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AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 18: Velocity Estimation for Pore-Pressure Prediction

David W. Bell

AAPG Special Volumes

... to infer pressure anomalies. Knowing the influence of overpressure on average velocity aids in picking and quality control of stacking velocities...


Migration Velocity Analysis by Migration of Velocity Spectra

Craig J. Beasley, Rolf Klotz

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... for detailed analysis of large 3-D surveys. An approach used routinely to improve estimation of migration velocity is to minimize the influence of dip...


Velocity Logging and Its Geological and Geophysical Applications

H. R. Breck, S. W. Schoellhorn, R. B. Baum

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ formation exerts great influence on the apparent velocity through the formation. Velocity logs showing geologic correlations...


Abstract: Seismic Expression of Normal Faults and Associated Structures

Martha O. Withjack

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...-reflection profiles show that each of these structural variables, as well as rock velocity, influence the seismic expression of rift-related structures...


Mainstream Mantle Convection: A Geologic Analysis of Plate Motion

T. H. Nelson , P. G. Temple

AAPG Bulletin

... migrate in the direction of mainstream flow. However, as the symmetry of the cell pair has not been altered by the influence of the mainstream, spreading...


The effect of morphology on postmortem transportation of bivalves and its taphonomic implications

Devapriya Chattopadhyay, Ashish Rathie, Anirban Das


... demonstrated the influence of surface roughness on the entrainment velocity of bivalve shells. Dey (2003) also found variation in hydrodynamic...


Sonic velocity, submarine canyons, and burial diagenesis in Oligocene-Holocene cool-water carbonates, Gippsland Basin, southeast Australia

Malcolm W. Wallace, Guy R. Holdgate, Jim Daniels, Stephen J. Gallagher, Andrew Smith

AAPG Bulletin

... processes controlling porosity loss (and hence sonic velocity increase), then sediment age would be expected to have an influence. Cementation...


A New Approach to Time Depth Conversion and Depth Error Estimation for 2D Interpretation Using Seismic Velocities

Rosidah Hardiani, Sanisah Soed, Lothar Schulte

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the velocities along the 2D lines and consequently the velocity interpolation has no influence on the depth conversion. Figure 4 - Difference between...


Abstract: Comprehensive Technology for Complex Targets Research with Electromagnetic, Gravity, Magnetic and Seismic Data and its Applications; #90319 (2018)

Zhi Zhao, Dechun Li, Zhao Li

Search and

... on the pre-stacking depth migration of seismic data, greatly limiting the influence from the high velocity layers and decreasing the error...


Transportation of Detritus by Moving Water: Part 1. Transportation

Filip Hjulstrom

AAPG Special Volumes

...., Irrigation Pocket Book. London, 1928. 6. BUCKLEY, A. B., "The Influence of Silt on the Velocity of Water Flowing in Open Channels," Min. of Proc. Inst...


Prestack Seismic Data Inversion for Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization in China

Gang Yu, Yusheng Zhang, Ximing Wang, Xing Liang, Uwe Strecker, Maggie Smith

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... moveout analysis for each sector and used in elliptical velocity inversion to determine degree and direction of anisotropy. A simultaneous inversion...


Quantification of pore structure and its effect on sonic velocity and permeability in carbonates

Ralf J. Weger, Gregor P. Eberli, Gregor T. Baechle, Jose L. Massaferro, Yue-Feng Sun

AAPG Bulletin

... that is needed to quantitatively evaluate the influence of pore geometry on acoustic velocity and other petrophysical properties.The here-described...


In Situ Stress Prediction Using Differential Strain Analysis and Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Splitting

B. Widarsono, J. R. Marsden, M. S. King

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... not, in these cases, strongly influence on the velocity anisotropy for the horizontal direction, and hence do not confuse the subsequent interpretation of USWS...


Seismic Shear Waves for Discriminating Lithology from Saturation Changes

T. L. Dobecki

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... in an unconfined aquifer is an ideal and simple task for standard seismic refraction surveying. Typically, the compressional wave velocity variation is less than...


The Effects of Sediment Concentration and Tube-Diameter on Particle Settling Velocity Measured Beyond Stokes' Range: Experiment and Theory

C. J. Lovell , C. W. Rose

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in velocity that occur at higher Rn because particles exhibit a sphere of influence proportional to 1/Rn and theory derived for Rn < 0.1 predicts this sphere...


Prestack Seismic Data Inversion for Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization in China; #41829 (2016)

Gang Yu, Yusheng Zhang, Uwe Strecker, Maggie Smith

Search and

...). Wide azimuth 3D seismic data is divided into azimuthal sectors and independent velocity analyses run on each. An ellipse is fitted to the sector...


Stress Directions in Cretaceous Frontier Formation, Green River Basin, Wyoming

S. E. Laubach, S. J. Clift, R. E. Hill, J. Fix

Wyoming Geological Association

... is parallel to microfracture strike. Velocity analyses were carried out by TerraTek (Hyman and others, 1991). The direction of fastest acoustic travel...


Inferring Maximum Geostrophic Current Velocities in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea from Settling-Velocity Measurements of Sediment Surface Samples: Methods, Application, and Results

Klaus H. Michels

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Characterisation, Nurnberg, reprint of presentation, 45 p. COREY, A.T., 1949, Influence of shape on the fall velocity of sand grains [unpublished...


Sonic Velocity in Carbonates„A Combined Product of Depositional Lithology and Diagenetic Alterations

Flavio S. Anselmetti, Gregor P. Eberli

Special Publications of SEPM

... analyses takes account of this ray porosity The cutoffs of the In addition to the velocity determinations several other analy ses were Dry bulk...


Impact of Velocity Field on AVA Analysis; #42363 (2019)

Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra

Search and

...Impact of Velocity Field on AVA Analysis; #42363 (2019) Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra GC Impact of Velocity Field on AVA Analysis* Ritesh...


Rapid Method of Mechanical Analysis of Sands

K. O. Emery

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... velocity equal to that of quartz grains of much larger diameter. B. Histograms comparing sieve and tube analyses of a sand which contains a high...


The Geophysical Aspects of Abnormal Fluid Pressures

Edward B. Reynolds, John E. May, Alf Klaveness

Houston Geological Society

... of reflection geometry for a velocity analysis. 34 Figure 1c. Examples of velocity analyses from two offshore Louisiana areas. 35 Figure 2. Effect...


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