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Abstract: Building Accurate Depth-Velocity Models in Shallow Water Marine Environment by Joint Reflection/Refraction Velocity Inversion; #90246 (2016)

Sergey Birdus

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.... In this environment, refracted and diving waves can provide additional information for velocity modelling. This paper discusses how Refraction Tomography...


ABSTRACT: Determining Reservoir Compartmentalization Using Differential Wide Aperture Seismic; #90061 (2006)

James H. Leven

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... signals and their short transit time through the reservoir interval. The differential wide aperture seismic (DWAS) technique uses long offset diving waves...


Time-Lapse Refraction Seismic I: A Complementary Monitoring Method?

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

GEO ExPro Magazine

... diving waves in a medium where the velocity increases linearly with depth. energy is sent back to the surface at the critical V0 = 2,000 m/s and two...


ABSTRACT: Confirming Depth Models using Differential Wide Aperture Seismic; #90061 (2006)

James H. Leven

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.... Conversely, the use of diving waves in the wide aperture seismic (WAS) technique provides excellent control on the sub-surface wavespeed, but lower...


Advanced Diving Systems: ABSTRACT

H. Dan Wilson

AAPG Bulletin

...Advanced Diving Systems: ABSTRACT H. Dan Wilson 1966 652 652 50 3. (March) (No submitted.) End_of_Article - Last_Page 652...


Bed Forms and Processes on Estuarine Tidal-Current Ridge, Willapa Bay, Washington: ABSTRACT

R. Lawrence Phillips

AAPG Bulletin

... is approximately 3 km long, arcuate in shape, asymmetric in profile, and rises a maximum of 13 m above the channel floor. Repeated high-resolution profiling, diving...


Abstract: Sensitivity Analysis and Application of Time-lapse Full Waveform Inversion: Synthetic Testing, and Field Data Example for Monitoring An Underground Gas Blowout, The North Sea, Norway; #90254 (2016)

Hadi Balhareth, Martin Landro

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... of the full waveform inversion (FWI) technique is paving the way for robustly incorporating head waves as well as diving waves into reservoir...


Geological Diving: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

AAPG Bulletin

...Geological Diving: ABSTRACT Robert F. Dill 1955 138 138 39 1. (January) Geological diving, one of the newest forms of offshore exploration, is being...


Depositional Complexities in Sea-Ice Environment of Arctic Shelves: Example from Harrison Bay, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Erk Reimnitz, P. W. Barnes

AAPG Bulletin

... winnowed or shaped into 1-m high sand waves by waves and currents. Yearly fathometer and sidescan sonar surveys, many diving observations, and numerous...


Exploration in the North Sea: Abstract

T. F. Gaskell

Tulsa Geological Society

... and falls in waves make diving operations almost impossible, and can raze the seabed from under stationary-type drilling rigs. Despite all the minuses...


A Robust Gradient for Long Wavelength FWI Updates

Jaime Ramos-Martinez, Sean Crawley, Kathy Zou, Alejandro Valenciano, Lingyun Qiu, Nizar Chemingui, Andrew Long

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... in the gradient in heterogeneous media, and is able to deliver velocity updates beyond the penetration depth of diving waves. We use synthetic examples...


Diving Services for the Oil Industry*

Fergus Healy

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...Diving Services for the Oil Industry* Fergus Healy 1974 114 118 In 1973, prior to the year-end oil crisis, the French Petroleum Institute produced...


Key Technologies for Processing of Seismic Data in Gas Cloud Area, Bohai Bay Basin, #42093 (2017).

Xia Tongxing, Ming Jun, Liu Lei, Zhou Xuefeng, Liu Hongxing, Liu Xuetong

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... methods to attenuate different kinds of multiples. First, single streamer deghosting is applied to attenuate ghost waves and enhance low frequency energy...


Diving Deeper to Reveal Hydrocarbon Potential in the Barents Sea

Sören Naumann, Rune Sakariassen, PGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

... were extended from 7 km to 10 km length, allowing the recording of deeper diving waves (refractions) and thereby enabling FWI to produce velocity...


Diving Geology: ABSTRACT

J. A. Forman

AAPG Bulletin

...Diving Geology: ABSTRACT J. A. Forman 1966 647 647 50 3. (March) A remarkably large amount of "surface geology" has been done in the California...


Extended Abstract: Clean, Renewable Energy: Under the Sea?

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... chairman of Hardman Resources. He said his inspiration for th e concept came from his experience of diving, being tossed about by the waves off the WA...


Full Waveform Inversion for Complex Near-Surface Imaging Using SEG SEAM II Synthetic Model; #42322 (2018)

Ali A. Mohamed, Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail

Search and

... and attenuation problems, in addition to strong scattering of surface and body waves that interfere with the imaging of deeper structure...


Nearshore Bedform Patterns Along Rhode Island from Side-Scan Sonar Surveys

Andrew Morang , Robert L. McMaster

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., megaripples, and sand waves. Fields of low amplitude sand waves, 10-15 m in wave length, were discovered lying parallel to the shoreline at depths...


EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Basalt Imaging on the NE Atlantic Margin: seeing through a glass, darkly; #90022 (2002)

Robert S. White

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... conventionally been the norm, considerable extra information is gained from the diving waves (refractions) which are returned from the substructure, and also...


Underwater Geology and Analysis of Recent Sediments Off the Northwest Florida Coast

J. E. Vause

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Underwater Geology and Analysis of Recent Sediments Off the Northwest Florida Coast J. E. Vause 1959 Vol. 29 No. 4. (December), Diving geologists...


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