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Origin and characterization of Eagle Ford pore networks in the south Texas Upper Cretaceous shelf

Lucy T. Ko, Robert G. Loucks, Stephen C. Ruppel, Tongwei Zhang, and Sheng Peng

AAPG Bulletin

..., this would lead to a significant physical compaction effect. Alternative interpretations are proposed for developing and preserving OM bubble pores...


An Approximate Analytical Multi-Phase Forecasting Method for Multi-Fractured Light Tight Oil Wells With Complex Fracture Geometry

Christopher R. Clarkson, Farhad Qanbari, Hamid Behmanesh, Jesse D. Williams-Kovacs

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... fracture geometry completed in tight black oil reservoirs and flowing below bubble point pressure. The linear-to-boundary (LTB) model, commonly used...


Geological Applications of Reservoir Engineering Tools: PART 1

John Farina

AAPG Special Volumes

...) Discrete particle clay distribution has the least effect on producibility. 2) Pore lining has a greater impact than discrete particle and effectively...


Time-Lapse Simultaneous AVO Inversion of the Widuri Field, Offshore Southeast Sumatra

Bill Harmony, Robert Van Eykenhof, Lupi Harvidya, Djoko Rubyanto, Sri Lestari Supardi, Mark Sams, Fauzi Alkatiri, Paul Van Riel, Peter Mesdag

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of production, increased water cut was observed at most of the wells. In addition to this, pressure dropped below bubble point with gas coming out...


Role of Vortices in Surf Zone Prediction: Sedimentation and Wave Forces

Robert L. Miller

Special Publications of SEPM

... The effect of impact and breaker shape on volume in the bubble zone the on the distribution of instant density per is indicated TILTING...


Obscure Nature of Petroleum Migration and Entrapment

John C. Cartmill

AAPG Bulletin

... sediments: Jour. Geophys. Research, v. 69, p. 4773-4778. Slowinski, E. J., Jr., E. F. Gates, and C. E. Waring, 1957, The effect of pressure on surface...


Identification and Evaluation of Viscoelastic Surfactants Including Smart Viscoelastic Systems for Generation and Stabilization of Ultra-Dry N2 and CO2 Foam for Fracturing Fluids and Proppant Transport

Shehab Alzobaidi, Mohammad Lotfollahi, Congwen Lu, Michael Bloom, Xuan Zhang, Masa Prodanovic, Keith Johnston, David DiCarlo

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... micelles. We then study the effect of concentration, and shear rate on the viscosity of the surfactant solution. The presence of wormlike micelles...


Insights into Recovery Mechanisms in Shales through Digital Rock Technology

Steve Isaac Geetan, Richard M MacDonald, Denis Klemin

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... above the bubble-point. Within the rock model, the wetting conditions in the 3D pore space are assigned to any of the phases; water, oil, and gas...


Tube worm fossils or relic methane expulsing conduits?

Federico F. Krause, Jesse Clark, Selim G. Sayegh, Renee J. Perez


..., K., and FURUMOTO, A., 1995, Tortuosity of bubble rise path in a liquidsolid fluidized bed: Effect of particle shape: American Institute of Chemical...


Improved Equation of State Model for Gas Huff-n-Puff EOR Processes in Unconventional Reservoirs

Gang Yang, Xiaoli Li

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., the bubble-point pressure of the Middle Bakken oil is reduced by 17.32% with confinement effect. Such a significant suppression represents a late...


Oil vs. Gas: What are the Limits to Prospect-Level Hydrocarbon Phase Prediction?; #42513 (2020)

Andrew Murray, Zhiyong He

Search and

... pressure (Psat = bubble point or dew point) for that GLR. • An understanding of the processes which may differentially affect gas vs. oil retention...


Integrated Fluid Interpretation Methodology with New Developed Techniques that Reveals Hidden Potentials in Mature Giant Tunu Field

Faisal Farizi, Haris Kurniawan Hidayat, Raini Siswikirana, Antonius Santoso, Eko Yudhi Purwanto, Dodiono, Siti Masitah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with mirror effect, conversely water bearing reservoir shows no RT-R0 separation or parallel response (Figure 4). c) Comparison of gas and oil volumes...


Cavitation Noise Interference in Acoustic Sand Detection System

Atria Jarot Herwibowo, Nurul Afia, Dadik Hendra Kusuma

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... loss. This paper explains how to reduce this noise effect on the ASD tool by reducing differential pressure between the upstream and downstream...


Reservoir Management Utilizing a Computerized Database

Didi R. Iskandar, Nur Darodjat

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with greater ease than traditional methods. In effect, an engineer or gelogist can monitor much more data by utilizing the reports, so his efforts...


Buck Draw Area (Buck Draw, Buck Draw East, Buck Draw North)

George Fulco, Wayne Roberts, Connie Hawkins

Wyoming Geological Association

... the reservoir pressure to near the bubble point pressure of 4680 psi. If the reservoir pressure was allowed to drop below the bubble point, gas would rapidly...


Peel Preparation Box: NOTES

Barry Cameron

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... for making acetate peels is described. The plate glass provides a uniformly smooth, flat surface which inhibits air bubble formation even with relatively...


IV. The Role of Seismic Wavelets and Wavelet Processing

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

... trace where we regard superimposed waveforms which can result from closely spaced reflecting boundaries, interbed multiples or the filtering effect...


A Possible Source for Hydrocarbons Observed in the Waddell-Duncan No. 1 Murrey Well, Cochise County, Arizona, #80517 (2016).

Karl W. Schwab, Michael A. Smith, Halsey W. Miller

Search and

... in that portion of the stratigraphic column. Of greater significance, was the observation of oil-like globular, bubble-shaped, and scum-like films (hydrocarbons...


Specific Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Strategies for Drilling in South Mahakam Field under Severe Losses Conditions

Ardho Fidiansyah, Fikri Irawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... measurements and visual fluid observation at the surface confirmed that the bridging effect had initiated. A static condition at the target depth...


A Fluid Inclusion Study of Quartz-Cemented Sandstones from Offshore Mid-Norway--Possible Evidence for Continued Quartz Cementation During Oil Emplacement

Olav Walderhaug

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.../brine interactions and the effect of core handling on wettability: Jour. Pet. Tech., Oct. 1986, p. 1125-1144. BERGLUND, L. T., AUGUSTON, J., FAERSETH, R...


The Effect of Mineral Composition on Shale Oil Recovery

Andrew Fakhry, Todd Hoffman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...The Effect of Mineral Composition on Shale Oil Recovery Andrew Fakhry, Todd Hoffman URTeC: 2902921 The Effect of Mineral Composition on Shale Oil...


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