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Aspects to the Resolving Power of 3D Seismic Surveys

Wolfgang Houba

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... to velocity v and frequency ~AX and the maximum structural dip. For usual parameters, we estimate that roughly half of the corresponding 20 coverage...


Geomechanical Approach to Resolve Severe Velocity Variations and Remove Image Distortions below Rugose Seafloor (Paper A16)

S. Birdus, A. Artyomov, L. Li, S. Xin

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Seismic imaging and depth-velocity modelling below a seafloor with complex topography are always challenging. The problems are caused by two types...


Abstract: A Case History of Velocity Problems in the Shadow of a Large Growth Fault in the Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast

James L. Allen and J. M. Bruso, Jr.

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... that over 200 ms of apparent seismic dip in the shadow of the growth fault was false. When we used stacking velocities to perform a depth conversion...


Geological Factors Influencing Porosity Estimates From Velocity Logs

Roberto Sarmiento

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ analysis and in some instances from microlog calculations. The velocity logs included one- and two-receiver CVLs, Empire acoustic logs, and sonic...



Petroleum Geologist and Exploration Geophysicist: Co-Ordination and Seismic Velocity

John D. Hale

CSPG Bulletin

... various depth levels that are represented by an appreciable contrasting change in the velocity of the elastic waves between two layers of rock...


Abstract: Evaluation of Seismic Attributes for Petroleum System Mapping, 3-D Seismic Study, Cow Creek Field, Wyoming

Yuriy Ganshin, Ronald C. Surdam

Wyoming Geological Association

... calculations. A reliable time-depth transformation function was obtained based on these correlations. As a result, geological horizons were identified...


The Barque Structure Offshore New Zealand: Improving the Seismic Image Using Prestack Depth Migration; #41516 (2015)

Jim Montalbetti, Jeff Beckett, Graham Hodgkiss

Search and

... surface interval velocity field in areas of the variable seafloor depth. 3. Perform prestack depth migration using this initial geomechanical update...


The Wave Equation Applied to Migration

D. Loewenthal, L. Lu, R. Roberson, J. Sherwood

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... error estimates at dip = 10 ms/trace using Δt = 8 ms and Δτ = 200 ms. (a) velocity error (%), (b) angular error (degrees). In Figure 6b we show...


The Global Offset Seismic Approach: Improving Seismic Imaging In Complex Geological Settings

Paolo Dell'Aversana

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... surveys perfo rmed for research and developments pu rposes. Several dip and strike lines were acqui red using the Global Offset layout. One...


A Comprehensive Approach to Depth Imaging in Thrust Belt Environments

Ron Schmid, Brian Link, Patrick Butler

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... raytrace NMO iterations. 2) Final velocity refinement using a suite of profiles, imaged with incremented velocity functions which bracket the initial...


Integrated Full Waveform Inversion and Dip Constrained Tomography for Complex Carbonate Imaging - Case Study from Indonesia

Yonghe Guo, Jun Wang, Pongga Wardaya, Riaz Alai, M Afiq B Mokhtar, Rizki Krishna Pratama, Haryono Haryanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Figure 5 shows the legacy PSTM stack is converted to depth domain using the PSTM velocity for comparison purposes. Figure 6 is the reprocessed PSDM stack...


Optimised 3D Land Geophysical Survey Design - A Case Study

P. van Baaren

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... a linear v(z) velocity function in calculations (Liner and Underwood, 1999), and using the migration process itself in which point diffractors...


Abstract: Gabbros, metagabbros and waves in the continental crust

Chuck Hurich, Aphrodite Indares, Sharon Deemer

Atlantic Geology

... a role in increasing velocity with depth, metamorphic grade plays the dominant role in the middle and lower crust. Reflectivity models generated using...


Checkshots and Vertical Seismic Profiles: Part 7. Geophysical methods

B. A. Hardage

AAPG Special Volumes

... the areal and vertical distributions of reservoir and sealing units are measured as functions of seismic traveltime, not as functions of depth...


The Application of Velocities and Models to Seismic Interpretation

G. Jarrota

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., interval velocities can be discerned, and time contours can be transformed directly into depth contours by using collections of velocity spectra. When...


The Use of Modern 3D Seismic Data Processing Techniques, 5D Interpolation, and Anisotropic PSTM to Improve Existing 3D Data in South Louisiana Data—Pulling the Scales from our Eyes; New Truth from Existing Datasets

John Asma, John Stevens, Sukhdev Hyare, Dave Spaulding

GCAGS Transactions

... of the interpolation. Anisotropic PSTM The first normal moveout corrections were performed using well velocity functions and a mechanical apparatus...


Wave-Formed Sedimentary Structures„A Conceptual Model

H. Edward Clifton

Special Publications of SEPM

... parameters used however are controlled by wave characteristics and water depth By using calculations based on wave theory it is possible to estimate...


Structure Interpretation Problems of a Lower Miocene Reef Associated with a Shallow Low Velocity Anomaly, North Sumatra

Peter Walker, Masrizal Maas, Michael D. Burnaman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the records have had standard NMO applied using their appropriate stacking velocity functions and show the far trace stretch between 2000 to 2300 msecs...


The Application of PSDM VTI Method to Generate a Velocity Model That Can Solve the Mistacking Problem

Aulia Ahmad Nafis, Hasan Nurudin, Ikhsan Hanurogo, Bagus Sapto M, Ahmad Zaenudin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... accurate velocity estimation are Thomsen’s parameter (delta and epsilon), CIP Pick (RMO), Dip Estimation and Tomography (CIP Diff and Z tomo...


Reservoir vs. Seal Pressure Gradients: Calculations and Pitfalls; #41298 (2014)

Selim Simon Shaker

Search and

..., and SL.). Using the hybrid psi-ppg mwe vs. depth plot to exhibit the PP in reservoirs lead to erroneous calculations. Geopressure modeling...


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