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Abstract: Geology without Limits Investigation of Lithosphere Deep Structure of the Caribbean by Seismic Methods; #90238 (2015)

K. H. James, N. Amelin, and L. Miles

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... data and learnings. Finance comes from Geology Without Limits and interested petroleum companies. The group has completed projects in the Arctic...


Geophysical Reconnaissance on African Shelf: I. Cape Town to East London

R. Leyden , M. Ewing , E. S. W. Simpson

AAPG Bulletin

... Interpretation Using data then available, Ludwig et al. (1968) regarded all layers having velocities less than 3.8 km/sec as being of Cretaceous...


The Internal Framework of the Southwestern Florida Bank

F. Jeanne Shaub

GCAGS Transactions

... grid in 1982. The OBS refraction data are interpreted in Ebeniro et al (in press). The interpretation of three key MCS lines illustrating the major...


Review: Geophysical Methods for Karst Detection and Mapping

T. L. Dobecki

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... interpretation of almost all electrical/em data is fairly complicated, the qualitative interpretation is more straightforward and, with particular...


Geophysical Observations on Sediments and Basement Structure Underlying Sable Island, Nova Scotia

J. Berger, J. E. Blanchard, M. J. Keen, R. E. McAllister, C. F. Tsong

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ structural strike; this makes the data that are obtained more amenable to interpretation. METHOD OF INVESTIGATION A partly reversed seismic...


An Integrated Geophysical Analysis of Shallow Faulting in the Wasatch Fault Zone Near Springville, Utah County, Utah

Alvin K. Benson, Nathan Brett Mustoe

Utah Geological Association

... refraction surveys were conducted at the Hobble Creek site. It is recognized that the interpretation of geophysical data is inherently ambiguous...


The Deep Crustal Structure of the Wilkes Land Continental Margin

J. R. Childs, H. M. J. Stagg

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... the data by second-order polynomial or by two straight lines Most of the refraction stations were shot on the middle and upper continental rise over...


Challenges to Processing, Interpretation and Depth Conversion Posed by Dynamic Statics Over the Ujung-Pangkah Field

Donald Easley, Ferry Yustiana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., not just seismic but also VSP’s difficult to process Refraction Staitics For this problem, the natural first solution for seismic data would...


The Dawning of Geophysical Exploration

Tom K. Fulton, Haynie Stringer

Petroleum History Institute

... because of the complex test areas selected and others because of the glut of oil. Rieber shot refraction data for General Petroleum (eventually ExxonMobil...


"Basement" to East Coast Continental Margin of North America

M. A. Mayhew

AAPG Bulletin

..., The transition from ocean to continent from seismic refraction data, in L. Knopoff, D. L. Drake, and P. J. Hart, eds., The crust and mantle of the Pacific area...


Deep Structure of the Central and Southern Solomon Islands Region: Implications for Tectonic Origin

A. K. Cooper, M. S. Marlow, T. R. Bruns

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... et al, this volume), the deep structure is unclear. Crustal thicknesses of 13 to 15 km are reported from refraction data collected on top of the arc...


Plate Kinematics of the Gulf of Mexico Based on Integrated Observations from the Central and South Atlantic

Erik A. Kneller, Christopher A. Johnson

GCAGS Transactions

... by palinspastically restoring both seismic refraction lines and isostatic crustal thickness models constrained by receiver functions. 3D data integration, model...


Regional Geology of Eastern Canada Offshore

Grey H. Austin

AAPG Bulletin

... the refraction data (Fig. 9), and the resulting isopach interpretation suggests a partly restricted basin controlled by faulting on its north, east, and west...


ABSTRACT Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the South West Atlantic Margin, #90104 (2010)

Urien Carlos M.; Schiefelbein Craig; Dickson William; Odegard Mark E.

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... to the Malvinas Plateau. Direct evidence in selected piston cores and two proximal wells in the Colorado Basin was supported by a  range of complementary data sets...


Geology of the U.S. Continental Margin From Maine to Florida — A Resume

K. R. Scott, J. M. Cole

CSPG Special Publications

..., under the outer shelf. Beneath the slope and rise there is an awkward tie of CDP and refraction data. The interpretation suggests a carbonate...


On the Issue of Barents-Kara Region Basement Age, Russian Arctic; #30314 (2014)

L. A. Daragan-Suschova, O. V. Petrov, and Yu. I. Daragan-Suschov

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... on interpretation of gravity and magnetic data and refraction methods data. If assumption for an earlier pre-Riphean consolidation of the Bol’shezemel’skiy...


Fractured Reservoir Prediction … A Case Study in the Sichuan Basin; #10512 (2013)

Ling Yun, Xiangyu Guo, Qianggong Song, and Weisheng He

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... data, reservoir structural and depositional interpretation, attribute extraction from surface seismic data, fracture prediction using VSP, well...


Geology of the Offshore Southeast Georgia Embayment, U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin, Based on Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiles: Rifted Margins

Richard T. Buffler , Joel S. Watkins , William P. Dillon

AAPG Special Volumes

... obtained from common-depth point (CDP) reflection velocity analyses as well as published refraction data from areas nearby. Velocity analyses were...


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