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Not Accounting for a Potential Water Hammer Pressure Surge in Shale Stimulation Designs Can Increase Your Over-Pressure Risk

Stan Stephenson, Joe Beisel, Brad Bull

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... at sufficiently high pumping rates that the surface treating pressures are near the maximum allowable pressure limits for surface or downhole equipment...


CWB Application to Overcome Piping Stress Due to Wellhead Growth in HPHT Wells, a Case Study in Singa Field, Sumatra

Heru Wijaya Pamungkas, Sando Hendrawanto, Iwan Sutrisno, Yudie Wirakasuma, Arif Zainuri

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... using CAESAR’s software which indicated a critical part of the flowline at first reducer with the allowable wellhead growth was 18.5 cm. Some optional...


Enhanced Oil Recovery Using High Pressure Inert Gas Injection East Binger (Marchand) Unit

W. C. Fredericks, L. D. Hudspeth, R. A. Easterly

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... allowable of 666 to 133 BOPD per well in April of 1975. On September 9, 1975 after hearing, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission reduced the allowable...


Strategic Planning in Drilling Operations

M. A. Warga Dalem, R. M. Pranoedjoe

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... – Headquarters LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas max – maximum mill. – million MP – Master Plan N-55 – 1,700 m depth development drilling rig N-75 – 2,300...


Magnetostratigraphic Restrictions on the Age of the Frenchman Formation and the Magnitude of the Sub-Frenchman Disconformity in Southwest Saskatchewan

J.F. Lerbekmo

CSPG Bulletin

... not reaching an acceptable 'end point'. The maximum allowable rate of 0.5°/oe over the final 50 oe increment resulted in the elimination of 2 sites. One...


Managing Environmental Hazards on a Remote Oil Flowline

P. J. Hancock, G. J. Kelly, R. Muka, M. E. Hagabula

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

...) with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 15,300 kPa. Other design parameters are listed in Table 1. Parameters Symbol / units Value Outside diameter D...


An Efficient Optimization Workflow for Field-Scale In-Situ Upgrading Developments

Guohua Gao, Jeroen C. Vink, Faruk O. Alpak, Weijian Mo

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... optimization:  the maximum allowable total oil production rate, (in STB/year);  the maximum allowable total gas production rate, (in SCF/year...


Field Study: McKamie Field, Lafayette Co., Arkansas

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

.... [bottom of page 45] ALLOWABLE: The daily allowable of the McKamie field on January 1, 1946, was 3040 barrels of distillate per day. DEVELOPMENT...


Stratigraphic Correlation of Well Logs by Computer Techniques

Albert J. Rudman , Robert W. Lankston

AAPG Bulletin

... function ^phgr(^tgr) is seen to have a maximum value of 40. The shift ^tgr associated with the maximum correlation function is considered...


Carbon dioxide storage resource assessment of Cretaceous- and Jurassic-age sandstones in the Atlantic offshore region of the northeastern United States

Isis Fukai, Laura Keister, Priya Ravi Ganesh, Lydia Cumming, Will Fortin, and Neeraj Gupta

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... were adjusted to maintain the maximum allowable injection pressure measured at bottomhole conditions. The cumulative quantity of CO2 stored at the end...


Possible Effects of Active Faulting on Low Frequency Radio Propagation, Houston, Texas Metropolitan Area

Allen F. Mattis

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... occurred 26-Feb-93, and was observed by all three monitors active at the time. All four beacons appeared to shift upward in frequency, and a maximum...


ABSTRACT: Applied High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy in Defining Khuff Reservoir Facies Partitioning, Uthmaniyah Area Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia; #90007 (2002)

Franz O. Meyer, G. W. Hughes

Search and

... deposition and a turnaround in the facies and cycle stack takes place above the maximum flooding surface. An abrupt shift to restricted lagoon and tidal flat...


War-Kirk and A C Scott Fields Callahan County, Texas

Joseph L. Brown

Abilene Geological Society

... pressure 700 psi; discovery allowable 40 barrels of oil per day. This discovery well was structurally 4 feet higher on the pay sand than the before...


Field and Experimental Studies of Biogeochemical Processes Governing Diagenesis in and near Reefs, Gulf of Elat, Red Sea: ABSTRACT

Samuel A. Epstein, Gerald M. Friedman

AAPG Bulletin

... detrital quartz grains. The uptake and release of CO2 by photosynthesis and respiration in reef communities cause a shift in the carbonate buffer...


Boulder Mancos Field: Development Analogy for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

George M. Carlstrom

Four Corners Geological Society

... follows the structural strike and, for the most part, the best wells are either in close proximity to the faults or are at the point of maximum curvature...


Achieving Effective Fractures Within High-Permeability Soft Formations

R. P. Marcinew, B. H. Brady, S. A. Burynuik, R. E. Cooper, C. D. Harding

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the liquid filtrate. The use of soluble breakers at the maximum allowable concentration is recommended. Selected fluid-loss-additive control materials...


Field Study: Wesson Field, Ouachita Co., Arkansas

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

... of calcareous cemented sandstone. WELL SPACING: One well to ten acres. ALLOWABLE: 10 to 40 barrels (at capacity). DEVELOPMENT TO JANUARY 1, 1953: YEARLY...


Field Study: Holly Field, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

... tracts. ALLOWABLE: The present daily allowable of the Holly field is approximately 1,896 barrels (Jan. 1, 1946) DEVELOPNENT TO JAN. 1, 1946: Oil Wells...


Big John (Edwards) Field

Carl D. Lang

GCAGS Transactions

... to remain in effect for a period of one year: 660 - 1320 spacing. 160 acre proration units with 80 acre tolerance. Maximum unit diagonal 5000 feet...


Zuercher Field

Alfred James III

Kansas Geological Society

... reaches a maximum of 26 feet at the highest wells, all of the underlying sand below the oil water contact being porous, permeable, and water bearing...


Oil and Gas Developments in Utah and Nevada in 1960

A. Ralph Thomas , Graham S. Campbell

AAPG Bulletin

... is based on the gas-oil ratio, with a maximum daily allowable of 360 bbls. Table I. COMPLETION SUMMARY, UTAH AND NEVADA, 1960 End_Page 932...


Enhanced Monitoring of Geologic Carbon Sequestration Using 3-D Passive Microseismic Location Techniques

Delaine Reiter and William Rodi

Search and

... and the final GMEL locations. As you might expect, the locations are terrible, many of them moving the maximum allowable distance either laterally...


Geomechanical aspects of CO2 sequestration in a deep saline reservoir in the Ohio River Valley region

Amie Lucier, Mark Zoback, Neeraj Gupta, T. S. Ramakrishnan

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... fracture in the injection zone. The flow simulations predict that a single vertical well with a hydraulic fracture could inject a maximum of 300400 kt...


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