificial lift has several...


Innovative Early Development of the Shallow Zone to Sustain the Production of the Mature Field Bekapai

Goldy Oceaneawan, Asmoro Santo, Uswatun Hasanah, Antus Mahardhini

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Besides contributing to gas export, the gas is also used as artificial lift to revitalize the oil wells. This technique has been implemented...


PTTC Network News - Vol. 14, No.2 - 2008

Hoxie Smith


... Gas Wells Alternatives for Formulating Low-Density Cements There are at least 15 different artificial lift methods used to unload liquids in gas...


Application of Lean Six Sigma Results in Improved Acid Stimulation Oil Gains in Duri Heavy Oil Field

Irvan Fahruri, I Gede Eka Artyasa, Sadono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with an artificial lift sucker rod pump completion. A typical R-PK well bore is shown in Figure 2. Scaling Problem in DSF Scaling problem on the gravel...


Exploration, Development and Production Activities in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins: 1996--1997

Andrew Mayers

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... production was on free flow at 220 BOPD and 77% watercut. Production with jet pump artificial lift yielded initial rates of 110 BOPD with 91% watercut. Jet...


Horizontal Mississippian Fracture Completions in Oklahoma and Kansas

Bill Grieser, Hap Pinkerton

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... rate, volume, and proppant amount.  Producing flow geometry, artificial lift type, electric, and disposal capacity:  Flow path inside diameters (true...


Unitization For Secondary Recovery Operations - Workshop Summary

Walt King


.... During primary recovery, the oil either flows under its own pressure or is produced by "artificial lift" using pumps, gas lift, etc. Secondary recovery...


Experiences in Underbalanced Drilling and Testing Low Gravity Oil from a High Productivity Reservoir in Seram Island, Maluku Province, Indonesia

I. P. Moyle, Stephen Dyer, D. G. S. Lamb, W. G. Mogg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and productivity estimates while drilling. A Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) was used as a cost effective artificial lift method for the testing program...


Developments in South Texas in 1946

Bruce Scrafford

AAPG Bulletin

... means of artificial lift. The 1,085 gas wells in this area produced during the year 510,399,785 MCF of gas. Of the amount of more than ½ trillion cubic...


Pore System Changes During Experimental Polymer Flooding in Ben Nevis Formation Sandstones, Hebron Field, Offshore Eastern Canada, #20349 (2016).

Luis E. Valencia, Lesley A. James, Karem Azmy

Search and

... IOR targets mobile & immobile oil • Physical: directional wells, well stimulation • Procedural: advanced completions • Mechanical: artificial lift...


Optimization of a Peripheral Waterflood in a Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study of the Kaji Semoga Field

Danny Hutagalung, Dwi Marlia Sari, Tomi Afandi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... problems relate to the drilling, conversion, upgrading of facilities, and artificial lift implementation. Currently, 65 of 93 proposed wells have been...


ESP Optimization Goes Further: Operating Frequency Beyond 60 Hz

Aliefiyan Nursanda Muklas, Bonni Ariwibowo, Hendra Kusuma, Winandar Amijaya, Dadang Darmawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... (GL) as artificial lift methods with 149 of wells is ESP. As a brown field with ESP as the commonly used, close monitoring and low cost technology...


Multistage Fracturing Horizontal Well - Initial Completion of Tight Sand: Beta-1 and Beta-2, Sumatera, Indonesia

Dwi Agung Arif Setyani, Zulhendra, Wandy Hendrawan, Shana Bolen, James Nileshwar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... put on production. 8. Run the Artificial Lift (Electric Submergible Pump (ESP) on Beta-1 and Electric Submergible Progressive Cavity Pump (ESPCP...


Developments in South Texas in 1951

James K. Rogers , William H. Spice, Jr. , Leon R. Vesely

AAPG Bulletin

... is an increase of 784 wells over those producing at the end of 1950. In all, 8,360 are flowing wells and 11,085 are on artificial lift. A total of 22,051,657...


Developments in South Texas in 1952

C. C. Miller , John C. Bianchi, Jr. , Kerry S. Briggs

AAPG Bulletin

... of 434 wells over the total for 1951. In all, 8,604 are flowing wells, and 11,277 are on artificial lift. In all, 24,413,032 barrels of liquids were also...


Success Story of Increasing Oil Production and Sand Handling Performance by PCP Implementation in Heavy Oil Reservoir under CSS Treatment

Dias Anugrah Massewa, Fahmi Nugraha, Ferdyan Ihza Akbar, Listiawan Febrianto, Nugroho Marsiyanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... proven to be suitable artificial lift alternative in Batang field. Heavy oil fields are notoriously difficult to produce. The main obstacles...


The effect of morphology on postmortem transportation of bivalves and its taphonomic implications

Devapriya Chattopadhyay, Ashish Rathie, Anirban Das


... main forces that act on a shell in fluid flow are drag force FD, acting parallel to the direction of the flow, and lift force FL, acting upward (Fig. 1...


Case Studies of Power Consumption Reduction on California Oilfields

Rock Zierman, Bettline Arrgoni-Foster, Don Duttlinger, Mark Reedy, Ron Kane, Tom McCollum, Dan Bradford, Terry Kloth, Richard Zimmerly, Dennis Olliver, Tamara Lopez, Christopher Randall


... through this tough period. LA BasIn - Sanslnena FIeld- ArtificIal LIft ConversIons at Site 5 & 8 Tom McCollum, Bentley Simonson Inc. This will be a review...


Pumpers & Well Operations Training - Workshop Summary

David G. Morse, Steven R. Gustison, Steve PErsinger, Chris Black, Bill Maxey


... is both to understand the problems associated with artificial lift systems and to efficiently manage well failure rates - both to decrease impacts...


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