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Abstract: Source Rock and Oil Analysis, Thermal Maturation and Hydrocarbon Generation Histories in the Siluro-Devonian Rocks of the Gaspé Belt Basin, Canada; #90225 (2015)

Rudolf Bertrand and Michel Malo

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... and condensate in Indian Point and Forillon formations were mostly produced before the Acadian deformation but after the Salinic Disturbance. Potential...



Mark T. Baranoski, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OhioGregory A. Schumacher, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OhioDoyle R. Watts, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United KingdomRichard W. Carlton, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OhioBelgasem Elsaiti, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Ohio Geological Society

... of the Serpent Mound disturbance. Shot point numbers are directly above the section profile. Group interval equal 82.5...


Wave-Front Diagrams in Seismic Interpretation

H. R. Thornburgh

AAPG Bulletin

... each separate underlayer. The entire construction is based on Huygen's principle: each point on a wave-front may be considered as a source for new...


Paleoseismic implications of fluid-escape structures in raised deltas at Lower Five Islands - Economy Point, Nova Scotia

Bruce E. Broster, David A. MacDougall

Atlantic Geology

... at Economy Point, has been radiocarbon dated and indicates that a significant seis­ mic ground-disturbance may have occurred there around A.D. 1870 ± 70...


Finite Difference Modelling: Part IV

Lasse Amundsen, Ørjan Pedersen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

... source at the same speed in every direction. The wavefront is the leading edge of the disturbance. Rays (not shown) are normal to the wavefront, so...


Magnetometer Study of the Caddo-Shreveport Uplift, Louisiana

William M. Barret

AAPG Bulletin

... disturbance of the vertical field than any other oil- and gas-producing region in the western or central parts of northern Louisiana...


The Hurricane Fault1

Louis S. Gardner

Utah Geological Association

... revolution. The other three produced the steep faults of the Hurricane zone. First disturbance: (Secs. A, B, and G, Fig. 2) The fold produced by the first...


Chronology of Appalachian Folding

Herbert P. Woodward

AAPG Bulletin

... from the area where actual uplift was taking place in what is now the Piedmont or mobile belt. That the Taconic disturbance produced the chief...


Abstract: Customized Integrated Unconventional Modeling; The Way You Want; #90224 (2015)

Amir Shamsa, Yasin Hajizadeh, Sergei Fillin, Jean-Paul Dessap, Mehdi Majdi Yazdi

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... disturbance that can be thought as the stress recorded at two grids. The red curve is the grid which contains source point and, the green line is the stress...


Impact-Induced Sediment Deposition on an Offshore, Mud-Substrate Continental Shelf, Cretaceous–Paleogene Boundary, Brazos River, Texas, U.S.A.

Thomas E. Yancey, Chengjie Liu

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...: Geological Society of America, Bulletin, v. 120, p. 1105– 1118. Sedimentary deposits that record the disturbance produced by the Chicxulub bolide impact...


New Horizons for Geothermal Energy in Sedimentary Basins in Colorado; #80177 (2011)

Paul Morgan and Matthew A. Sares

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... of the hydrocarbon production is natural gas. With the exception of coalbed methane wells, co-produced water volumes are relatively low. Co-produced water...


Depth of Disturbance of Sand on Sea Beaches by Waves

C. A. M. King

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... to be greatest in the relatively shallow water at and inside the break-point of the waves. It was found that the depth of disturbance was greater as the sand...


Biogenic Structures Produced by Sand-Swimming Snakes: A Modern Analog for Interpreting Continental Ichnofossils

Daniel I. Hembree, Stephen T. Hasiotis

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Biogenic Structures Produced by Sand-Swimming Snakes: A Modern Analog for Interpreting Continental Ichnofossils Daniel I. Hembree, Stephen...


Thrust Sheets and Gravity Slides of Western Newfoundland: Chapter 48: Northwestern Border of the Orogenic Belt

Marshall Kay

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the Long Point seems to be no younger than late Chazyan. The Bonnian disturbance produced gravity slides in western Newfoundland during the middle...


Stratigraphic Control of Temperatures in the Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado; #80066 (2009)

Paul Morgan, Matt Sares, and Marieke Dechesne

Search and

..., the primary data source for this study. Data from a small portion of the Denver Basin, focusing on the Wattenberg Field, are then discussed...


Magnetic Fabric Development in an Experimentally Produced Barchan Dune

Brooks B. Ellwood, J. Hatten Howard, III

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Magnetic Fabric Development in an Experimentally Produced Barchan Dune Brooks B. Ellwood, J. Hatten Howard, III 1981 Vol. 51 No. 1. (March...


Mineralogic Controls on Ree Mobility During Black-Shale Diagenesis

S.M. Lev , S.M. McLennan, G.N. Hanson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...% and produced a range in the Sm/Nd ratio from 0.14 to 0.20. This change in the whole-rock Sm/Nd ratio indicates a disturbance in the Sm-Nd isotopic system...


Magnetic Disturbance Caused by Buried Casing

William M. Barret

AAPG Bulletin

... the disturbance of the vertical field produced by a 4,609-foot string of casing, consisting of 600 feet of 10-inch, 3,206 feet of 6 5/8-inch, and 1,609 feet of 4...


Deformed Cross-stratification in Cretaceous Bima Sandstone, Nigeria

Glyn P. Jones

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... type of isoclinal deformation. Various modes of origin are considered and it is concluded that the mechanism of disturbance was sliding caused...


Rimau Load Shedding System

Suprapto Atmowiranto, Sandy Suryakusuma

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... systems. These systems are equipped with Under Frequency relay as disturbance signal sensing. The purpose of Under Frequency relay Load Shedding...



E. J. Ebukanson and R. R. F. Kinghorn

Journal of Petroleum Geology

... for these hydrocarbon accumulations. The Lias on the southern side of the Purbeck-Isle of Wight Disturbance appears to be the main source of the Dorset...


Sea Level, Synsedimentary Tectonics, and Reefs: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Silurian-Lowermost Devonian Gaspe Belt, Quebec Appalachians

Pierre-Andre Bourque

CSPG Bulletin

... of emerged parts of the central and SW blocks produced local Salinic unconformities; development of Silurian West Point reef complexes at the margin...


II. Information Content and Resolution Potential of Seismic Data.

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

... principle then, every point of the boundary will act as a source and reradiate energy to the receiver. Hence in wave theory, unlike ray theory, every part...


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