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New Large Aulacogen in the East of the Ural-Volga Area

V. D. Nalivkin, F. S. Kulikov, S. G. Morozov, Yu. N. Slepov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... southeast continuation into the Yurezano-Ay downwarp. In addition to the known oil-bearing horizons, there is great interest in the multi-kilometer sediments...


The "Sabah Blueschist Belt" - A Preliminary Note

K. M. Leong

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of very high pressure with low temperature conditions, which are thought to be .et where rocks are carried quickly downward faster than geothermal...


Role of the Main Udmurt Fault in Formation of Oil-Bearing Structures in Sedimentary Rocks

I. M. Urazayev

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of the crust in this region as indicated by high values of the horizontal gradient of gravity. We established the north continuation of the main Udmurt...


Economic Aspects of Drilling

Joseph E. Pogue

AAPG Bulletin

... in Figure 1. It is evident that the trends of completions and price are downward, whereas the trends of the Federal Reserve Board Index of Fig. 1. Number...


Look Out Below: Oil Demand Tipped to Fall Further

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... revised downward found evidence of fall ing manufacturing and with alarm ing frequency. Th e US Energy consumer spending across the globe. Information...


Tectonic Characteristics of Formation of Carbonate Complexes of Ancient Platforms: North Caspian Sedimentary Basin (North part)

V. A. Moskvich

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... It is bounded on the east by the south continuation of the Cis-Ural foreland downwarp and the Ural fold system, on the south along the Sarmat-Turan...


Oil-Gas Geology of Amur Region and Adjacent Shelf

V. G. Varnavskiy

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... faults; 15-16 - boundaries of Mesozoic sedimentary provinces: 15-Amur-Okhotsk, 16-Sunlyao-Amur; 17-boundary of possible continuation of Lower Amur...


Section 3: Displays of Seismic Sections: The Japan Trench: Line ORI 78-4

Roland von Huene, Raymond Culotta, Noriyuki Nasu, and Yutaka Aoki

AAPG Special Volumes

... diagrammatic section), and geophysical data indicate a continuation of this sequence seaward to at least the mid-slope terrace. The sediment recovered from...


Evolution of Anoxic Conditions in Black Sea During Holocene: Water

W. G. Deuser

AAPG Special Volumes

... is now limited to that brought in with the Mediterranean water. This supply can hardly be greater than 7 107 moles/year at the present time. Downward...


Abstract: Resolution and Location Uncertainties in Surface Microseismic Monitoring; #90174 (2014)

Michael Thornton

Search and

... steps: downward continuation by beamforming, followed by event detection, then event localization (estimation of event location and timing...


Timing and Mechanism of the Opening of the Western Black Sea Basin, #30152 (2011)

Okan Tüysüz

Search and

... different evolutionary trends These two zones are separated by the Intra-Pontide suture and its eastern continuation, the Araç-Daday shear zone Late...


Application of Anisotropic 3D Reverse Time Migration to Complex North Sea Imaging; #41573 (2015)

M. A. Hall, I. F. Jones, M. C. Goodwin, I. D. Berranger, H. Zhou, P. A. Farmer

Search and

... to two-way schemes. Wavefield continuation approaches are best known for their inherent ability to addresses the multi-pathing issue (unlike...


Northeast-Trending Faults of Scotland and Ireland, and Chronology of Displacements: Chapter 53: Late Orogenic Stratigraphy and Structure

Wallace S. Pitcher

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Eyles, V. A., and A. G. MacGregor, 1952, The Great Glen crush-belt: Geol. Mag., v. 89, p. 426-436. Flinn, D., 1961, Continuation of the Great Glen...


Paleozoic Rocks of the Southern Paradox Basin

Joseph R. Clair

Four Corners Geological Society

... although it may find continuation in the evaporitic section of the upper Supai formation of the Arizona section. Its thickness is extremely variable...


Palaeomagnetism and Differential Rotation in the Lewis Thrust Plate

D. K. Norris, R. F. Black

CSPG Bulletin

... of the Clark Range is on the structural continuation of the east flank of the Flathead Range. The stratigraphic continuity is indicated by the fact...


Neotectonics of the Southern Sumatran Forearc

M. Ma'ruf Mukti, Satish C. Singh, R. Moeremans, N.D. Hananto, H. Permana, I. Deighton

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... backstop continues downward with southwest dipping slope to the top of the oceanic crust. The geometry of this continental backstop was confirmed...


Petroleum and Our National Security

Herbert Hoover, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... and development will diminish. The result leads inevitably to a downward spiral in reserves, although, unfortunately the effect may not become evident...


Developments in West Coast Area in 1957

H. L. Popenoe

AAPG Bulletin

... is a continuation of the downward trend which began in 1953. Geophysical activity from 1954 through 1957 is tabulated. End_Page 1407...


Origin of Mud Polygons that are Concave Downward: NOTES

W. E. Lawrence Minter

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Origin of Mud Polygons that are Concave Downward: NOTES W. E. Lawrence Minter 1970 Vol. 40 No. 2. (June), Rare mud polygons, concave downward...


Guidebook: Texas Uranium Belt

A. Weinzapfel

South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

... cemented with silica. The silica is believed to have been derived from humic-bearing waters expelled downward from the lignite. The silica-cemented...


The Relation of Deep-Seated Faults to the Surface Structural Features of Central Montana

W. T. Thom, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

..., there needs must have been a contemporaneous depression of a trough (Bighorn Basin) to the east under the oblique downward thrust of the uplifted mass...


Origin of Stylolites: A DISCUSSION

B. M. Shaub

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... V., 1858, Ueber die Entstehung der Stylolithen: Jahresh. d. Verein f. Vaterl. Naturk, in Wurttemberg, p. 292 BONNYCASTLE, R. H., 1831, Continuation...


Pennsylvanian Sedimentation in Arkansas Coal Field

Thomas A. Hendricks

AAPG Bulletin

...: (1) that was progressively warped downward and whose north margin migrated northward across the area but lay across the central part of the coal field...


Surani, Rumania, Anticline with Two Erosion-Depleted, Non-Contemporaneous Oil Reservoirs

Ray P. Walters

AAPG Bulletin

... (Hlauschek, 1950; Walters, 1940). There is good reason, with these conditions, for believing the oil has simply migrated downward from the Meotic...


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