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An Analysis of the Refraction Collapse of 1930

Esme Eugene Rosaire

Tulsa Geological Society

... development. In the interpretation of refraction data, the assumption has been made that local lateral homogeniety exists, and that the two changes are due...


Refraction Solutions by Wavefront Targeting: ABSTRACT

Frederick L. Schenck

AAPG Bulletin

... two one-way solutions imposed thereon proves correctness. Reversed refraction profiling is the only geophysical method affording an interpretation...


Abstract: An Interpretation of the Crustal Framework and Continent-Oceanic Boundary in U.S. OCS of the Gulf of Mexico, Based on Gravity and Refraction Data Analysis

Elizabeth A.E. Johnson, Jon F. Blickwede, Holly H. Huston, and Marek Kacewicz

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... and Refraction Data Analysis Elizabeth A.E. Johnson, Jon F. Blickwede, Holly H. Huston, and Marek Kacewicz 2006 25 25 48 9 Geophysical evidence suggests...


Refraction Shooting with Expendable Sonobuoys: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. Ewing , R. Leyden , M. Ewing

AAPG Bulletin

... refraction and wide-angle reflection data, and that measurements can be made during normal reflection profiling operations utilizing the same source...


Seismic Techniques in the Alberta Foothills

L. H. Reed

CSPG Special Publications

... below the first high speed Paleozoic marker capable of transmitting refraction energy. In some instances, however, useful refraction data is acquired...


Abstract: P-Wave Velocity Variation in Water-Saturated Sand from Shallow Seismic Refraction

L. S. Leong, K. H. Ho, K. Y. Lee, C. C. Yew

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... sources, and computer interpretation techniques have made the seismic refraction methods highly effective and economical for petroleum, mineral...


Recent Applications of Turning

Search and


-- no title --


Search and

... of first arrival data from a 3D seismic survey. A refraction interpretation method was used to analyze the refracted P-wave from shot-receiver pairs...


ABSTRACT: Gulf of Mexico Evolution: a Basin-Wide, Well and Seismic Refraction Supported Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation; #90007 (2002)

Dale E. Bird

Search and

...ABSTRACT: Gulf of Mexico Evolution: a Basin-Wide, Well and Seismic Refraction Supported Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation; #90007 (2002) Dale E...


Geophysical Studies of Basin Structures along Eastern Sierra Nevada: ABSTRACT

John H. Healy

AAPG Bulletin

... refraction and gravity surveys along the eastern Sierra Nevada are presented and a preliminary interpretation in terms of the regional structure...


Abstract: Application of P & SH-Waves for Rock Anisotropy Studies: Genting Highlands Case Study

Abdul Nassir Sh. Saeed, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Rahman Yaccup, Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... from interpretation of the seismic field data gathered from surface measurements. The SH-refraction method has found increasing use for seismic...


APPENDIX 2: Geophysical Data Near Manus and New Ireland Islands, Papua New Guinea

J. R. Childs, M. S. Marlow

Circum Pacific Council Publications

..., and are presented here to assist in interpretation of the mul­ tichannel seismic-reflection profiles. The data include: Of the 15 refraction stations...


Palmdale Bulge

Art Sylvester

Pacific Section of AAPG

..., 251-253. Jackson, D.D., W.B. Lee, and C.C. Liu, 1980. Aseismic uplift in southern California: An alternative interpretation. Science 210, 534-536...


Abstract: First-Arrival TomoStatics and Residual Statics for Near-Surface Corrections; #90211 (2015)

Jie Zhang, Oz Yilmaz, and Nanxun Dai

Search and

... refractions. From the refraction traveltimes corrected by tomostatics, we invert the short wavelength shot and receiver residual statics. This two-step...


Some Applications and Problems of the Seismic Refraction Technique in Civil Engineering Projects in Malaysia

B. K. Lim, S. J. Jones

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... and geophysical interpretation of the refraction data. The misconception that the interpreted seismic refractors represent distinct boundaries...


ABSTRACT: Plate Tectonics Reconstruction of Nova Scotias Offshore; #90108 (2010)

Hamish Wilson and Sandy MacMullin

Search and

... of new refraction data offshore Nova Scotia, reprocessing of refraction data offshore Morocco, reprocessing of long offset multi-channel seismic offshore...


Reflection or Refraction?

Aleksandr Nikitin, Nikolay Amelin, Sergei Pokrovskii, Andrey Lekomtsev

GEO ExPro Magazine

... reservoir plays. Over 100 line-km of 2D long-offset refraction data was obtained during the survey. Recording units were deployed 3.5 km apart and shot...


Imaging Seismic Data with High Resolution Gravity Data.

R. Opfer

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

.... It will also be shown how gravity data can provide missing information in the refraction model, how gravity data resolves statics in areas of high velocity...


Seismic Refraction Study on Sedimentary and Granitic Terrain

Samsudin Hj Taib

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... lead to imprecise interpretation. In summary the interpretation of seismic refraction data in granitic and sedimentary terrain should take into account...


Refraction Statics, A Comparison Among Processing Contractors

Bambang Sudewo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., refraction statics are necessary to rectify the problem. Inadequacy of the field statics could be due to various field conditions such as shot-depth, fast...


Abstract: Monitoring Active Steam Injection through Time-lapse Seismic Refraction Surveys; #90174 (2014)

Byron M. Kelly and Don C. Lawton

Search and

...). The refraction survey modeling consists of a single refraction line with reciprocal shot points and a series of single component geophones within...


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