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Developments in Southeastern States in 1974

P. D. Cate

AAPG Bulletin

... decreases in Mississippi's output. Mississippi's decline, especially gas, is a continuation of a downward trend established in recent years because...


Structural Geology—Broad Canyon - Fivemile Pass Areas

Paul Dean Proctor

Utah Geological Association

... are a continuation of those described by Gilluly (1932) for the Ophir area and briefly noted by Morris (1957) for the North Tintic district. A synclinal fold...


The Jocelyn-Varn Fry Sandstone Field Taylor County, Texas

Russell N. Taylor

Abilene Geological Society

... downward into a conglomeratic facies with numerous shale partings and interstitial silt and clay particles. Most descriptions indicated the lower Fry...


Geology of Outstanding Arctic Aerial Photographs 1. Cape Storm Area, Southern Ellesmere Island

J. W. Kerr

CSPG Bulletin

... upon the Devon Island Formation (Sde) and Douro Formation (Sdo). The unconformity cuts downward stratigraphically to the northwest and northeast toward...


Structural Evolution of Southern California: Ventura Basin (Part of Compilation by Reed and Hollister for AAPG, Dec. 1936)

R. D. Reed, J. S. Hollister

AAPG Bulletin

... as in preceding maps. The line of dots across Red Mountain (west edge of map) is the southeastern continuation of the axis of the San Rafael uplift. The large...


Ventura Basin: Chapter VII

R. D. Reed, J. S. Hollister

AAPG Special Volumes

... of dots across Red Mountain (west edge of map) is the southeastern continuation of the axis of the San Rafael uplift. The large circle north...


Oil and Gas in Kentucky and Tennessee: Part IV. Relations of Petroleum Accumulation to Structure

Stuart St. Clair

AAPG Special Volumes

... migrated downward from the latter. The gas area now being developed in northern Kentucky on the west flank of the Cincinnati arch is a continuation...


Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1959

Walter H. Martz, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... figure of 3,810, an increase of almost 7%. This is a reversal of the downward trend in total wells drilled, which was initiated in 1956. Comparative...


Abstract: Geology of the Hanging Wall to the Schist Lake and Mandy Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits, Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada; #90172 (2014)

Y. M. DeWolfe, R-L. Simard

Search and

... the mafic tuff west of the Mandy Road faults may result from drag folding associated with the north-trending faults. However, the continuation of a mafic...


Contemporaneous Normal Faults on Flanks of Birmingham Anticlinorium, Central Alabama

William A. Thomas

AAPG Bulletin

... as an indistinct zone of fractured and crumpled beds. Displacement apparently decreases downward where the dip of the fault decreases, and the throw may...


High-Resolution Seismic Expression of Karst Evolution within the Upper Floridan Aquifer System: Crooked Lake, Polk County, Florida

Mark W. Evans , Stephen W. Snyder , Albert C. Hine

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... throughout the section. Collapse zones of up to 1000 m in diameter and > 50 m depth extend downward from a prominent Middle Miocene unconformity...


Progress of Exploration in North Sea

P. E. Kent

AAPG Bulletin

... sides, continuation of frontiers at right angles to shorelines, and an outward limit provided by the 100-fathom line. The waters remain international...


Upward and Downward Migrations of Fluids in the Subsurface

Kinji Magara

CSPG Bulletin

...Upward and Downward Migrations of Fluids in the Subsurface Kinji Magara 1969 20 46 Vol. 17 (1969) No. 1. (March) Under normal conditions most...


Definition and Classification of the Missouri Subseries of the Pennsylvanian Series in Northeastern Oklahoma

Raymond C. Moore, Norman D. Newell, Robert H. Dott, Joseph L. Borden

Kansas Geological Society

..., such as that which led Ohern (Oklahoma University Research Bulletin 4, map, 1910) to map the Checkerboard limestone as a continuation of the Lenapah...


Geophysical Studies of the Upheaval Dome Area, San Juan County, Utah

H. R. Joesting, Donald Plouff

Utah Geological Association

... of the Uppermost Triassic and the Jurassic Rocks of the Navajo Country, U. S. Geol. Survey Prof. Paper 291, 74 p. Henderson, R. G., 1957, Downward...


Geometry of the Wind River Thrust, Wyoming

Robert R. Berg

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... a broadly Curved, convex-downward surface. Seismic data also show strong focal curvatures that produce a scalloped pattern in the leading edge...


A Survey of Southeastern Utah Uranium Districts

William Lee Stokes

Utah Geological Association

... is a collapsed pipe-like area 500 to 2000 feet in plan, extending downward to the Coconino Sandstone and involving formations up to and including the Navajo...


Settling of Spheres

Gerard Middleton, John B. Southard

Special Publications of SEPM

... will soon arise, and Chapter 3 is therefore devoted to several important topics in fluid flow. Chapter 4 is a continuation of material on settling...


Magnetic Vector Study of Regional and Local Geologic Structure in Principal Oil States

W. P. Jenny

AAPG Bulletin

... in Figure 1. Above the negative poles the magnetic intensity is directed perpendicularly downward toward the poles (positive vector). Above the positive...


Nature of the Cenozoic-Mesozoic Contact in Sevier Valley and Tectonic Implications

Eric J. Cline, John M. Bartley

Utah Geological Association

... and by downward termination of Cenozoic strata and faults at the contact. The absence of a contractional toe, and mapped continuity of the contact...


Frontal Wichita Fault System of Southwestern Oklahoma

Bruce H. Harlton

AAPG Bulletin

... western end of the core and its eastern continuation are notable for broad belts of metasedimentary rocks, for volcanism along their axes, and for granitic...


Continental Subduction in the Northern U.S. Rockies - A Model for Back-Arc Thrusting in the Western Cordillera

Robert Scholten

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... - A MODEL FOR BACK-ARC THRUSTING of Figure . and whose continuation along strike is the Cabin thrust, mapped farther south in the range by Scholten...


Geologic History of North and Northeastern Brazilian Margin: Controls Imposed by Seafloor Spreading on the Continental Structures

N. Kumar

CSPG Special Publications

... controlled by oceanic fracture zones and their continuation into the continental margin. As described later, the Recife-Joao Pessoa and the Ceara basins...


Interpretation of High Resolution Seismic Data from a Geologically Complex Continental Margin, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Carol Lutken, Allen Lowrie, Erika Geresi, Richard Bennett, Richard Faas, Bradley Battista, Tom McGee

GCAGS Transactions

... west to east and is a continuation of northeastward trending line 32. The shallowest portion of this line is characterized by an absence...


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