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Field Study: Buckner Field, Lafayette and Columbia Counties, Arkansas

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

... near centers of tracts. ALLOWABLE: Allowable on January 1, 1946 was 1780 barrels per day for the field, prorated on an acreage basis. Copyright © 2013...


Global Insight into Sealing Properties

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Casing Design in Relation to Blowout Prevention and Well Control in the Cooper Basin, South Australia

K. B. English

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... secondary bottomhole kicks if the concept of maximum allowable casing pressure is strictly applied. Further examples of the use of these equations for design...


Part I: The Poth Sand Trend of Southwest Texas

Robert W. Hopf

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

... and not much significance was attached to the discovery of this field. In an area of maximum Poth A sand develooment the B sand lies immediately below...


Glen Cove Field Coleman County, Texas

W. D. Frazell

Abilene Geological Society

... under the discovery allowable rule. The field is generally being developed on twenty-acre spacing with a maximum gas-oil ratio of 2,000 to 1 being...


Seeking Optimum-Profit Production Decisions: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Victor V. Cavaroc , Richard E. Sylla

AAPG Bulletin

... by production and reservoir geologists must consider many interrelated variables and ultimately must be resolved in terms of achieving maximum profit...


Computer Correlation of Geophysical Logs: ABSTRACT

A. J. Rudman, R. F. Blakely

AAPG Bulletin

... correlation of logs by computer techniques depends on utilizing the mathematical concept of a cross-correlation function. Position of the maximum...


Tuscola, North (Flippen Sand) Field Taylor County, Texas

Eugene M. Goltz

Abilene Geological Society

..., a maximum diagonal of 1500 feet. The allocation formaula was based on 75 percent acreage plus 25 percent per well. The discovery allowable...


Gas Field Development Planning Using Reservoir Model

Entang Hadisasmita

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... allowable field-production level. Determine drilling and compression requirements to meet the forecast-demand levels. Evaluate alternative development...


Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast in 1960

Louis O. Vidrine , H. A. Vallas

AAPG Bulletin

... in Table III. For greater than 40-acre spacing, the allowables can be increased by formula to a maximum of 1½ times the depth-bracket allowable...


Field Study: Dorcheat-Macedonia Field, Columbia Co., Ark.

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

... in excess of 2000 to 1 may produce a maximum volume of gas equal to its daily oil allowable multiplied by 2000. [bottom of page 334] DEVELOPMENT...


Proper Well Spacing -- The Oil Industry's Greatest Need

E. B. Miller, Jr.

GCAGS Transactions

... the maximum area that can be efficiently and economically drained by one well; provided, that if at the time of a hearing to establish spacing units...


A Semi-Analytical Modeling Approach for Hydraulic Fracture Initiation and Orientation in Shale Reservoirs

Andreas Michael, Ipsita Gupta

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... into the wellbore (Clark, 1949). The high cost of hydraulic fracture treatments encourages operators in seeking the maximum possible productivity from...


South Haskell Field Haskell County, Texas

H. S. Edwards

Abilene Geological Society

... of the underlying Lower Canyon Reef. On present information this Upper Canyon sandstone has a maximum thickness of 250 feet and is separated from...


Disposal of Naturally Occurring Inorganic Materials in Geothermal Field

Annie Th., A. Yusuf, Pramiati P., S. Sudarman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., the concentration will be far above the maximum allowable standard of effluent water of 1 ppm, as regulated by the Ministerial Decree of the State...


Wax Blockage Removal: a Modified Micro Annular Pressure Pulse Technique for MWD Subsea Pipeline

Imam Wahyudi, Bonar AN, Sugeng Purwanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the wax plug was estimated to be 9,650 psi using a pipeline skin friction approach. The pressure was above the maximum allowable working pressure, so...


Gly-Hart Field, Callahan County, Texas

Frank J. Spiva Jr., A. K. Doss Jr.

Abilene Geological Society

... of 175 barrels primary and 186 barrels secondary to a maximum of 244 barrels primary and 417 barrels secondary. The shows encountered in the drilling...


Mill Creek Field

John P. Lewis

Kansas Geological Society

... of oil per day. The daily allowable was set at 72 barrels. The bottom hole pressure was 1,000 pounds per square inch, as determined by drill stem testing...


Regional CO

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Abstract: Disparate Late Quaternary Shorelines in Peninsular Malaysia: Shift of the Geoid or Crustal Movement?

H. D. Tjia

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: Disparate Late Quaternary Shorelines in Peninsular Malaysia: Shift of the Geoid or Crustal Movement? H. D. Tjia Disparate Late Quaternary...


Oklahoma and Oil-Fifty Years of Ups and Downs

Lloyd E. Gatewood

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... in the capital at Oklahoma City on December 4, 1928 when the ITIO and Foster No. 1 Oklahoma City came in with a maximum flow of 6564 barrels of oil...


Shifts in Depocenter Locations during the Mississippian in the Michigan Basin (USA, Canada); #90131 (2011)

J. A. East and C. S. Swezey

Search and

....  This postulated shift in  depocenter is coincident with an unconformity between the Osagian Marshall  Sandstone and the overlying Meramecian Michigan Formation...


Southeast Ceres Field, Noble County, Oklahoma

E. P. Neal

Tulsa Geological Society

..., 1948. During December, 1948, the field produced 4,115 barrels per day. The maximum daily allowable is 150 barrels per well. The January, 1949 net...


Precision Placement for Successful Horizontal Wells in Heterogenous Reservoirs: A Case Study in Alpha Field, Central Sumatera Basin

Usman Jauhari, Ahmad Syahputra, Bangun Yulianto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for it to operate reliably. One criterion is the tangent section interval in which the allowable maximum dogleg is required. An example is that dogleg...


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