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Abstract: Integrated Interpretation of Potential Field and Reflection Seismic Data from the Orsa Area of the Siljan Impact Crater, Central Sweden; #90255 (2017)

Harbe Muhamad, Christopher Juhlin, Alireza Malehmir

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.... The best result was obtained when utilizing a constant velocity of 6000 m/s and a cross-dip angle of -15° to the west. A total of 69 gravity point...


A Comparison of the Various Methods of Dip Migration

H. Bruce Mayo

Oklahoma City Geological Society



Geometric Analysis of Seismic Fault Evidence: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

L. F. Ivanhoe

AAPG Bulletin

... interpretations. Angle of dip of faults on seismic sections: Faults will show their "correct" dip only on the trace of a vertical cross section...


Integration of Geological Data on Seismic Sections: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

L. F. Ivanhoe

AAPG Bulletin

..., approximately at 90° to the bedding. Seismic sections are therefore "tilted" at approximately the complement of the angle of the cross dip. Many...


Abstract: Wave Propagation Direction from Poynting Vector and its Application to RTM Angle Gathers; #90319 (2018)

Kwangjin Yoon, Young Seo Kim, Woodon Jeong

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... apply the Poynting vector approach to compute forward and backward wave propagation directions. RTM angle gathers were generated using the opening...


Chart Migrations

Frank A. Roberts

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... on the chart. By using a right triangle the horizontal displacement of the depth point and the angle of true dip can be determined from the chart...


Abstract: Improving Your Image with Borehole Centred Processing; #90211 (2015)

Doug Bearinger and Kris Vickerman

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... image processing uses a tool -centred approach where the pad images are projected onto a cylinder that is centred on the logging tool, with the pads...


Statistical Curvature Analysis Techniques for Structural Interpretation of Dipmeter Data

C. A. Bengtson

AAPG Bulletin

... (FOOTNOTE 3), but transverse dip-component plots, in contrast, show smooth trend lines that cross the zero dip-component axis. Because angle of dip...


Geosteering Using True Stratigraphic Thickness

Charles R. Berg, Andrew C. Newson

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of vertical sections is that if the borehole strays laterally from the plane of section and there is cross dip, then points will appear out of place...


Dipmeters: Part 4. Wireline Methods

Joseph F. Goetz

AAPG Special Volumes

...------------------------ changing continuously with the dip angle. This is the signature of a tilted plunging anticline. A cross-sectional sketch of the anticline can...


Anisotropic Depth Migration Applied in an Area of the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a Tool for Understanding the Structure in Depth

Isabel Cristina Florez, Rob Vestrum

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... in the fast direction and rays from the western or cross-dip side of the structure will travel in the slow direction. The least-time raypath will have a longer...


Dip and Azimuth Determination in 3D CRS-Stack

A. Hendriyana, M. Jaya, R. Sule, A.D. Guntara

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... This paper looks at a new approach to azimuth and dip determination as applied to a 3D land seismic and confirms its ability to improve the volume stack...


Apparent Dip Calculator: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

R. B. Travis

AAPG Bulletin

... for the determination of apparent dip in the construction of geological cross sections. Apparent dip is the dip that tabular or plane features...


Nomographic Solution for Apparent Dip in Vertical Section not Perpendicular to Strike: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Curtis H. Johnson

AAPG Bulletin

... dip from the true dip and the angle between the strike and the line of section have been obtained. One of these is described by Stanley C. Herold...


Three-Dimensional Control

G. E. Anderson

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... of the resultant angle of dip and its direction. It is well to note that if the T dip moveout from each cable is normalized, by Figure I. End_Page 317...


Imaging in Complex Environments … Common Reflection Angle Migration

Graham A. Winbow

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... This method, illustrated in Figure 3, builds the image by summing over variable dip angles at fixed reflection angle α. Although in principle the azimuth...


Anisotropic depth migration in the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a key to understanding the structure in depth


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... or updip side of the structure will travel at a higher velocity than rays from the western or cross-dip side of the structure. The least-time raypath...


Projection of Dip Angle on Profile Section: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Stanley C. Herold

AAPG Bulletin

...Projection of Dip Angle on Profile Section: GEOLOGICAL NOTES Stanley C. Herold 1933 740 742 17 6. (June) A profile section which crosses the strike...


Graphic Solution of Strike and Dip from Two Angular Components: DISCUSSION

M. King Hubbert

AAPG Bulletin

... dip. Let ^Thgr^prime be the angle of apparent dip in a vertical plane making an angle ^phgr with the vertical plane containing the true dip...


Depth of the Basal Shearing Plane in Cases of Simple Concentric Folding

Leslie Duska

CSPG Bulletin

... APPROACH In order to compute the depth of the basal shearing-plane in such cases, the above method must be extended by the use of additional data. One...


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