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Abstract: TTI Anisotropic Depth Migration: Which Tilt Estimate Should We Use?; #90211 (2015)

Francois Audebert and Volker Dirks

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.... A potential problem with STI media is that the reflector dip field has to be extracted from a seismic image, which must be produced using a non-STI/TTI...


Migration Velocity Analysis by Migration of Velocity Spectra

Craig J. Beasley, Rolf Klotz

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...., 1984, Dip moveout by Fourier transform: Geophysics, 49, 741–757. Kim, Y. C., and Gonzalez, R., 1991, Migration velocity analysis with the Kirchhoff...


Oil Column Calculations in Stratigraphic Traps

Robert R. Berg

GCAGS Transactions

...Oil Column Calculations in Stratigraphic Traps Robert R. Berg 1972 Vol. 22 (1972), Oil columns can be calculated for simple stratigraphic traps...


Accurate Depth Conversions Reduce Risk

Larry C. Luton, Corine Prieto

GCAGS Transactions

... is not a new concept. The challenge lies in the proper selection of velocity data and model types that will generate accurate depth maps for evaluation...


Anisotropic depth migration in the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a key to understanding the structure in depth


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... with high dips and vertical and lateral velocity contrasts, giving a considerable lateral movement in the images in depth when we correct for seismic...


Seismic Velocity Sensitivity Analysis: Gulf of Mexico Example, Pony Field; #50479 (2011)

Ryan Mann, Henry Zollinger, Steve Checkles

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... is relatively low relief therefore small changes in the migration velocity cause differences in the depth structure that translate to large changes in both...


Chapter 10: Earthquake, Tomographic, Seismic Reflection, and Gravity Evidence for a Shallowly Dipping Subduction Zone beneath the Caribbean Margin of Northwestern Colombia

Rocio Bernal-Olaya, Paul Mann, Carlos A. Vargas

AAPG Special Volumes

... deformed belt). At a down-dip distance of 450 km (280 mi) from the frontal thrust of the accretionary wedge and at a depth of 130 km (81 mi), tomographic...


Computer Modeling of Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways and Fluid Flow Histories from Carbon Isotope Anomalies in Gulf Coast Exploration Wells

D. F. Williams , Lerche , Z. Yu

GCAGS Transactions

...(O)/N. Table 4 shows that the uncertainty in velocity is around 7% for most cases using an exponential function for the microbial degradation factor F...


Acoustic nonlinear full-waveform inversion on an outcrop-based detailed geological and petrophysical model (Book Cliffs, Utah)

Daria Tetyukhina, Stefan M. Luthi, Dries Gisolf

AAPG Bulletin

... in blue in Figure 7. These properties are a function of the local depth, z (in meters). The initial compressional wave velocity, vP0(z), and bulk...


Calculating Sandstone-Shale Ratios from Growth Normal Fault Dips on Seismic Profiles

R. E. Bischke , J. Suppe

GCAGS Transactions

.... The accuracy of the method depends on the accuracy of the velocity and depth determinations; however our results show that even routine interval velocities...


Seismic Refraction Studies in Gulf of California

Richard P. Phillips

AAPG Special Volumes

... with an average velocity of 5.5 km/sec, and a 4.3 km third layer with an average velocity of 6.7 km/sec. The upper mantle lies at an average depth of 8.9...


Prestack Depth Imaging Within the Makassar Straits, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Chris Willacy, Suryadi Oemar, A. Edy Hermantoro, Paul Gilleran

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Figure 3. Prestack depth imaging work flow used to migrate the study line. The initial interval velocity/depth model is derived using tomographic...


Determining Bedding Slip Planes With Microseismic Processing

Natalia Verkhovtseva, Ben Bagherian, Timur Mukhtarov

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... calibrated with high-quality perforation shot data, were relocated using a homogenous velocity model. Figure 5 compares event depth results. Eighty percent...


Abstract: Prospect Lucky: Understanding Contour Anomalies and Velocity Gradients in Offshore Texas

Thomas Peter Bulling, Albert J. Krejci

GCAGS Transactions

... a velocity gradient. Applying this gradient to the time-structure map produced a depth map that revealed a low relief anticline. A key seismic line...


Imaging in Complex Environments … Common Reflection Angle Migration

Graham A. Winbow

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the effect of enabling compensation for spherical divergence and leads to more reliable amplitudes in depth imaging. a velocity step across the fault...


Utilizing Seismic in Exploring for Subtle Traps

Kevin Werth, Patrick Bygott, Edward Teyland


... As wastruefor objective depth, structural dip is another reservoir property that critically affects survey design. Cell size, as weHas total survey size...


TAU Migration and Velocity Analysis

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Chapter 8: Evaluation of Anomalous Pressuring and Gas Saturation Using 2-D and 3-D Visualizations of Well Log Information

Zun S. Jiao, Ronald C. Surdam

Montana Geological Society

...") below the pressure boundary surface using one-, two-, and three-dimensional velocity modeling and visualizations of well log and seismic...


Reducing exploration risk through probabilistic characterisation of a basin-floor fan, offshore WA

Sagar Ronghe, Anne Locke

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... for P-impedance vs Vp/Vs and were characterised using Probability density functions (PDFs) for each lithology and fluid mixture at depth increments...


Imaging Complex Structures in Colombia … Full Wave Equation Migration Approach

Hector A. Alfonso, Luis E. Rojas, Weizhong Wang, Jie Zhang, Oz Yilmaz

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... computed the shot and receiver statics. First, shots and receivers were moved down from topography to the intermediate datum using the velocity field...


Graphic Method for Some Geologic Calculations: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Mason L. Hill

AAPG Bulletin

.... 1) can be used for the solution of geologic right-triangle problems. It is here applied to the solution of dip, depth, distance, and thickness...


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