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Common Reflection Surface

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Edward R. Tegland, Exploration Development, Inc., S. Pikes Peak Dr., Parker, CO Patrick H. Bygott, Exploration Development, Inc., S. Pikes Peak Dr., Parker, CO

Ohio Geological Society

... this issue we have added dip moveout (DMO). One normally would think toward DMO (Hale, 1984) in more complex structural...


Modern Marine 3D Seismic Acquisition - Technical Considerations

Chris Walker

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... DMO processed data particularly up and down dip, where the movement of data in the source-receiver plane only that Crossline 3D DMO Stack Response...


Redevelopment of the Deep Tuscaloosa Gas Trend: A 3-D Seismic Case History of Judge Digby Field; Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

Frank C. Sheppard, III, David N. Wright, Patrick L. McGrievy

GCAGS Transactions

...------------------------ Figure 4. Amoco's #5 Parlange discovery; Tuscaloosa interval logs End_Page 526------------------------ velocity/statics, Dip Moveout (DMO...


Fundamental 3-D Seismic Survey Design

Stuart Wright

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... portion of this paper. Less directly, but equally important is the role dip plays in determining the need for dip moveout (DMO). Steeply dipping beds...


ABSTRACT: Applications of Seismic Exploration Techniques in Imaging Complex Geology Offshore Trinidad: A Case History

Allison Dupigny, Douglas Elrod, Rolf Rango, Martin Olsen and Eric A. Williams

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

...) Longer recording times (8 to 10 sec) PROCESSING - Dip Move Out (DMO) Same high nominalfold as in the acquisition (7200%) F/K filtering Steep Dip...



Seismic Imaging of Sturctural, Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Plays - Workshop Summary

Bruce Hart


... and the source on the arrival time of reflections and dip moveout (DMO), which corrects the difference in the arrival times or travel times of reflected waves...


Long Offset AVO in a Midcontinent Tight Gas Sand Reservoir

Pankhurst, Duane, Marfurt, Kurt, Sullivan, Charlotte

GCAGS Transactions

... information added to the seismic trace headers. Normal moveout (NMO) and dip moveout (DMO) corrections were applied with azimuthal anisotropic...


New Insights into the North Makassar Basin: Revitalizing the Data Brings New Prospectivity

Marcin Przywara, Jo McArdle, Adriana Sola

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to be of biogenic origin. REPROCESSING AND INVERSION The dataset was originally processed in 2002 with the use of Dip-Moveout (DMO) migration. The processing...


Exploration of the North Seribu Area, Northwest Java Sea

Roberto Fainstein

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with a zero-phase output, and fault imaging, using an experimental dip moveout technique (DMO). The data were also phase corrected relative to the 1985...


Multiple Aliasing Problems in Marine Data

P. Chia, C. O. Kuek, P. Ward, K. S. Lee

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of the noise can still be seen. The aliased noise is also coherent in the common offset domain. In conventional processing, the DMO process will tend...


Shipboard Processing and Interpretation

D.M. Angstadt

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... in a shorebased seismic data processing center excluding some of the more advanced and time-consuming technique such as dip moveout (DMO). After parameter testing...


Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

David J. Taylor

Wyoming Geological Association

... closely spaced velocity analysis, more iterations of residual statics/velocity analysis than that used by the contractor(s), and Dip-moveout (DMO...


Abstracts: True-Amplitude PS Prestack Time Migration via 5D Interpolation; #90173 (2015)

Peter W. Cary, Albert Zhang

Search and

... of a converted-wave seismic trace, the regular processing flow of NMO plus DMO and poststack migration can have difficulty achieving an optimal image...


Structural Interpretation of the Table Rock Area 3-D Survey, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Cynthia B. Russell, Donald S. Stone

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... resolved, correlation (non-surface consistent) trim statics were applied to improve data coherency. Dip moveout (DMO) was applied, and the velocity field...


Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing in the Midway-Sunset Oil Field

C. R. Willingham, A. S. Wylie Jr., D. J. Underwood

Pacific Section of AAPG

... the recording geometries assumed for 2D processing to render pre-stack migration and DMO velocity determination techniques ineffective. Processing...


Baram Field „ The 3D Marine Re-Processing Challenge

Jörg J. Wicker, Jonathan E. F. Stearn

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...) in 1988/89 (Baram 3D Survey, 1989) following a standard marine processing sequence including residual statics, 2D DMO, and D2D post-stack time migration...


A Comparative Study of 3-D Noise Attenuation Techniques

Daniel Wheaton, Yendri, Kusnarya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Normal Moveout Correction and Mute Long Gate (2 sec) Trace Equalization Stack Dip moveout (DMO) has not been applied for testing purposes to avoid...


Seismic Imaging of Steeply-Dipping Salt Ridges in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Karl J. Kaufmann , Richard Ianniello , Oliver Carroll

GCAGS Transactions

... the processing flow the same, one can readily see the effects that line length, group interval, and far-offset distance have on the ability to image...


Impact of an Integrated Seismic Data Processing Approach: A Case Study in Central Sumatra

Mars E. Semaan, Eddy Murhantoro, Maryanto, Achmad Bermawi, Budi Subianto, Hari Santoso

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... PreStack Processing Accurate imaging of seismic events is normally not possible with CMP stacked data alone in a multivalued moveout situation...


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