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Vp/Vs Ratio from Three Component Zero Offset: An Additional Tool for Pressure Prediction Ahead of the Bit

Carlos Planchart, Carlos Vargas, Raul Cova, Alexander Palacios

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... velocities or the interval S-wave velocities. A Zero Offset VSP was acquired in Western Venezuela to calibrate surface seismic data. The main reservoirs...


Three-Dimensional Depth Imaging of Seismic Data to Assess Subsurface Geology in Northern Utah and Southwestern Wyoming

Alvin K. Benson

Utah Geological Association

... data. For both locations, stacking velocities initially were used to derive interval velocities for modeling, but this leads to incorrect, contradictory...


Abstract: Seismic Evidence of Formation Damage in the Lower Colorado Group Shales; #90172 (2014)

Jeremy Gallop

Search and

... velocities (Figure 1). Figure 1: Colour represents Vp/Vs anomaly through the Lower Colorado Group. Section boundaries (1 mile interval) are shown. 1 AAPG...


Pore-Pressure Prediction in the Permian Basin Using Seismic Prestack Inversion

Colin Sayers, Lennert den Boer

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... stratigraphic depth interval. They thus approximate the upscaled velocities shown in Figure 1 and have comparatively low vertical resolution. Upscaled...


Velocity as a Problem in Mississippi

R. R. Phillips

GCAGS Transactions

... are presented. Regional velocity maps based on average and interval velocities which show the marked changes in gradient known to exist in this area are included...


Petroleum Exploration--Real World Examples Using Microcomputers: ABSTRACT

R. Mark Maslyn

AAPG Bulletin

..., or interval velocities. Microcomputers provide an interactive way for a geologist or geophysicist to generate on-demand, exploration related values, maps...


Conventional Velocity Model Seems to Be the Best!

Hijreen Binti Ismail, M. Izham Kassim, Khairul Hamidi Khalid, Safitri Nurida, Wahyudin Bahri Nasifi, Hendra Iriansyah Darmawan, Rizki Krishna Pratama, M. Anuar Ismail, Noor Azmah Abdullah, Indah Edria Amorita

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... model utilized the average velocity approach. The second method is a so called layer cake model that is an application based on interval velocities...


Rapid Multiple-Scenario Depth Structure Risk Analysis Case Study in Cuulong Basin, Vietnam

Nguyen Nam, Hong Shien Lee

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... uses a calibration volume determined in the interval velocity domain. This is achieved by comparing the velocities at each well with the seismic...


Stratigraphic Velocity Interpretation: National Petroleum Reserve--Alaska: Chapter 12

E. W. Peikert

AAPG Special Volumes

... on the stacked sections to compute sequence-keyed interval velocities. Interval velocities can be smoothed between sequence boundaries on a rational...


Abstract: Structurally-Consistent Interval Velocity Variation with Azimuth; #90187 (2014)

Darren Schmidt, Alicia Veronesi, Chris Davison, and Jeff Durand

Search and

... of the vertical fracture orientation. For interpretation, this data needs to be converted from RMS to interval velocities using a generalized Dix...


Velocity Analyses of Near Seafloor Strata Based on Multichannel Seismic Data from the Tonga Platform

Jeffrey E. Cole, Dennis M. Mann

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... the resultant corrected gathers exhibited good removal of normal moveout (Figure 7A), the calculated interval velocities where unreasonably low, ranging from...


Abstract: Depth Conversion Methodology using a Stochastic Velocity Model for the McMurray Formation; #90171 (2013)

Darren Hinks, Tom Cox, Stephanie Schmidt, Dale Vanhooren, and Sergei Filin

Search and

... heterogeneity can have a large effect on interval velocities within the McMurray. The laterally changing reservoir and fluid zones are not easily...


A Regional Velocity Cube for Depth Conversion on the Northwest Shelf

Maighréad Ní Dheasúna, Mark Ballesteros, James Leven

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... workflows. square of the interval velocities, or the L2 norm. As indicated in Table 1, for a simple horizontal identification of over-pressu re zones...


Complex Model Building using Objective Construction of Curve Ray Time Migration Moveout with Geologic Constraints, #41596 (2015).

Kerry Stinson, Shlomo Levy, Edward Crase, Wai-Kin Chan

Search and

... result (image with interval velocity overlain) derived from the velocities with Structural Constraint. Figure 7. Prestack Depth Migration using interval...


Abnormal Pressure Evaluation of the Recent Pliocene and Miocene Gas Discoveries from the Eastern Nile Delta, Egypt, Using 2D and 3D Seismic Data

Philip D. Heppard and Martin L. Albertin

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... Philip D. Heppard and Martin L. Albertin 1998 16 23 Summary Interval velocities derived from surface seismic have been an important tool in predicting...


Accurate Depth Conversions Reduce Risk

Larry C. Luton, Corine Prieto

GCAGS Transactions

..., vertical seismic profiles, sonic logs and geological tops. Seismic imaging velocities (stacking and migration) are interpreted from various seismic...


ABSTRACT: Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties, Missouri; #90113 (2010)

Ali H. Atef, Uchenna H. Aboaja, David Gaunt, Kelly H. Liu, and Stephen S. Gao

Search and

... Geometrics Geode Ultra- Light Exploration Seismograph was conducted to determine the velocities of the subsurface layers, nature of the lithology...


Predicting Pore Pressure and Porosity from VSP Data: ABSTRACT

Dale G. Stone

AAPG Bulletin

... interval velocity and depth beneath the drill bit. The method is to exploit special properties of the VSP to produce a successful inversion to acoustic...


The Geophysical Aspects of Abnormal Fluid Pressures

Edward B. Reynolds, John E. May, Alf Klaveness

Houston Geological Society

... bulk densities, (5) lower shale resistivities, and (6) lower interval velocities. Although absolute values of these properties are not always...


Structure of the Platform Cover of Northeast Turkmenia

D. P. Kasatkin

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... are observed in two areas–the Pitnyak (in the northeast) and the Tuarkyr and boundary (Fig. 1) velocities are recorded. Local variations in these parameters...


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