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"Valuing Capital Investments in Petroleum Exploration Using Binomial Option Pricing Methods [Abstract]"

Burns, J.C., Lewis, I.D., Sick, G.A.

CSPG Bulletin

..."Valuing Capital Investments in Petroleum Exploration Using Binomial Option Pricing Methods [Abstract]" Burns, J.C., Lewis, I.D., Sick, G.A. 1991 207...


Computer Usages in Recording, Storage, and Analysis of Geological Data: ABSTRACT

J. P. Hea, C. D. Conley

AAPG Bulletin

.... Economic analysis includes the use of probability and binomial distributions. End_Page 813------------------------------ Examples of maps...


Reliability of Visual Estimates of Grain Abundance

John M. Dennison, James H. Shea

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... for visual estimates vary with the true percentage in a manner similar to errors in a binomial population; a visual estimate has a precision...


Abstract: A Regional Microseep Survey of the Wyoming-Utah Overthrust Belt

Matt Matthews

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... to create a composite map. The technique smoothes the spatial information and transforms the data from an unknown distribution into a binomial distribution...


Abstract: Classifications of Bioturbate Textures and Paleobiologically-Influenced Dolomites: Hydrocarbon Potential; #90213 (2015)

A.D. Keswani and S.G. Pemberton

Search and

..., a binomial scheme for classification of bioturbate textures includes (1) identification of burrow fabrics on the basis of grain-size selection...


Abstract: PESA Visiting Lecturer: Geology, Risk Analysis and Economics in Prospect Evaluation

Robert Megill

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... discus• sions of the normal and lognormal distri• butions. Brief discussions of permu• tations, combinations and binomial theorem preceded...


Two Suggested Rules for Stratigraphic Nomenclature: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Robert E. Stevenson

AAPG Bulletin

... it are not much different in procedure from the description and naming of a new stratigraphic unit. Both use the binomial system of names, types (type...


Statistical Methods of Petroleum Exploration in Part of Denver Basin, Colorado

Andrew M. Taylor

AAPG Bulletin

... a binomial distribution as an occurrence model and predicts drilling targets. Arps and Roberts (1958) dealt with the economics of drilling...


ABSTRACT: Value Creation Through Portfolio Management; #90007 (2002)

McKellar, Kenneth

Search and

... of models. Black and Scholes (discrete time model) Binomial model (continuous time model) The Andersen approach to real options in upstream oil and gas...


Abstract: Sensitivity and Risk Analysis Applied to 3D Petroleum & Basin Modeling Simulations. A Case from the Pre-salt Province in the Offshore Brazilian Basins; #90257 (2016)

Matthieu Pontet

Search and

... and short average distance between source and reservoir. Risk analysis is done using normal, triangular or binomial distribution for the most impactful...


Note on the Presentation of Stratigraphic Type Sections

H. H. Suter

CSPG Bulletin

.... It is no longer scientifically sufficient to describe a rock simply as a limestone, slightly this or that. A binomial nomenclature becomes...


Late Cretaceous Coprolites from Southern Saskatchewan: Comments on Excretion Plasticity and Ichnological Nomenclature: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

Paul L. Broughton, Frank Simpson, Sidney H. Whitaker

CSPG Bulletin

... diagenesis minimizes the utility of binomial ichnological classification for coprolites. Ferruginous bodies, previously described by Worcester (1950...


The Setul Formation: A Note on a Clastic Unit at Teluk Ewa and a Suggestion on Naming Other Clastic Units

Ahmad Jantan, Ibrahim Abdullah, Uyop Said

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... units. Article l2(a) of the Code requires that the name of a formation (or any other category) shall be binomial, consisting of a geographic term...


Discussion of Article "Transformation of Weight Frequency and Number Frequency Data in Size Distribution Studies of Clastic Sediments" by Basanta K. Sahu: DISCUSSION

Mark A. Dixon

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... is easy. However, even the simplest of all possible polymodals, the symmetrical binomial, creates problems which have no unique solution...


The Malaysian Stratigraphic Guide

Ibrahim bin Amnan

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., 1970); Tembeling Formation (Koopmans, 1968) and Tembeling Group (Khoo, 1977). iv. The internationally recommended binomial name (the formal name...


Assessing Fault Seal Risk and Fault Seal Retention Capacity In Stacked Clastic Reservoirs (Geology Paper 20)

Arnout J.W. Everts

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... to predictions for a series of stacked reservoirs using binomial distribution theorem. The paper will show how a simple but elegant toolkit incorporating...


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