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The Coal Geology and Mining Resources of the Boulder-Weld Coal Field

Christopher J. Carroll

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of coal resources in Colorado: Colorado Geological Survey Special Publication 54. Carroll, C.J., and M.A. Bauer, 2002, Historic coal mines of Colorado...



Terence Hamilton-Smith, Applied Earth Science, Fairfield Drive, Lexington, KY

Ohio Geological Society

...-Verlag, p. 211-228. Nelson, W. J., and Bauer, R. A., 1987, Thrust faults in southern Illinois Basin—Result of contemporary...


Overview and Principal Results of the Second Leg of the First Joint CCOP/SOPAC-Tripartite Cruise of the R/V Kana Keoki: North Fiji Basin Survey (KK820316 LEG 03)

Loren W. Kroenke, James V. Eade, Scientific Party

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... al. (1981); North Fiji Basin data from Cronan (1983); Bauer Basin data from McMurtry (1979); North Central North Fiji Basin ( N C N F B ) data from...


Oil and Gas Fields of the Texas Panhandle

C. Max Bauer

AAPG Bulletin

...Oil and Gas Fields of the Texas Panhandle C. Max Bauer 1926 733 746 10 8. (August) The geology and development of oil and gas in the Panhandle...


The Gas Hills Uranium District and Some Probable Controls for Ore Deposition

H. D. Zeller

Wyoming Geological Association

...The Gas Hills Uranium District and Some Probable Controls for Ore Deposition H. D. Zeller 1957 156 160 Bauer, C. M., 1934, "Wind River Basin," Bull...


Road Log for the Utah Geological Association 2006 Field Trip – The Geology of Northwest Utah

David E. Tabet, Donald L. Clark

Utah Geological Association

... proximity to several other districts, which produced various smelting ores in large quantities. The Bauer Mill, located about 1.5 miles north of Stockton...


Hugoton Panhandle Field, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas

John W. Mason

AAPG Special Volumes

... Geologists Bull., v. 24, p. 1798-1804. Bass, N. W., 1926, Geology of Hamilton County, Kansas: Kansas State Geol. Survey Bull. 11, pt. 2. Bauer, C. M...


Industrial Minerals in Northeastern Wyoming

Ray E. Harris

Wyoming Geological Association

...-their applications and uniqueness as applied to ceramic pottery (including ceramic tiles): M.A. thesis, University of Wyoming, 70 p. Hall, R.B., and B.W. Bauer...


Problems in Secondary-Recovery Water Flooding: Chapter 8

C. Arnold Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

.... 82-93. End_Page 103------------------------ Bauer, Richard G., and Daniel F. Klemmensen, 1982, A new polymer for enhanced oil recovery. Paper SPE/DOE...


Altitude and Local Relief of the Bighorn Area During the Cenozoic

J. Hoover Mackin

Wyoming Geological Association

.... p. 159-190, 255-295, 363-384. Bauer, C. Max (1934) Wind River Basin, Geol. Soc. Am., Bull., vol. 45, p. 665-696. Bauer, C. Max (1940) Discussion...


Graphic Assembly of a Conodont-Based Composite Standard for the Ordovician System of North America

Walter C. Sweet

Special Publications of SEPM

... one of the Region Perhaps the Figure with other Mohawkian Cincinnatian sections by Sweet 1984 and Bauer 1987 As indicated 1983 4...


Structural Geology of Wind River Canyon Area, Wyoming

John R. Fanshawe

AAPG Bulletin

... the nearest described areas in the Bighorn and Wind River basins have been used (3, 18, 22, 25). Measurements by Bauer and Hewett in near-by areas (Table...


Compositional Evolution of Coarse Clastic Sediments in the Southwestern United States from 1.8 to 0.2 Ga and Implications for Relationships Between the Development of Crustal Blocks and Their Sedimentary Cover

Ronadh Cox , Donald R. Lowe

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Society Digest, v. 17, p. 57-147. BAUER, P.W., 1984, Stratigraphic summary and structural problems of Precambrian rocks, Picuris Range, New Mexico...


Catalog of Stratigraphic Names of the Southwest San Juan Basin and Adjacent Areas

James A. Momper, Willis W. Tyrrell Jr.

Four Corners Geological Society

..., S.W. Colo., and N.W. New Mex. C. M. Bauer (1916) U.S.G.S. P.P. 98K Farmington, New Mexico Lenses of brown ss. (0–480′) Pinches out southward...


Comparative Stratigraphy in Montana

C. Max Bauer, Ernest Guy Robinson

AAPG Bulletin

...Comparative Stratigraphy in Montana C. Max Bauer, Ernest Guy Robinson 1923 159 178 7 2. (March-April) In the Rocky Mountain Province, stratigraphy...


Analysis of Temperatures and Thermal Processes in the Uinta Basin

Sean D. Willett, David S. Chapman

CSPG Special Publications

..., which may vary within a basin and between basins, can be determined by careful analysis of the present day thermal field. We present a method...


Palaeocene Reservoir Depositional Systems of the WD Field, Papua Barat Province: A Play Fairway Opening Discovery

Ruly Mardani, Peter Butterworth

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the Magellanes Basin (Bauer, 2012) which are used as an analogue for the spatial distribution and reservoir geometries of the Palaeocene WD Field reservoirs...


Geology of West Edison Oil Field, Kern County, California

Harold H. Sullwold, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... later from the same zone for 120 B/D. The first completion in the main block in section 21 was the Bauer Oil Company's Bauer 1. As this well failed...


Revised Nomenclature of Mesaverde Group in San Juan Basin, New Mexico

E. C. Beaumont , C. H. Dante , J. D. Sears

AAPG Bulletin

... and Archuleta Counties, Colorado," U. S. Geol. Survey Map OM 138, Oil and Gas Inv. Ser. BAUER, C. M., 1916, "Stratigraphy of a Part of the Chaco River...


Resume of the Oil and Gas Structures Immediately Adjacent to the Southeastern Margin of the Wind River Basin

H. E. Summerford

Wyoming Geological Association

...Resume of the Oil and Gas Structures Immediately Adjacent to the Southeastern Margin of the Wind River Basin H. E. Summerford 1948 186 194 Bauer, C...




Montana Geological Society

.... Bauer. C. Max (1934), Wind River Basin, Geol. Soc. Am. Bull., Vol. 45, pp. 685-696. 2. Berry, G. W. (1943...


An Essay on the Development of Structural Geology in Wyoming

D. L. Blackstone Jr.

Wyoming Geological Association

... County, Wyoming, and Carbon County, Montana: A.A.P.G., STRUCTURE, Vol. 2; John G. Bartram. 1934 84. Wind River Basin: G.S.A., Vol. 45; C. M. Bauer...


Deep Yegua Gas - Jim Wells and Duval Counties, Texas: An Exploration Story

Hollis D. Marshall

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

... zones, El Par, W. Borregos, Ben Bolt Stillwell, Georgie Heard, Circle A Bauer and Harkens, Palito Blanco Yegua, Carri Ranch Yegua, McNeil Ranch Yegua...


Guidebook to the Geology of East Central Nevada; Frontmatter

Jerome W. Boettcher, William W. Sloan Jr.

Utah Geological Association

... Pine County Area ROBERT C. HORTON 210 Porphyry Copper Deposits in the Robinson Mining District, White Pine County, Nevada HERMAN L. BAUER, JR., JAMES...


My Early Days in Oklahoma Geology

E. C. "Hap" Parker

Oklahoma City Geological Society

.... So I got a free thorough engineering education and I never forgot the triangulation method. By the next week the wind died down, I became more...


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