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Mapping Thin Sand Reservoirs in Eastern India

U. K. Guru, M. Krishnamurty, V. C. Ramalah, E. W. Wiltse, Robin Westerman

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... is obtained by recording with an array of geophones downhole. The VSP links the surface seismic target with borehole logs, dipmeter and production test...


Abstract: Supervirtual S-wave Refraction Interferometry for Converted Wave Statics and Near-Surface S-wave Velocity Model Building; #90224 (2015)

Kristof De Meersman and Yoones Vaezi

Search and

..., Alberta, Canada (Margrave et al., 2012). Our test dataset used a total of 269, 15 m deep explosive sources at 20 m interval and 248 3C 10 Hz geophones...


Early Diagenesis: Composition of Interstitial Waters of Recent Marine Muds: ABSTRACT

Raymond Siever, Robert Garrels

AAPG Bulletin

... in water composition may be due to post-burial reactions between sea water and clay and carbonate minerals as well as to salt-filtering effects...


Seismic Refraction Study on Sedimentary and Granitic Terrain

Samsudin Hj Taib

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... data during data acquisition. It al~o allows simple filtering of data during and after acquisition. Identification of the first arrivals and velocity...


Seismic Data Acquisition on Land: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Dale M. Short

AAPG Special Volumes

...------------------------ RECEIVER A geophone is a mechanical device that transforms seismic energy into electrical voltage (Figure 6). Individual geophones are often wired...


Time-Lapse Imaging of a Hydraulic Stimulation Using 4-D Vertical Seismic Profiles and Fiber Optics in the Midland Basin

Robert Meek, Kevin Woller, Mark George, Robert Hull, Hector Bello, Jed Wagner

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... VSP with geophones was acquired along with microseismic data, tiltmeters, external pressure gauges, radioactive tracers, and distributed thermal...


Abstracts: Seismic Attributes on Frequency-enhanced Seismic Data; #90173 (2015)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt, Somanath Misra

Search and

.... Certain types of noise can be addressed by the interpreter through careful structure-oriented filtering or post migration footprint suppression...


Some Seismic Instantaneous Bandwidth Attribute Applications; #42515 (2020)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt

Search and

... geophones with different resonant frequencies, or more complex, depending on the details of statics, filtering, velocity analysis and imaging. Ideally...


Application and Extension of Fine Fault Recognition Technology in Surrounding Area of Penglai 19-3 Oilfield, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China, #20436 (2018).

Xugang Ma, Donghong Zhou, Dingyou Lv, Dayong Guan, Hongguo Zhang

Search and

... and fault likelihood attribute technique based on construction-oriented filtering technique were used to identify fine faults. The strike-slip faults...


A Deep-Water VSP Borehole Seismic Case History With Lessons Learned, Problems Solved and Values Demonstrated

William L. Soroka, Vincent Favreu, Ericska Kariman, Aldrin Muchtar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... A zero offset VSP is acquired by placing geophones down the wellbore and a source on the surface close to the surface location of the well. VSP data...


Technological Revolution in Petroleum Exploration: Chapter 11

Edgar Wesley Owen, C. V. Millikan

AAPG Special Volumes

... flocculate drilled clays with little effect on the bentonitic solids, except for some increase in yield or gel strength. They substantially reduce...


Using Microseismic Event Radiation Patterns and Source Parameters to Better Estimate Stimulated Reservoir Volumes, #41137 (2013)

Michael Doerksen

Search and

... fracture presence, then comparing event energy and S/P ratio becomes a more informative process. Filtering events that are used when looking...


Candeias Field: Typical Stratigraphic Traps: Case Histories

Lauro P. Vieira

AAPG Special Volumes

... in September 1969. The lines were recorded with T.I. DFS-III digital binary gain amplifiers. Field setup consisted of 24 geophone stations spaced...


Passive Seismic Event Classification Techniques Applied to Heavy Oil Production from Cold Lake, Alberta

Jeffrey F. Tan

Search and

... as microseismic event files to disk for later review. For an array of five (eight) geophones, these digital event files contain fifteen (twenty- AAPG...


Passive Seismic Event Classification Techniques Applied to Heavy Oil Production from Cold Lake, Alberta

Jeffrey F. Tan

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... as microseismic event files to disk for later review. For an array of five (eight) geophones, these digital event files contain fifteen (twenty- AAPG...


Abstract: Robust Rank-Reduction Filters for Erratic Noise; #90174 (2014)

Stewart Trickett, Lynn Burroughs, and Andrew Milton

Search and

... spikes, zeroes, and clips), poor quality shots, scattered shot noise, disabled or poorly coupled geophones, uncorrected polarity reversals, Eigenimage...


Examples of Optical Analysis and Filtering of Seismic Record Sections: ABSTRACT

J. A. Long

AAPG Bulletin

...Examples of Optical Analysis and Filtering of Seismic Record Sections: ABSTRACT J. A. Long 1965 1086 1087 49 7. (July) When coherent light from...


G. Non-Normal Incidence Reflections and the Determination of Lithology - Use of Shear Waves and Amplitude with Offset

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

.... 485-502, 1961. End_Page 52------------------------- (14) Koefoed (O.), "On the Effect of Poisson's Ratio of Rock Strata on the Reflection...


Seismic Studies in the Church Rock Uranium District, Southwest San Juan Basin, New Mexico

William T. Phelps, Robert S. Zech, A. Curtis Huffman Jr.

AAPG Special Volumes

... field techniques and a computer-intensive data processing program, has identified basement structures that had an effect on the deposition...


Pre- and Post-Injection Vertical Seismic Profiling over the Southwest Regional Partnerships Phase II Fruitland Coal CO2 Pilot; #80104 (2010)

Tom Wilson, Les Nutt, Ric Smith, Jitendra Gulati, Marcia Coueslan, Dwight Peters, Art Wells, Craig Hartline, George Koperna, Bill Akwari

Search and

... adsorption and its effect on coal permeability: Shigen-to-Sozai, v 121, no.6, p. 231-239 (in Japanese with English abstract and figure captions). Xue, Z...


Vertical Seismic Profiling--A Measurement that Transfers Geology to Geophysics: Chapter 2

B. A. Hardage

AAPG Special Volumes

... wavefields propagating through a stratigraphic section by means of geophones clamped to the wall of a drilled well. In most seismic measurements, both...


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