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Patterns of Dynamic Pressure Increment of Formation-Fluid Flow in Large Drainage Basins, Exemplified by the Red Earth Region, Alberta, Canada

Jozsef Toth

CSPG Bulletin

... table (which is considered on this scale to coincide with the land surface), flow is downward, parallel and upward in the three areas, respectively...




Williston Basin Symposium

... the centre, and similarly that oolitic lime­stones typical of the "Mission Canyon" encroached downward in the same direction into the upper part...


Structure of the Bull River Valley Near Latitude 49° 35'

G. B. Leech

CSPG Bulletin

... tear fault in the Hosmer thrust is a structural continuation of the Dibble fault. The rocks in the Bull River valley above Dibble Creek belong...


Australian Exploration Review 2018 reveals encouraging signs of revival

Matthew Quinn, Frances Hulbert

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... 2018, the total area under licence in Australia increased by just under 92,000km2. This was a reversal of a downward trend seen since 2014. By far...


Monitoring Sea-floor Instability Caused by the Presence of Gas Hydrate Using Ocean Acoustical and Geophysical Techniques in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Erika Geresi, Ross Chapman, Tom McGee, Bob Woolsey

AAPG Special Volumes

..., or, alternatively, by downward continuation using the same wave equation method, which extrapolates the source field. The images of both fields...


Petrology of Carbonate Nodules from a Cambrian Tidal Inlet Accumulation, Central Texas

Henry S. Chafetz

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... constituents rest on the upper surfaces of large skeletal grains in geopetal fashion; consequently, the calcite cement is best developed as downward...


Superposed Tectonism: Northern Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

Marshall K. Corbett

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... Indeed, the area is immediately adjacent to recent gas discoveries of economic importance, and represents a northward continuation of thrust-fold...


Limitations of Ground Water as Aid in Determination of Hidden Geologic Structure

E. K. Soper

AAPG Bulletin

... downward at times of rainfall through the soil, alluvium, or porous rock near the surface, eventually reaches a level below which the rock is saturated...


The Balabac Sub-Basin Southwestern Sulu Sea, Philippines

Leslie R. Beddoes, Jr.

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... shelfal area of Sabah. There is, however, an apparent continuation of NE-SW structural axis orientation in the Paleogene melange from the southern two...


The Geology of the 1977 Offshore Hydrocarbon Discoveries in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, N.W.T.

P. B. Jones, J. Brache, J. K. Lentin

CSPG Bulletin

... of the Aklavik Arch. The southwestern part of the basin is underlain by the seaward continuation of deformed Proterozoic to Cretaceous sediments...


Salt Movement on Continental Slope, Northern Gulf of Mexico: 2. The Concepts

C. C. Humphris Jr.

AAPG Special Volumes

... panel is continuation of right end of upper panel. Interpreted salt features shown by pattern. Prominent scarp in bottom panel is Sigsbee Escarpment...


Oil and Gas Exploration Developments in Oklahoma during 1962

F. L. Mackey , Jack P. F. Bowles, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... decreased 1.3% during 1962 after it had advanced by 16.3% during 1961. There has been a downward trend in exploratory drilling since 1959. The trend...


Structure and Stratigraphy of China Basin

K. O. Emery , Zvi Ben-Avraham

AAPG Bulletin

... Sea: (1) acoustic basement in the southern part of the basin that may be a continuation of the igneous and metamorphic rocks beneath the adjacent shelf...


Economic Evaluation of Reykjanes Thermal Brine Area, Iceland

Sveinbjorn Bjornsson , Stefan Arnorsson , Jens Tomasson

AAPG Bulletin

...) The Reykjanes thermal brine area is in southwesternmost Iceland on the subaerial continuation of the Reykjanes ridge. This area is unique among...


Salt Movement on Continental Slope, Northern Gulf of Mexico

C. C. Humphris, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ Fig. 2. North-south sparker profile, line 90, Figure 1. Profile in two parts, left end of lower panel is continuation of right end...


Depositional Systems Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale and Mesaverde Group, Northwestern Colorado: Part 1

J. Michael Boyles, Alan J. Scott

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

.... To the downward continuation of this section see Figure 5. These fluvial systems flowed across the coastal plain and removed the uppermost portion...


Rocky Mountain Foreland Areas: Chapter 3

W. G. Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

... experiments using the concept of vertical uplift. His resulting models showed the upthrust fault shape, which is concave downward. In addition...


Escape traces associated with Rafinesquina alternata, an Upper Ordovician strophomenid brachiopod from the Cincinnati Arch region

Benjamin F. Dattilo, David L. Meyer, Keith Dewing, Matthew R. Gaynor


... downward to the right, and the mud-filled moat on this side seems to disappear into the shelly hash. Specimen FIP-24 (Figs. 8J–N) is a more typical...


Structure of Southeastern Part of Tejon Quadrangle, California

Thomas Clements

AAPG Bulletin

... in the downward cutting of the streams are represented. The material is unconsolidated and poorly bedded, and varies in composition from place...


Subsurface Geology of South-Central Pawnee County, Oklahoma

Richard A. Berryhill

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... (Wolfcampian) and Upper Pennsylvanian (Virgilian) beds, downward to those of Cambrian (?) age. Numerous wells have been drilled into the upper part...


Stratigraphy and Structure of the Deeper Marietta Basin of Oklahoma and Texas

H. H. Bradfield

North Texas Geological Society

... statement. Some geologists have considered this ridge as a continuation of the Criner Hills trend, if so, this represents a striking change in direction...


The Florida Lineament

Gary Christenson

GCAGS Transactions

... is interpreted to be the southeastward continuation of the well-documented peripheral fault system, which delineates the rifted continental margin of the northern...


Evolution of Pre-Jurassic Basement Beneath Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain

DeWitt C. Van Siclen

GCAGS Transactions

... and Addington, 1973). End_Page 843------------------------ age, lies beneath the Mobile graben. This would be the downward continuation of the well...


Dalradian of Donegal and Northern Ireland: Chapter 14: Central Orogenic Belt

F. W. Cambray

AAPG Special Volumes

..., and pelite; metamorphosed dolerite is common throughout. Southeast of the Leannan fault, which is a possible continuation of the Great Glen fault...


Petroleum Developments in Europe in 1949

F. E. Von Estorff

AAPG Bulletin

... a little oil with salt water from the Wealden at 1,278-1,317 meters. This well indicates the possibility of a continuation of the Dalum field toward...


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