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Determination of Fluid Entry in Eocene Producers of Upper Assam Basin with the Help of New and Advanced Production Logging Tool, #40874 (2012)

Polash Gogoi, B. Saha

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... representative to the original reservoir may be obtained only when the reservoir pressure is equal to or higher than the original bubble point or dew point...


Importance of Downhole Measurements, Visualization and Analysis in Producing Unconventional Wells

Luis E. Gonzalez, Rajan Chokshi, William Lane

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

.../T sensor. Particularly the higher P/T-values indicate liquid slug and the lower P/T-values indicate gas bubble. Pressure fluctuations in the range of 20...


Multi-Layer Test Analysis for Dissolved Gas Reservoirs

W. Jatmiko, T. S. Daltaban, J. S. Archer

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the performance of a well under multi-phase flow conditions when the reservoir pressure falls below the bubble point pressure. In this paper, the performance...


Anomalous Diffusion or Classical Diffusion in an Anomalous Reservoir? Evaluation of the Impact of Multi-Phase Flow on Reservoir Signatures in Unconventional Reservoirs

Christopher Clarkson, Bin Yuan, Zhenzihao Zhang, Farshad Tabasinejad, Hamid Behmanesh, Hamidreza Hamdi, Dave Anderson, John Thompson, Dylan Lougheed

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., the RTA signature corresponds to a very short TLF period, followed by boundary-dominated flow (BDF). This study demonstrated the potential effect...


Application of Two–Rate Flow Test Method in Langkat Oil Field, North Sumatra

Farida Chairul

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the effect of a fault. 1. Russell, D.G. Jr.: "Determination of Formation Characteristics from Two-Rate Flow Tests", SPE No.645, 1963. 2. Earlougher, R.C. Jr...


Understanding the 'Frac-Hits' Impact on a Midland Basin Tight-Oil Well Production

Hao Sun, Dengen Zhou, Adwait Chawathé, Baosheng Liang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... on producing pressure of the impacted wells. ‘Frac-hits’ below the bubble point pressures could have long-lasting adverse effects on oil production...


Advances in Simulation of Hydrocarbon Production From Shale Reservoirs

Masoud Alfi, Zhi Chai, Bicheng Yan, Brian C. Stimpson, Maria A. Barrufet, John Killough

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC) at different pore radii. According to the graph, the confinement effect impacts the fluid properties by suppressing the bubble-point pressure. The small...


Well Testing and Analysis in Indonesian Reef Reservoirs

B. A. Ziara, M. J. Felkovich

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... duration and buildup with constant pressure at inner boundary, are discussed in this paper. 1. Brons, F. and Marting, V.E. "The Effect of Restricted...


Fluid Evolution During Burial Diagenesis and Subsequent Orogenetic Uplift: The La Vid Group (Cantabrian Zone, Northern Spain)

Jochen Schneider, Ronald J. Bakker, Thilo Bechstadt, Ralf Littke

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... throughout the crystals (Fig. 6C). The presence of a small bubble is observed only in rare larger inclusions with sizes up to 5 μm. The total...


Application of Laboratory Technique for Screening Asphaltene Inhibitors for Kuwaiti Reservoirs

R. P. Oskui, E.F. Gholoum, M. Salman, A. Sorurbakhsh

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... of some of the wells and a severe detrimental effect on the economics of oil recovery. This paper describes the results of the laboratory studies...


Comprehensive Workflow for Lab to Field-Scale Numerical Simulation to Improve Oil Recovery in the Eagle Ford Shale by Selective Testing and Modeling of Surfactants for Wettability Alteration

I Wayan Rakananda Saputra, David S. Schechter

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... model and laboratory experiments, the field-scale model was then constructed and the effect of SASI on the field-scale was calculated. Four fluid...


ABSTRACT: Genesis of mass wasting seismic facies deduced by CAT-scan analysis; #90013 (2003)


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... the relationship between CH4 bubble distribution in fine-grained sediments and the observation of turbid acoustic units. Long and Schillinger (2001...


Migration from Source to Trap: Chapter 3: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION

William A. England, Alastair L. Mann, David M. Mann

AAPG Special Volumes

... ratio (GOR) and bubble point pressure will increase toward the top of the column. The exact magnitude of the effect is hard to model accurately...


A Preliminary Study on the Recovery of Oil by Sinking Shafts and Driving Galleries

Louis Franklin

AAPG Bulletin

... pressure permits some of the gas absorbed in the oil to bubble out and press its way through the pores of the sand. This bubbling or "fizzing" action...


Integrated Analysis of Borehole Microseismic, Completion and Production Data to Characterize Reservoir Depletion and Determine Infill Well Spacing in Tight Sands, #42125 (2017).

Yashwanth Chitrala, Hemali Patel, Samuel Scheibal, Jonathan Williams

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... but also would affect the horizontal stress magnitudes. To understand the effect of nearby vertical well depletion and changed stress regime on hydraulic...


Time of Migration and Accumulation of Oil and Gas: A Panel Discussion

W. C. Gussow, E. W. Beltz, Wm. Gallup, T. P. Storey, J. S. Irwin

CSPG Bulletin

... pressures, or bubble-point pressures, for various fields. In the Redwater field the time of flush migration was at the beginning of Colorado time...


Inside the Rock

Alexander Nadeev, Denis Klemin

GEO ExPro Magazine

... analysis can consider To create a core flow model, the DHD modelling, thereby enhancing and the effect of mixed wettability, complex rheologies...


Interference Test Analysis Using a Pressure Derivative Method for Homogeneous Oil and Gas Flow from a Reservoir

Lia Wisanti, Tutuka Ariadji

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., capillary pressure and skin effect are not included in this study. The reservoir is homogeneous and isotropic, and has no flow outer boundary...


Why Not Raindrop Impressions?

Robert Metz

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... similar features are formed. Other methods proposed have ranged from various types of bubble origins to those formed by falling objects such as spray...


Saturation Monitoring, Sweep Evaluation and Identification of Bypassed Oil in a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir, Raudhatain Field, North Kuwait, #20074 (2009)

Saikh A. Azim, Mansoor R. Ali, Yahya Hassan, Ashok K. Pathak, Krenek R. Ronald and Hamad T. Al-Ajmi

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... production history with reservoir pressure depleted below bubble point with only 4% of inplace oil produced from few wells of high productivity index...


Air Injection For California Mature Oilfields - Workshop Summary

K.C. Hong, Christine Ehlig-Economides, Mirko Zatka, Anil Ambastha


.... Typically, the horizontal wells produced at a rate five times the average vertical well in the same basin. The recovery process has a substantial effect...


Understanding Complex Fluid Contact Distribution in a Brown Carbonate Field-Mumbai High, #50574 (2012)

K. Bora, A. Carrillat, S. Sharma, C. Jordan, R. Schatzinger, B. L. Lohar, K. Muralidharan, S. K. Patel, R. Bhanja, A. Saha, T. Friedel,

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... (Mandal and Sengupta, 1998). The effect of faults on hydrocarbon distribution in the field seems to be minimal owing to fact that faults don’t have...


The Role of Drive Mechanisms in Redesigning Development Practices in a Fractured Tight Oil Carbonate Resource

George, Vassilellis, Emad A. Elrafie, Jack W. Austin, Danielle, Mezo, S. Duffy Russell

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the bubble point and compaction. They are not easily recognized yet play a major role in diminishing performance. An extensive integrated study, using...


"Natural Gas Economics -- Has The Supply Bubble Burst? [Abstract]"

Coles, F.C.

CSPG Bulletin

..."Natural Gas Economics -- Has The Supply Bubble Burst? [Abstract]" Coles, F.C. 1991 204 204 Vol. 39 (1991) No. 2. (June) A review of North American...


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