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New Models for the Origin of Shale/Salt-Cored Anticlines in the Gulf of Mexico Using a Modified Area-Constant Detachment Fold Model

John H. Spang

GCAGS Transactions

... of the salt and the geometry of the fold from the model can lead to more accurate interpretation of the salt geometry. Bishop, R.S., 1977, Shale...


Log-Linear Models, Markov Chains and Cyclic Sedimentation

Timothy R. Carr

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... by Bishop, Fienberg and Holland (1975), and Fienberg (1977). The log-linear model of independence (or quasi-independence) can be used to generate...


Section One: Development of Diapirs and Diapiric Structures

New Orleans Geological Society

...) and Bishop (1978). Regional extension, especially in the continental slope environment, may be a major cause of initial diapir development and growth. Model...


The Gilmer Limestone: Oolite Tidal Bars on the Sabine Uplift

Wayne M. Ahr

GCAGS Transactions

... along the tops of the thickest oolite shoals. Ahr, W. M., 1973, The carbonate ramp: an alternative to the shelf model: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Socs...



W. F. Bishop and G. Debono

Journal of Petroleum Geology

...THE HYDROCARBON GEOLOGY OF SOUTHERN OFFSHORE MALTA AND SURROUNDING REGIONS W. F. Bishop and G. Debono 1996 129 160 19 2 Studies of more than 10, 000...



William F. Bishop

Journal of Petroleum Geology

...PETROLEUM GEOLOGY OF NORTHERN CENTRAL AMERICA William F. Bishop 1980 3 59 3 1 Major reserves of oil exist in the Reforma area of Tabasco and Chiapas...


Oil and Gas Fields of Oklahoma: Reference Report, Supplement 2

Paul B. Pipes

Oklahoma City Geological Society

...   Binger, East Louis Ford   Bishop James L. Franks   Cheyenne, West Richard H. Voris   Davis, Southwest Thomas Current   Elm Grove Suzanne...


Structure of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

R. A. Bishop

AAPG Bulletin

...Structure of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT R. A. Bishop 1953 2617 2617 37 11. (November) The types of local structure and anomalies mapped during the course...


4-D evolution of rift systems: Insights from scaled physical models

K. R. McClay, T. Dooley, P. Whitehouse, M. Mills

AAPG Bulletin

... at the base of the model. The results of these analog model studies are compared with natural examples of rift fault systems. Rift basins produced...


Combined Diving Wave Refraction Tomography and Reflection Tomography for PSDM Velocity Model Building (Bekapai Field, Indonesia)

Andi Kusuma, Florent Bertini, Jacques Bonnafe, Artem Sazykin, Swee Leng Ng

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... time by updating the velocity model (Bishop et al., 1985). First break pickings and initial shallow model building are required to start the process...


Basin and Petroleum Systems Analysis of the West Coast Region, South Island, New Zealand

J. M. Beggs, F. C. Ghisetti, A. J. Tulloch

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

.... A generally accepted model for the formation of such high Sr/Y (“HiSY”) graniticmonzodioritic magmas requires partial melting of basaltic crust...


Paleomagnetism of the Fernando Formation (Pliocene-Pleistocene), Ventura Basin, California

Joseph C. Liddicoat

Pacific Section SEPM

.../Brunhes polarity transition near Bishop, California: Geophysical Journal International, v. 112, p. 497-506. Luyendyk, B. P., 1991. A model for Neogene...


Great Divide

Lee T. Shannon

Wyoming Geological Association

...Great Divide Lee T. Shannon 1992 164 166 Brown, C.A., C.B. Erbe and J. W. Crafton, 1981, A comprehensive reservoir model of the low permeability...


A novel technique for modeling fracture intensity: A case study from the Pinedale anticline in Wyoming

Patrick M. Wong

AAPG Bulletin

... of rock matrix properties and a fracture-related seismic attribute to simulate a three-dimensional fracture intensity model at the Pinedale anticline...


Yeso Formation along the Northwest Shelf, Southeast New Mexico, USA; Conventional or Unconventional Reservoir Development?; #51429 (2017)

Matthew Wasson, Ron Luongo, Reed Stiles, Mark Trees

Search and

..., while the Blinebry is a tight-carbonate unconventional reservoir (Bishop, 2014) with average porosity of 3% and permeability ranging from 0-15 md...


Initial Results from a Test of the NASA EAARL Lidar in the Tampa Bay Region

Brock, John C., Wright, C. Wayne, Nayegandhi, Amar, Clayton, Tonya, Hansen, Mark, Longenecker, John, Gesch, Dean, and Crane, Michael

GCAGS Transactions

...., 2001, Topographic lidar, in D.F. Maune, ed., Digital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The DEM Users Manual, ASPRS, Washington, p...


A Model for the Evolution of Salt Diapirs and the Salt Dome Canopy, East Texas Basin

James R. Turner

GCAGS Transactions

... both the salt and overburden as viscous materials, Bishop (1978) introduced a model that assumed that the overburden was cohesive and rigid. Bishop...


Fearless Freddie: The Long and Ambitious Career of Frederic M. Prentice, International Oil Man

Kathy J. Flaherty

Petroleum History Institute

... Successful and business-savvy, Prentice associated with like-minded and equally ambitious men. In August of 1863, Prentice arranged the sale to Bishop...


ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Oil Quality in Untested Pay Zones in the Gulf of Mexico

A. N. Bishop, J. R. Castano, A. N. Fuex, D. E. McKinney, S. J. Russell, N. Utech, M. L. Weiss, J. T. Westrich

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Oil Quality in Untested Pay Zones in the Gulf of Mexico A. N. Bishop, J. R. Castano, A. N. Fuex, D. E. McKinney, S. J...


Abstract: Nuclear Power Economically Viable: Report

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... power stations ." hope will be an evidence-based debate about nuclear power in Australia", Bishop said. "The debate must focus on the facts...


Petroleum Exploration and Production in Fold and Thrust Belts: Ideas From a Hedberg Research Symposium

Javier Meneses-Rocha and Donald A. Yurewicz

AAPG Bulletin

... methods and strategies, field development, and data acquisition. Numerous case studies were presented illustrating these topics. Bishop, R. S., B...


ABSTRACT: Application of 3-D Interpretation and Visualization Technologies to Low Net: Gross Fluvial Reservoirs-Experiences in Greenfield Exploration and Development Settings; #90013 (2003)

Dan Bishop

Search and

... and Development Settings; #90013 (2003) Dan Bishop AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90013©2003 AAPG Annual Meeting, May 11-14, 2003, Salt Lake City...


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