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Application of Zero Offset 2D CRS-Stack Method for Low Fold Data: Synthetic and Real Data Examples

R. Sule, A. Hendriyana, P. D. Anggraini, Fatkhan, Alfian, Sardjito, Waluyo, Adriansyah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of NIP-waves and radius of normal waves. Velocity model is then estimated from the automatic CMP-stack. Since the stacking operator is determined from...


Shallow Reflection Seismics at the Pekan Quaternary Deposits

Umar Hamzah, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Abdul Ghani Rafek

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... UMAR HAMZAH, ABDUL RAHIM SAMSUDIN AND ABDUL GHANI RAFEK point stacking. Stacking velocities were used in normal move out correction of the data. CMP...


Structure Interpretation Problems of a Lower Miocene Reef Associated with a Shallow Low Velocity Anomaly, North Sumatra

Peter Walker, Masrizal Maas, Michael D. Burnaman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and bottom reef reflections. The stretch problem is indicated in Figure 15e which shows the modeled CMP record after NMO correction with the exact, stacking...


Effective Data Denoising and Imaging in the Sanga Sanga PSC Using CRS Approach

Michele Buia, Paolo Marchetti, Amalia Setoputri, Teguh Nugraha

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... are no more made on a single CMP location but on a wide area so that the number of traces involved in the analysis and stacking phases increase...


The Application of Image Processing Techniques for Complex Structures

V. Sudhakar, I. T. McMahon

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... separated by the simple but critical process of Normal Moveout correction (NMO) and Common Mid-point (CMP) stack. NMO and CMP stacking require...


Abstract: Can Interpolation Help Reduce Acquisition Costs? A Case Study; #90187 (2014)

Ye Zheng, Balazs Nemeth, Christian Escalante, Andrea Crook, Keith Millis, and Laurie Ross

Search and

... interval is 60 m. The normal stacking fold for the natural CMP bin size (30 x 30 m 2) is only 8 at 700 m offset, which is low compared to the average survey...


Structure-and-Amplitude-Preserving Multi-Channel Deconvolution

Search and

... developed using preconditioning strategy. For example, an ideal CMP gather should be smooth along the offset axis. Using this a priori information we...


Abstract: Time Domain Localized Interpolation of Pre-Stack 3D Seismic Data with Dip Scan in 5D Space; #90187 (2014)

Xishuo Wang, Jim Laing, and Robert Pinnegar

Search and

... is defined by move out time correction dt: (2) dt = dxm(Xm - xm) + dym( Ym – ym ) + dxo( Xo – xo ) + dyo( Yo - yo ) , in which, Xm /xm is CMP-x...


Seismic Acquisition and Processing

Bruce S. Hart

Special Publications of SEPM

... to subsurface reflectors De ultiplexing I Gain Recovery 1 Static Corrections Deconvolution 1 CMP Gathers Stacking Figure 3 .2 . Si plified processing...


Abstract: LSPSM for Pre-and Poststack Time Lapse Studies; #90187 (2014)

Abdolnaser Yousefzadeh and John C. Bancroft

Search and events such as multiples may get attenuated by stacking or migration, but they remain in the prestack data. In addition, prestack data are mor...


Three-Dimensional Seismic Method: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Oz Yilmaz

AAPG Special Volumes

... midpoint (CMP) gathers, while in 3-D processing, traces are collected as common-cell gathers (bins). These gathers are used in velocity analysis...


Abstract: 2D Depth Velocity Analysis without Tomography; #90187 (2014)

J. Patrick Butler and Randy Kolesar

Search and

... has not been generally adopted in time processing, it was decided to try to build a module that employs the data stacking procedures that underlie...


Acquisition and Ananlysis of Wide-Angle Reflection and Refraction Seismic Data

Paul L. Stoffa

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... showing effects of gathering, normal moveout, and stacking procedures with conventional CMP data. 697 STOFFA 698 Figure 4. Diagrammatic...


Hybridised Weighted Boot-Strap Differential Semblance

Hamish Wilson, Lutz Gross

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of this final model is velocity analysis. Conventional normal moveout (NMO) velocity analysis is utilised to produce a move-out or stacking velocity field...


Intra-Muda Shallow Gas in Cumi-Cumi PSC, Natuna Sea - a Driller's Nightmare Becomes a Geophysicist's Dream

Martin Bennett

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... allowed amplitude mapping on stacked data, which was used to define the extent and relative magnitude of the seismic anomaly. Seismic stacking...


Abstract: Fracture Detection in the Migrated Domain: Practical Aspects of Prestack Time Migration of Azimuthally-limited 3D Land Data Volumes; #90171 (2013)

Mike Perz, Juefu Wang, and Ye Zheng

Search and

... vertical fracture detection methods attempt to measure in-situ HTI anisotropy by exploiting azimuthal variations in stacking velocity (“VVAZ...


Abstract: Nisku Multiple Attenuation with Interpolation and Sparsity: A Case Study; #90172 (2014)

Lee Hunt, Scott Reynolds, Mark Hadley, Scott Hadley, Mike Perz, Ye Zheng

Search and

... sampled, regular gathers, as input. This can typically only be achieved in land data by borrowing traces from neighboring cmp locations (superbinning) over...


The Use of Physical Modeling to Resolve Offshore Seismic Problems

B. J. Evans, M. Urosevic

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... waves by firing the source transducers as arrays, firing at variable depths and vertically stacking records, but the noise waves remained changing...


Abstract: Interferometric Approach to Complete Refraction Statics Solution; #90187 (2014)

Valentina Khatchatrian and Mike Galbraith

Search and

... to produce one trace of the refraction convolution stack (RCS): ) ( ∑( ) ( ) Note, that this stacking procedure will increase the signal to noise...


Radar Structure of Earthquake-Induced, Coastal Landslides in Anchorage, Alaska

Walter A. Barnhardt, Robert E. Kayen

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... of resolution. Image quality was optimized by stacking multiple shots in the field (up to 64 at each point along a profile) and subsequent processing...


Seismic Velocity Anisotropy in Chimore Area, Bolivia

Michael Fry, Eloy Martinez, James Baker, Mark Wallace

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... time shift signature of HTI anisotropy and that the anisotropy is variable within the survey area. Figure 4 (p.4) compares offset-sorted CMP super...


Abstract: Robust Rank-Reduction Filters for Erratic Noise; #90174 (2014)

Stewart Trickett, Lynn Burroughs, and Andrew Milton

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... noise before stacking can improve multiple removal, AVO analysis, prestack inversion, and the final stack. It’s also critical to remove severe erratic...


Abstracts: Seismic Imaging of the Massive Cu-Co-Zn Sulphide Deposite in Outokumpu, Finland; #90173 (2015)

Xuefeng Duo, H. Schijns, S. Heinonen, D. R. Schmitt, I. T. Kukkonen, and P. Heikkinen

Search and

... geometry, amplitude compensation, noise attenuation, deconvolution, velocity analysis, CMP stacking and migration. Since these two seismic lines...


Impact of Pre-Stack Depth Migration on the Anama Prospect, Papuan Foreland Basin

K. Bradey

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... for estimating interval velocities. It is sim ilar to stacking velocity inversion, but is considered more accurate because it uses the CMP gathers as input...


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