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Oil Fields of West Buchivacoa, Venezuela

G. W. Halse

AAPG Bulletin

.... There are fairly extensive seepages of oil and pitch at Quiros on the westward continuation of the Vega Oscura anticline, but they are just outside...


The Origin of Stylolites

B. M. Shaub

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... EATON, AMOS, 1824, Report on the district adjoining the Erie Canal: Geology of New York, 134. 5. BONNEYCASTLE, R. H., 1831, Continuation of the essay...


North American Drilling Activity in 1970

Charles F. Iglehart , Fred A. Dix, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... of a decline extending for 15 or more years. In the case of exploratory drilling, the decline represents the continuation of a downward trend since 1956...


Structural History of the Billings Field Interpreted in Terms of Isostasy

Malvin G. Hoffman

Tulsa Geological Society

... includes the Billings dome. Differential downward adjustment of the earth's crust was necessary to compensate for this overload of sediments...


Oil-Gas-Bearing Capability of the Devonian, Carboniferous, and Permian Sediments of the Orenburg District

M. F. Svishchev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of the Samarkin region and in the northwest part of the Tok-Kinel region; the latter is an eastern continuation of the known Kinel-Cherkas oil region...


South Mangyshlak–Large New Oil Region

B. F. D’yakov, N. U. Imashev, K. V. Kruchinin, A. B. Kogan, V. V. Kozmodem’yanskiy, V. P. Tokarev, N. K. Trifonov, N. N. Cherepanov, R. I. Vyalova

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of the Caspian Sea where it joins with a continuation of the Tersko-Kuma downwarp. Thus, the South Mangyshlak downwarp is the eastern part of the Middle...


Photoelastic Model Studies of Thrust Fault Initiation

J. J. Gallagher Jr., W. D. Rizer

Wyoming Geological Association

... of the implications of the work to fracture initiation, fracture continuation, and thrust faulting are explored. In the Appendix, the elastic theory for stresses...


Shale Activity Test and Shale Reservoir, Shale Seal and Well Stability Properties Characterization

Konstandinos Zamfes

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of water and increase in volume. This is recorded as a decrease in weight in water. The density calculations reflect the decrease in density. The downward...


Developments in Southeastern States in 1954

L. C. Powell , L. B. Culligan

AAPG Bulletin

...-weeks, a 34 per cent decrease. Gravity work totaled 25 crew-weeks showing no appreciable change from last year. The downward trend of this work...


Degree of Maturation of Oils of Various-Age Reservoirs of South Caspian Mega-Depression

I. S. Guliyev, A. A. Feyzullayev, D. A. Guseynov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... is the Greater Caucasus mega-anticlinorium and its submarine continuation represented by the Apsheron-Balkhan zone of anticlinal highs. On the south is the Lesser...


Structural Framework of Continental Shelf and Slope off Southwestern Sierra Leone, West Africa

Robert L. McMaster , Eric Christofferson , Asaf Ashraf

AAPG Bulletin

... assemblage (White and Leo, 1969). These dikes are a continuation of the mapped Precambrian and Mesozoic rocks of coastal Liberia. A Jurassic age...


Boone Chert

Albert W. Giles

Tulsa Geological Society

..., a very regular increase downward in the relative proportion of chert to limestone, the increase amounting to 10 per cent for every 100 feet, the lower...


Channel Sandstone Oil Reservoirs of Pennsylvanian Age in Northwestern Ness County, Kansas

Robert F. Walters, Robert J. Gutru, Alfred James III

Tulsa Geological Society

... shape, convex base, and flat upper surface; (3) their dimensions - to 60 ft thick, ml wide, and over 6 ml long; (4) the coarsening downward from very...


Use of Seismic-Derived Velocities for Stratigraphic Exploration on Land: Seismic Porosity and Direct Gas Detection: Chapter 4

Norman S. Neidell, J. H. Beard, Ernest E. Cook

AAPG Special Volumes

...: Geophysics, v. 34, p. 859-881. Taner, M. T., et al, 1982, Paleo seismic and color acoustic impedance sections - applications of downward continuation...


Migration of Hydrocarbons in Compacting Basins

L. C. Bonham

AAPG Special Volumes

.... These fluids are pictured as moving upward toward the depositional surface, even though the pathways in detail may include some lateral and downward...


Downward Vertical Fluid Flow in Subsurface: Implications at Kitty Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

G. M. Byrd Larberg

AAPG Bulletin

...Downward Vertical Fluid Flow in Subsurface: Implications at Kitty Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT G. M. Byrd Larberg 1981 947 947 65 5...


The Southern Fore-Arc Zone of Sumatra: Cainozoic Basin-Forming Tectonism and Hydrocarbon Potential

D. M. Hall, B. A. Duff, M. C. Courbe, B. W. Seubert, M. Siahaan, A. D. Wirabudi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... suggesting a downward continuation of the interbedded volcanoclastic and argillaceous units penetrated by Arwana-1. However, owing to limited seismic...


Hydrodynamics and Overpressuring in the Jeanne D'Arc Basin, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada: Possible Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration: REPLY

N.A. Yassir, A.L. Rogers

CSPG Bulletin

... Geology, v. 42, p. 263-265. Magara, K. 1969. Upward and downward migration of fluids in the subsurface. American Association of Petroleum Geologists...


Vadose Pisolite in the Capitan Reef: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Dunham

AAPG Bulletin

.... [Algae cannot grow downward so as to encrust the bottom side of objects at rest, due to their need for light and to the resistance of the substrate...


Distribution of Interstitial Salts in Drill Cores from Atlantic Ocean Floor off Florida: ABSTRACT

Frank T. Manheim

AAPG Bulletin

... plateau. Samples from several holes show a marked downward increase in chloride concentrations, with maximum Cl- greater than 26 ^pmil, equivalent...


Regional Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration, and Accumulation Pattern of Cretaceous Strata, Powder River Basin: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner

AAPG Bulletin

... in the Skull Creek have been expelled downward into the Dakota Sandstone and upward into the Muddy Sandstone. Hydrocarbons generated in the Mowry have been...


Pre-Pennsylvanian Channeling in Western Kentucky and Its Connection with Oil Accumulation

C. G. Strachan

Tulsa Geological Society

... that an eastern continuation of the channel would be found along the north side of the uplift, but no logs of tests drilled in this direction disclosed its...


Results of a Gravity Survey in the Kuala Lumpur Area

C. A. Foss

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... plain. REFERENCES C larke G.K.C., 1969. Optimum second-derivative and downward continuation filters. Geophysics. 34, pp. 424-437. C oons R.L., W oolard...


Geology and Oil-Gas Productivity of the Michayu Swell of the Pechora Depression

A. F. Dzhanibekov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... is the Timan Ridge, on the east and northeast–the North and Polar Urals and its continuation the Pay-Khoy, on the north–the Barents (Pechora) Sea...


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