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Developments in North-Central Texas and the Panhandle, 1936-1937

Albert W. Weeks

AAPG Bulletin

... in the productive section. The oil is 38° A.P.I. gravity. At present, the maximum daily allowable per horizon in south Young County, with a potential of 500 barrels...


The Production, Transmission and Utilization of Natural Gas

Frank H. Dotterweich

Tulsa Geological Society

... practice to determine the maximum allowable stress by applying a factor of safety of 3, 4 or 5 to the minimum ultimate tensile strength of the pipe...


Hastings Field: Brazoria and Galveston Counties, Texas

W. A. Thomas

Houston Geological Society

..., is 213, 109, 283 barrels; and present average production is approximately 60,000 barrels per allowable day, or approximately 38,600 barrels per calendar...


Field Study: Cary Field, Sharkey Co., Mississippi

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

... during 1929 in Sec. 30, Twp. 11 N., Rge. 6 W. on a magnetic maximum showed the area to be structurally high. Later, gravimeter work indicated a large...


Field Study: Kiblah Field, Miller Co., Arkansas

Frank N. Blanchard Jr.

Shreveport Geological Society

... feet maximum Limited to the area of development 400 acres Lithology Thickness Continuity Areal Extent - Limestone, gray, oolitic Zero to 5 feet...


Flaring in Papua New Guinea … Designing to Accommodate Environmental Constraints

Michael Berridge

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... • it entrains air into the flame and creates turbu­ lence • it alters the equilibrium o f the water-gas shift reaction so that complete combustion...


Synchronized Deck Raising System for Subsidence Remediation at Lima Flow Station … a Challenge in Engineering Design

Sophia Kangan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... between 1.0– 2.0 is applied for the design of the bushing, sleeve and pin. C.o.G shift of 1 ft.  1 ft. was considered. A differential displacement among...


Significant Trends in the Downstream Sector -- The Pricing of Crude Oil

John G. Yeager

AAPG Special Volumes

... Railroad Commission announced an allowable producing rate of 100% of maximum efficient rate for wells in Texas. No longer was there reserve producing...


ABSTRACT: Fluorescence Spectral and Geochemical Analysis of Kerogen, Organic Extracts and Crude Oils: A Petrographic Approach to Determination of the Onset of Oil Generation

Zhiwen Han, John C. Crelling

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... occur in each sample. With increasing depth, their fluorescence,spectra shift from lower to higher wavelengths. The maximum wavelength (lamdamax...


Directional Relationships Between Primary Structures and Current Systems in a Tide-Dominated Environment: ABSTRACT

George DeV. Klein

AAPG Bulletin

... occurs at maximum water depths during the 2 hours before and after the shift from flood to ebb stage, they continue to be face-oriented toward...


Geology and Development of Keokuk Pool, Seminole and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma

H. L. Rau , K. A. Ackley

AAPG Bulletin

...------------------------------ almost the maximum thickness of the Misener section, it does not lend confirmation to the windblown theory. In the Shell Petroleum...


Uncertainty Analysis in a Mature Field: Dibi Field Case Study

Djuro Novakovic, Joy Roth

AAPG Special Volumes

... with error bounds were used to estimate the maximum allowable error at any given point in time for every well. These values were subsequently used...


British Gas Electronic PIG Inspection on the Existing 36" and 42" Gas Pipelines Badak-Bontang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

M. Amin, S. Piliang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of each line approximately 57 Kilometers. The existing pipelines can supply a feed gas flow-rate of 2,750 MMSCFD at its Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure...



Kristine Zellman

Search and

... occurring at the Paleocene-Eocene (P-E) boundary in multiple Laramide sedimentary basins. This shift is indicative of a change to more seasonal...


Implications of Cell Dimensions on Dipping Bed Continuity in Flat-Layered Geomodels; #41585 (2015)

Gregory Benson

Search and

... that row to the last green "continuous" cell, then reads the maximum allowable cell width from the top row. Example: For a 2-meter thick bed dipping 6...


Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1949

J. Robert Berg

AAPG Bulletin

..., or a combined total of 281,846 barrels per day. Allowable oil production for the prorated wells vacillated markedly during the year, but in general was reduced...


The Changing Exploration Scene in Australasia*

Leslie R. Beddoes, Jr.

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... relinquishment. Current taxes are 47½% on produced income, after all allowable exploration costs have been deducted. Current Exploration Scene...


Abstract: The Approximate use of 1D Internal Multiple Prediction in a Multidimensional World: Errors and Recommendations; #90224 (2015)

Pan Pan and Kris Innanen

Search and

... 1500m/s Time step 0.4ms Maximum time of the shot record 3.07s Location of the source (1, 512) Frequency band (Hz) [10 20 80 100] Epsilon 60...


Conroe Oil Field, Montgomery County, Texas

Frank W. Michaux Jr. , E. O. Buck

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The maximum vertical displacements of these faults range from 130 to 165 feet. Production is obtained at an average depth of 5,050 feet from...


Conroe Oil Field, Montgomery County, Texas

Frank W. Michaux, Jr. , E. O. Buck

AAPG Bulletin

... County, Texas, was discovered in 1931. It is a broad ovate structure crossed by several normal faults which form a central graben area. The maximum...


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