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Abstract: Kirchhoff Imaging with Adaptive Greens Functions for Compensation for Dispersion, Attenuation, and Velocity Imprecision; #90187 (2014)

Andrew V. Barrett

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...Abstract: Kirchhoff Imaging with Adaptive Greens Functions for Compensation for Dispersion, Attenuation, and Velocity Imprecision; #90187 (2014...


Abstract: Navigating through the Red Sea Subsalt Structures: A Look-Ahead VSP Case Study from Saudi Arabia; #90319 (2018)

Ali A. Aldawood, Carlos Planchart

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...¹ ¹Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. ABSTRACT Obtaining an accurate migration velocity model is an ongoing challenge in seismic exploration. Using...


Washed-out Ripples: Their Equilibrium Dimensions, Migration Rate, and Relation to Suspended-Sediment Concentration in Very Fine Sand: REPLY

Jaco H. Baas , Herman De Koning

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., the four concentration values used in the calculations are not an accurate measure for the depth-averaged suspended-sediment concentration...


Abstract: Achieving Increased Net Reservoir Contact Using High Resolution LWD Resistivity Imaging; #90269 (2016)

Wael Fares

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... in the same logging string. This tool was also able to achieve more indicative Rt measurement using the multiple depth laterolog resistivity...


Abstract: Kirchhoff Imaging in a Matrix Form. Part I: Modelling; #90174 (2014)

Abdolnaser Yousefzadeh and John C. Bancroft

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...) equation to calculate the modelling time for each sample in each trace. Proper weighting functions, filtering, interpolation, dip, and aliasing controls...


Abstract: Least Square Migration in Image domain (LSMi) along with Better Velocity Modeling Improves Subsalt Imaging, Offshore Mediterranean, Case Study; #90319 (2018)

Ivica Mihaljevic, Mohamed Afia, Mahmoud M. Shabana, Mohamed Sheneshen, Hany M. Hussein, Mahmoud Ouda, Amr Ghanem, Refaat Zaki, Satyendra Rana, Maud Maud Cavalca, Laurence Letki

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... the velocity model we have used iterative geologically constrained tomography. High resolution tomography paired with Kirchhoff Pre stack Depth Migration has...


Abstract: Anisotropic Moment Tensor Inversion and Visualization Applied to a Dual Well Monitoring Survey; #90224 (2015)

Scott Leaney, Xin Yu, Chris Chapman, Les Bennett, Shawn Maxwell, Jim Rutledge, and John Duhault

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... a time-domain inversion for earthquake sources in anisotropic media using ray theory Green functions, but the mechanism considered was limited...


Paleohydrology of the Eocene Las Palmas Gravels, Baja California, Mexico

Scott D. McDonough, Patrick L. Abbott

Pacific Section SEPM

... in the velocity and slope calculations then they are carried over to the depth calculations. The multiple techniques approach does provide a better...


Extended Abstract: Advances in Interpretation & Imaging

P. Beale

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

.... Calibrate seismic velocities to well data (crossplotting/geostats/Kriging) and update 3D Velocity Volume Re-scale whole cube back vertically to depth using...


Problems in Reflection Seismology

G. H. Westby

Tulsa Geological Society

... methods of calculation a chart using variation of velocity with depth was used and the elevation of the base of the weathering layer subtracted to secure...


Mapping with Two-Dimensional Seismic Data: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

I. R. Gordon

AAPG Special Volumes

... for a given depth, one can calculate a velocity (distance divided by time). Approximate velocities can be calculated using the stacking velocities...


Structure Beneath Continental Shelf, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

John W. Antoine , James L. Harding

AAPG Bulletin

... of these sediments can be determined by considering everything detected above the first refractor as water and then subtracting the water depth. Using this method...



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A New Approach to Pore Pressure Predictions: Generation, Expulsion, and Retention Trio—Case Histories from the Gulf of Mexico

Selim Simon Shaker

GCAGS Transactions

... function. Velocities must be processed for de-multiple, DMO (dip move-out) and pre-stack migration. Converting the time-velocity pairs to depth-velocity...


Ekofisk: First of the Giant Oil Fields in Western Europe: DISCUSSION

L. W. Minturn

AAPG Bulletin

... to discuss because it brings into the public domain a structure map of a drilled-up anticline (their Fig. 14) and dip and strike seismic sections...


Wellbore Placement in the Middle Bakken Formation Using an Azimuthal Gamma-Ray Measurement

Susana Gutierrez Carrilero, Tim Parker, David Hinz, Eric Shearer, Dan Carson

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... data allowed for more accurate dip picking. Figure 5 shows the stratigraphic and structural dips that could be interpreted using borehole imaging...


Fine-Sediment Deposition from Gravity Surges on Uniform Slopes

W. Brian Dade, John R. Lister, Herbert E. Huppert

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... Calculations of the downslope evolution of a suspension-driven surge and its resulting deposit as functions of the dimensionless downstream distance 2 = /r...


Constraints on Eolian Grain Flow Dynamics Through Laboratory Experiments on Sand Slopes

Richard R. McDonald , Robert S. Anderson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... flows, and surface velocity histories of individual packets of the flows, using tracers placed on the flow. The velocity field constrains the surface...


Depositional Environment of the St. Peter Sandstone Deduced by Textural Analysis

E. J. Amaral, W. A. Pryor

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... Peter time. These trends may reflect fluctuations in water depth, wave intensity, or current velocity. The increasing variability of parameters...


The Deep Crustal Structure of the Wilkes Land Continental Margin

J. R. Childs, H. M. J. Stagg

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... on the seismic-reflection records that were converted to depth using the approximate velocity solutions calculated without the dip correction. T h e...


Deep Cardamom Discovery Enabled by Multi-azimuth Seismic and Anisotropic Imaging, #20112 (2011)

Ben Hewett, David Garner, Jan Douma, Madhu Kohli, Duane Johnson

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... anisotropic velocity model building at depth. This azimuth range was augmented with the NAZ data, providing a 90 degree azimuth component. 2) Velocity...


RUTH — A Norwegian Program for R&D — A Focus on Gas Based Methods for IOR

O. S. Hustad, I. Akervoll, P. K. Munkerud, L. Hinderaker

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... be taken before using two-phase relative permeability to gas for three-phase calculations. Figure 5. Gas relative permeability vs. gas saturation...


Implications of Seismic Attribute Computations from Depth-Migrated Data; #41980 (2017)

Lilian Vargas-Meleza, Edgar Espinoza-Carrasco, Sergio Chávez-Pérez

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... attributes are calculated from depth-migrated data. For instance, vertical sampling is no longer in milliseconds but in meters. Attribute calculations...


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