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Prospect De-Risking Through a Fully Integrated Approach from Seismic Processing to Geology Interpretation

Francois Baillard, Rajat Rathore, Zhengmin Zhang, David Gold, Safrin Arbi, Mat Hardenberg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is performed to quantify the residual mistie between horizon and markers in time and sub sequentially converted in depth using the vertical velocity (V0...


Geological Considerations during Microseismic Monitoring, Processing, and Interpretation of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment

J. Le Calvez, S. Hanson-Hedgecock, P. Primiero, T. Al-Wadhahi, O. Harrasi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... a dip of 1.5-3o, 2439894 5 which was not included in the coarser velocity model. Using the dipped velocity model with finer blocking and smoothing...


A Comparative Study of Wave Equation Multiple Suppression to Conventional Tau-p Deconvolution and Radon Multiple Attenuation Methods

Kriyanti Setiyono, Ken H. Matson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of structure, the subsurface velocity profile, the hardness of the seafloor and the water depth. While WEMS does not depend on any subsurface properties...


Abstract: An Analysis of the Benefits of 3D Pre-Stack Time Migration (Paper 11)

Peter Whiting

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... is applied, after which the NMO velocities are refined. This is done because DMO (even though it is applied using only an approximate velocity) removes...


Acquisition and Ananlysis of Wide-Angle Reflection and Refraction Seismic Data

Paul L. Stoffa

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... to dip, although this is usually a minor effect when using Common Midpoint data (Diebold and Stoffa, 1981). Another difficulty occurs when velocity...


Abstract: Full Waveform Inversion Algorithm using Time Imaging Methods; #90174 (2014)

Hassan Khaniani, John C. Bancroft, Gary F. Margrave, and Eric von Lunen

Search and

... (m) c) 3000 d) Figure 1: Numerical example FWI using PSTM imaging theory a) True velocity vs depth b) True velocity vs time c) starting velocity d...


FetKin: Coupling kinematic restorations and temperature to predict thrusting, exhumation histories, and thermochronometric ages

Ariel Almendral, Wilmer Robles, Mauricio Parra, Andrés Mora, Richard A. Ketcham, and Michael Raghib

AAPG Bulletin

... in the age profile. Hence, as a rule of thumb, hill slope angles should not exceed the dip of the steepest fault. Thermochronometer Calculations The design...


Establishing Novel Views on Reservoir Compartmentalization Utilizing Systematic Data-driven Seismic Processing Frameworks

Riaz Alai, M Afiq B Mokhtar, Jun Wang, Yonghe Guo, Ecep Suryana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Aqrawi and Boe (2011) showcased improved fault segmentation using a dip guided and modified 3D Sobel filter. Based on these, Alai et al. (2014...


Seismic Modeling and Expression of Common Fold-Thrust Belt Structures; #42266 (2018)

Jianjun Li, Shankar Mitra

Search and

... time and depth sections, and to avoid pitfalls in the seismic interpretation of natural structures. Modeling of seismic time sections using both post...


Three Dimensional Exploration in California — A Case History

E. T. Selby

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the interpreted stacking velocity analyses. The stacking velocity analyses. The stacking velocity functions were dip corrected and the smoothed at several key...


Abstract: Model Parametrization Strategies for Newton-Based Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion; #90224 (2015)

Amsalu Y. Anagaw

Search and

... studies the effects of model parameterizations on velocity model building using full waveform inversion with Newton-based optimization method. Three...


Seismic Studies in the Church Rock Uranium District, Southwest San Juan Basin, New Mexico

William T. Phelps, Robert S. Zech, A. Curtis Huffman Jr.

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The velocity of the weathering layer was derived from the inverse slope of the direct arrival event; calculations were made along each line wherever...


DMO and NMO as Applied in Seismic Data Processing

Jiunnyih Chen

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... information for the NMO correction when the dip angle is large. This technique will be very effective compared to sole DMO, when the velocity changes...


Abstract: Attenuation, Velocity Dispersion and the Fate of the Vibroseis Signal; #90211 (2015)

Bernd Milkereit, Flora Sun, Wei Qian, and Thomas Bohlen

Search and

...-frequency decomposition of the uncorrelated Vibroseis signal recorded at 1145 m depth. The Effect of Velocity Dispersion A constant Q-model will give...


Rock Physics Guided Velocity Modeling and Reverse-Time Migration for Pore Pressure Prediction and Depth Imaging in Complex Areas

Nader C. Duta, Sherman Yang, Yangjun (Kevin) Liu, Lawrence Cho, Jie Cui

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Rock Physics Guided Velocity Modeling and Reverse-Time Migration for Pore Pressure Prediction and Depth Imaging in Complex Areas Nader C. Duta...


Production Modeling for Velocity String Applications in Unconventional Wells

Suat Bagci, Tina Chang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... with an optimized velocity string length based on ESP pump setting depth or depth of gas lift orifice. The flow regimes occurring at the lateral section...


ABSTRACT Physical Properties of Sandstones Based on Experimental Compaction, #90104 (2010)

Fawad Manzar; Mondol Nazmul H.; Jahren Jens; Bjørlykke Knut

Search and

... compacted well characterized loose sand  aggregates as functions of mineralogy, size, shape and sorting of the grains. Sands were categorized using XRD...


Iterative Modeling and Imaging of Seismic Data in Depth to Help Delineate Petroleum Reservoirs in the Utah Overthrust Belt

Alvin K. Benson

Utah Geological Association

... followed by conversion to depth was attempted. Numerous tries with a variety of stacking velocity functions were made. The best result is shown in Figure 12...


Lateral Variations of Sub-salt Overpressure Build-Up in the Gulf of Mexico

S. Malloy , K. Petersen , I. Lerche , A. Lowrie

GCAGS Transactions

... having to perform two-dimensional fluid-flow/compaction calculations using the complete section framework, has to do with the location spacing at about...


Abstract: 2D Depth Velocity Analysis without Tomography; #90187 (2014)

J. Patrick Butler and Randy Kolesar

Search and

...Abstract: 2D Depth Velocity Analysis without Tomography; #90187 (2014) J. Patrick Butler and Randy Kolesar AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90187...


Uncertainty Analysis for Top Tuban Carbonate Prediction using Velocity Modeling Design in "Aquila" Field, East Java Basin

Ayu Indri Firdani, Azhar Kholiq Affandi, Erik Wahyu Irawan, Kamal, M. Wahdanadi Haidar, M. Freddy Yulisasongko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Depth conversion is a part of the interpretation flow using velocity information from seismic and well data. Basically, one depth conversion method uses...


ABSTRACT: Depth Conversion for Stacked Reservoirs in Tertiary Clastics; #90017 (2003)

Christian Höcker

Search and

... despised technique of depth conversion by simple velocity functions (V0k) can be refashioned into an effective and fast approach. Vertical compaction...


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