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A Risk-Reduction Recipe Using Frequency-Based Pore Pressure Predictions from Seismic

Roger A. Young, Robert D. LoPiccolo

GCAGS Transactions

... of normal moveout velocities and the subsequent conversion to interval velocities are well-treated in a number of textbooks (e.g., Yilmaz, 1987). Because...


Time-Depth Conversion Using Wells Calibrated Seismic Velocities (Paper 15)

Zakaria Hj Marzuki, Jeffry Gunawan, Mark Sams

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... factors to the success of this TDC technique. The workflow can be applied to interval or average velocities. Average velocities are often used...


ABSTRACT: Impact of Shale Anisotropy on Pore Pressure Prediction Before Drilling Using Predict/Anaseis; #90017 (2003)

Claude Sejourne, James Bridges, Alan Huffman

Search and

... picking is then transformed into raw interval velocities which must then be corrected for seismic bias. The major source of bias between Dix...


Seismic Velocity Sensitivity Analysis: Gulf of Mexico Example, Pony Field; #50479 (2011)

Ryan Mann, Henry Zollinger, Steve Checkles

Search and

... to create end member velocity estimates. These end member velocities were used to extrapolate the velocities away from the well control. Three different...


Characteristics of the Velocity Field in Areas of Reefs on the Dengizkul Arch (West Uzbekistan)

I. I. Perel’man, A. Ya. Baybekova, L. Yu. Kolesnichenko, D. I. Baytel’man

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...-Oxfordian and underlying sediments. On the profile are distinguished two sectors of low values of interval velocities, which are separated by a high velocity...


Non-First-Break Solution for Shallow Velocity Anomaly Problem; #41602 (2015)

Emil Blias

Search and

... gives us interval velocities in 1-D media. In many cases, the 1D assumption does not work, especially when we have local velocity anomalies...


Seismic Investigation of Gas Hydrate Reflectors, Blake Outer Ridge Area Off Southeastern United States: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Anderson, Richard A. Wise, William P. Dillon

AAPG Bulletin

.... In some places, derivation of interval velocities has produced abnormally low velocities for the free gas layer. Investigation of the high-amplitude...


Abstract: Non-First-Break Solution for Shallow Velocity Anomaly Problem; #90211 (2015)

Emil Blias

Search and

... lateral variations in stacking velocities increasing with depth. Dix’s formula gives us interval velocities in 1-D media. In many cases, the 1D assumption...


Integration of Vertical Seismic, Surface Seismic, and Well-log Data at the Mallik 2L-38 Gas-hydrate Research Well, Mackenzie Delta, Canada

M. W. Lee, T. S. Collett, W. F. Agena

AAPG Special Volumes

... different scale lengths ranging from 0.3 (sonic log) to 60 m (197 ft) (surface seismic). The interval compressional (P-)wave velocities derived from VSP...


Abstract: Rock Physics Study for Shale Gas Formation Characterization in China; #90255 (2017)

Gang Yu, Yusheng Zhang

Search and

... drops along with increasing of GR in the interval 2,045 m (Baota LM). Increasing GR indicates increasing TOC but decreasing resistivity...


ABSTRACT: Pre-Stack Depth Migration and the Imaging of Complex Structures in the Wyoming Thrust Belt

Richard Postma

Wyoming Geological Association

... model with interval velocities is used, the data will migrate to the true position, and will stack better, assuming the 2D line is a true dip line...


Mapping Areas of Greater Thickness of the Clastic Unit of the Lower Carboniferous by the Seismic Reflection Method

A. K. Urupov, Yu. A. Byakov, S. A. Shikhov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

..., S. A. Shikhov 1961 91 93 Vol. 5 (1961) No. 2. (February) 1. Urupov, A. K., 1959, Determination of effective velocities by the method of summation of times...


Velocity Variation Along the Tonga Platform from Multichannel Reflection and Sonobuoy Refraction Data

Robert M. O'Connor

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... of Herzer and Exon (this volume) were traced along line 14 and, where possi­ ble, interval velocities between the reflec­ tors were determined...


Impact of Pre-Stack Depth Migration on the Anama Prospect, Papuan Foreland Basin

K. Bradey

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... A-A’ illustrating mapped sequences, interval velocities and main zones of velocity anomalies. Bradey as interpretation progressed, it became apparent...


Three-Dimensional Depth Imaging of Seismic Data, with Examples from the Overthrust Belt of Southwestern Wyoming

Alvin K. Benson

Wyoming Geological Association

... that provide improved images of seismic data. For both cases, stacking velocities were initially used to derive interval velocities for modeling...


Abstract: Evaluation of Seismic Attributes for Petroleum System Mapping, 3-D Seismic Study, Cow Creek Field, Wyoming

Yuriy Ganshin, Ronald C. Surdam

Wyoming Geological Association

.... This approach enabled the authors to directly correlate sonic-log velocities with seismic interval velocities without using synthetic seismogram...


Uncertainty Analysis for Top Tuban Carbonate Prediction using Velocity Modeling Design in "Aquila" Field, East Java Basin

Ayu Indri Firdani, Azhar Kholiq Affandi, Erik Wahyu Irawan, Kamal, M. Wahdanadi Haidar, M. Freddy Yulisasongko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... between using the interval velocities and a variogram. The results give several numbers of depth markers to obtain the best depth marker values. The depth...


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