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A Method for Estimating Fault Geometry from Rotated Basement Blocks Using Slip Lines

Peter H. Hennings, John H. Sprang

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... a "balanced" bases ment model, and provldes an estimate of the amount of horlzontal shortening. The method 1 applled to an example strucs ture ln...


Geometric Analyses and Balanced Cross Sections of the Arbuckle Mountains and Washita Valley Fault

Stephen J. Naruk Bellare

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... appear to represents relatively minor Quaternary strike-slip reactivation. Balanced Regional Cross Section. Figure 4 is a regional balanced cross section...


Method of Estimating Reserves of Natural Gas and Oil

I. I. Malyshev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...”, but these include balanced, prognostic, and extractable. The meaning of “extractable reserves” is not clear. If they have in mind the extractable...


Lengguru, Irian Jaya: Prospect Selection Using Field Mapping, Balanced Cross-Sections, and Gravity Modelling

D. T. Moffat, L. F. Henage, R. A. Brash, R. W. Tauer, B. H. Harahap

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... closure with a probable inversion history were high ranked. Balanced cross-section construction and gravity modelling represent valuable low-cost...


Abstract: The Appalachian structural front, Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland: balanced cross sections and implications for Humber Zone tectonics

G. S. Stockmal, J. W. F. Waldron

Atlantic Geology

...Abstract: The Appalachian structural front, Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland: balanced cross sections and implications for Humber Zone...



A. Bein and O. Amit

Journal of Petroleum Geology

... of resins and asphaltenes. The H/C ratio was balanced by the formation of pyrobitumen and by a gradual decrease of the H/C ratio in the residual resins...


Abstract: A Tectonic Hypothesis to Explain Earth’s Crustal Movement, and May Control A Basin’s Configuration and Depositional Sequence

Eric F. Engbrecht

Abilene Geological Society

... in the complete system. The proposed driving mechanism assumes that the earth is endeavoring to attain and retain an internal, balanced gravitational system...


ABSTRACT: Environmental and Regulatory Aspects of Project Design and Implementation


Montana Geological Society

... states to provide an opportunity for balanced decision making. The intent of these laws is to provide for the consideration of values...


Building a Sustainable E&P Company: Lessons Learned

Staff of CKR Limited

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... to find the best people possible and pay them for their abilities. Having a balanced and diversified portfolio with multiple projects is also key. When...


Exploration Opportunity New Zealand

OMV New Zealand Ltd

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... opportunity to access a balanced non-operated acreage position with limited near-term exposure and long-term exploration running room.   SEC...


Abstract: 3-D Visualization and Validation of Structures in Complex Compressional Terranes

Peter Bentham and Sandro Serra

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... the evaluation process. The marriage of 2-D seismic data, balanced 2-D structural interpretations, surface outcrop and well-data is best done interactively...


"Natural Gas Economics -- Has The Supply Bubble Burst? [Abstract]"

Coles, F.C.

CSPG Bulletin

... natural gas reserve-production ratios and reserve replacement statistics over the past decade shows that supply and demand are becoming more balanced...


"Structural Style of the Cuyo-Bolsones Basin Complex of West-Central Argentina [Abstract]"

Gollop, I.G., Schniter, A.

CSPG Bulletin

...) No. 2. (June) The Cuyo-Bolsones basin complex is part of a mosaic of basinal features that lie in the eastern Andean Foreland. The sedimentary section...


"The Triangle Zone of the Canadian Cordillera -- Turner Valley, Alberta [Abstract]"

Mackay, P.A., Spratt, D.A.

CSPG Bulletin

..., and eventually abandoned. Restored, balanced cross-sections indicate that up to 50 per cent shortening has occurred within the wedge. Much of the shortening has...


Abstract: Environmental assessment is not an overburdenŽ: understanding the process

Bas Cleary

Atlantic Geology

... to the needs of proponents but to provide a fair and balanced regime of information gathering, impact evaluation, mitigation identification...


Abstract: Anthropogenic climate change: a geological perspective

David J. W. Piper

Atlantic Geology

.... The medical profession provides a useful analogue for the professional behaviour of individual earth scientists in providing a balanced assessment...


Upper Frio Lithofacies in Eastern Counties of Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Thomas Branham, John Grayshon, Robert Johnson

AAPG Bulletin

... must have been very evenly balanced throughout this time. Interfingering of sands and shales in the vertical section indicates numerous minor...


Fault Techniques: Balancing Cross Sections with Extended Strata: Unit 22: Techniques

Martin P. A. Jackson, William E. Galloway

AAPG Special Volumes

... in folded strata) into the section. A cross section that is balanced is not necessarily correct, but one that is not balanced is invariably wrong unless...


Uranium Geochemistry of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. M. Sackett, G. Cook

AAPG Bulletin

... surface. Estimated pre-fertilizer uranium input to the Gulf of Mexico is nearly balanced by uranium co-deposition with carbonates on the Yucatan shelf...


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