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Dissolved Silica and Its Relation to Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

G. Ross Heath

AAPG Bulletin

.... The rate of supply from continental weathering, submarine weathering, or volcanism, and upward diffusion of interstitial waters must therefore be balanced...


Influence of Rate on Demand and Use of Natural Gas in California: ABSTRACT

I. Y. Borg, C. J. Anderson, C. Briggs

AAPG Bulletin

... of natural gas in the state. Passage of the Miller-Warren Lifeline Act in 1975 has led to subsidies to residential users that have been balanced by inversion...


Strategy of Exploration for High Temperature Hydrothermal Systems in Basin and Range Province: ABSTRACT

S. H. Ward, H. P. Ross, D. L. Nielson

AAPG Bulletin

... a balanced mix of geologic, geochemical, geophysical, hydrologic, and drilling activities. The strategy is based on a study of data submitted under...


Bright Spot Validation Using Comparative P-Wave and S-Wave Seismic Sections: ABSTRACT

James D. Robertson, William C. Pritchett

AAPG Bulletin

... on the S-wave sections are much lower in relative amplitude when the overall gains of the P and S sections are balanced. The difference in the P...


Quantitative Structural Analysis with Stereoscopic Remote Sensing Imagery

Frank Bilotti, John H. Shaw, and Peter A. Brennan

AAPG Bulletin

... measurements are combined with subsurface data to generate balanced structural interpretations that define complex structural traps using fault-related...


Inclined-Shear Restoration of Growth Folds

Enrique Novoa, John Suppe, and John H. Shaw

AAPG Bulletin

..., well, and outcrop information in the restored state, providing a basis to evaluate whether structural interpretations are balanced and geologically...


ABSTRACT: Subsurface 3D Structural Characteristics of the Lewis Shale, Southern Washakie Basin, Wyoming; #90018 (2003)

Priya Maraj

Search and

.... The main deliverable is a 3D model that has been balanced, that is, the beds have been reconstructed back to their original depositional position...


ABSTRACT: Recent Seismic Results and Exploration of a Deepwater Foldbelt, South Falkland Basin, South Atlantic; #90061 (2006)

H. Obee and B. Farrer

Search and

... described. A suite of seismic profiles and balanced geological cross-sections are used to illustrate the structural and stratigraphic evolution of the area...


Abstract: Refracturing - Capturing New Production with New Technology; #90242 (2015)

Mark Parker

Search and

... can provide for a balanced production portfolio. Success for refracturing will depend on Candidate Selection to identify the best wells considering...


Sequence Stratigraphic and Stable Isotopic Expression of the Over-Filled to Balanced-Filled Tipton Member of the Green River Formation, WY*

Jennifer C. Walker and Alan R. Carroll

Search and

...Sequence Stratigraphic and Stable Isotopic Expression of the Over-Filled to Balanced-Filled Tipton Member of the Green River Formation, WY* Jennifer...


Case Study of the Structural and Depositional-Evolution Interpretation from Seismic Data; #20143 (2012)

Yun Ling, Xiangyu Guo, Jixiang Lin, and Desheng Sun

Search and

... on Bally's balanced cross section concept and the sequence stratigraphy theory proposed by Vail, this paper discuss the dynamic interpretation...


Notes on the Nomenclature of the Monument Upwarp, Utah

Edward M. Wright Jr.

Four Corners Geological Society

..., and no confusion seems to exist. The Nokai-Balanced Rock anticline is a dually named structure. The early works, Gregory and Baker, agreed on the name...


Problem of Calculation of Casing-Head Gas Reserves

M. A. Zhdanov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of determination of the quantity of balanced reserves of gas in oil and gas deposits: Geologiya Nefti, no. 2. Calculation of the reserves of casing-head...


Abstract: Niko Resources Canada — an India Success Story

Bob Ohlson

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... was Niko Resources from Canada. Since 1994 the company has achieved much success by aggressively pursuing a balanced growth strategy focused on gas...


Geometric Rules of Section Balancing for Salt Structures

Jake Hossack

AAPG Special Volumes

...Geometric Rules of Section Balancing for Salt Structures Jake Hossack 1995 29 40 M 65:  Salt Tectonics: A Global Perspective  Restored sections...


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