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Esperson Dome Field: Liberty and Harris Counties, Texas

R. W. Garwick, Jack E. Krisle, R. F. Ellison

Houston Geological Society

..., 1952, is 17, 500,000 barrels of oil, and at present the field has a daily allowable of 5,000 barrels. The deepest well in the field is the General...


Abstract: Umbrella Point Field, Chambers County, Texas

Coleman L. Lofton

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... a maximum productive closure of 79'. Although not large in dimension, the shape of the structure suggests the possibility of a deep-seated salt dome...


West Gloria Gay (Conglomerate) Field Stonewall County, Texas

Jack B. Ryan

Abilene Geological Society

... is readily identified. Reserves Calculated maximum recovery from the Bend conglomerate is 485 barrels per acre-foot. Porosity averages 20 percent...


Rasberry Field Foard County, Texas

J. N. Van

Abilene Geological Society

..., approximately eight miles northwest of the town of Crowell (p1. 1). The field is situated in an area of rugged terrain with maximum topographic relief...


Stairett Pool

Richard M. Linehan

Kansas Geological Society

... Lee 'A' encountered the Mississippi dolomite at (-2097) and, therefore, has a gross pay thickness of 33 feet. This is maximum for the pool. The average...


Neale Field, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

H. V. Tygrett

AAPG Bulletin

... porosity of the sand is about 25 per cent while the permeability ranges from 50 to 1,400 millidarcys, averaging close to 375 millidarcys. The allowable...


Carmi Pool, Pratt County, Kansas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John E. Galley

AAPG Bulletin

... potentials greater than the 3,000-barrel daily production which has been established by the Kansas Corporation Commission as the maximum potential from which...


Regional CO2 Storage Capacity Estimations for Arbuckle Saline Aquifer in South-Central and Southwestern Kansas; #80486 (2015)

Yevhen Holubnyak, Eugene Williams, Mina FazelAlavi, Paul Gerlach, Tandis S. Bidgoli, Lynn Watney

Search and

... simulation, and using statistical approach. Modeling scenarios included maximum allowable pressure, which was estimated based on calculated fracture pressure...


Microseismic Bedding-Plane Slip Theory„ [Requires] a Very Slippery Slope or a Very Large SHmax

Orlando J.Teran, Michael P. Thornton

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...-planes is that they slip in shear. For this, two sources of shear force for bedding plane reactivation are considered: 1) the projection of the maximum...


New Geostatistical Method for Mapping Faults with Well Logs

An-Ping Yang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... It is because that the variogram changes with direction and reaches a minimum in the direction of maximum continuity, which is the bedding plane direction...


Field Study: Schuler Field, Union Co., Arkansas

Shreveport Geological Society

Shreveport Geological Society

... located at the centers of forty-acre tracts. ALLOWABLE: The field was unregulated from September, 1937, to January 1, 1938. From January 1, 1938...


Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1942

Edward A. Koester

AAPG Bulletin

.... This is due in part to the shortage of equipment, but chiefly to the introduction of 40-acre spacing. Daily allowable per well continued to increase...


Flare Network Optimization for Peciko Processing Area (SPS-TEPI)

Jing Zhao, Rini Mustikasari, Sarmedi Sia

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is still in allowable limits during emergency gas release. The maximum allowable continuous flaring rate is also determined both for design case...


History and Development of The Sunder, Westward Ho And Harmattan Oil Fields

C. R. Hemphill

CSPG Bulletin

... 31st, 1957, was 150 barrels and the economic allowable has been set at 54 barrels of oil per day. The market allowable for October was 72 barrels...


Underwater Welding for Offshore Jacket and Pile Repair

James M. Reiners, Thomas J. Reynolds

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

.... The removal had to allow for the “Ocean Champion’s” maximum draft of 10 ft. (3.05 m), plus an additional draft margin for breaking free of the seafloor...


Particle Shape in Simulants of the Lunar Regolith

Doug Rickman, Christopher Immer, Philip Metzger, Emily Dixon, Matthew Pendleton, Jennifer Edmunson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... involves Fine Particle Analysis and corresponding image analysis to extract the maximum Feret diameter, Feret diameter of the minor axis...


Section Seven: Use of Wireline Logs and Dipmeters on Diapiric Structures

New Orleans Geological Society

... in the computation process. The search angle is a program input parameter that specifies the maximum allowable depth shift between curves during...


Southeast Oro Pool

D. J. Costa

Kansas Geological Society

... and Lithology of Reservoir Rocks Net productive thickness of sand zones vary considerably; maximum individual thickness is 14 feet. Average total net thickness...


Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1944

Virgil B. Cole , Edward A. Koester

AAPG Bulletin

... in 1944, a decrease of 6,544,942 barrels over the yield in 1943, at that time the highest production. The daily allowable for Kansas was set at 275,000...


Anse La Butte Dome, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana

Fred W. Bates , Jay B. Wharton, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... with contiguous tracts was impracticable. For leases smaller than 3 acres and impossible to unitize, the allowable as calculated for a 3-acre unit...


Drumheller Oil Fields, Alberta

M. R. Roop

CSPG Special Publications

... in the West Drumheller field, and 7.6 per cent in the Drumheller field. Maximum porosity is about 12 per cent. The lower unit becomes argillaceous...


Bottom Hole Pressure Management in a Highly Permeable and Narrow Margin MPD Operation

Ugochukwu Oseme, Sunday Awe, Obinna Amah, Adeyemi Erinle, Ayodele Akinfolarin, Timothy Ibrahim, Vincent Roes

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

... found to occur during pumps off events as a result of variations in BHP outside the allowable limits of pore pressure (lower limit) and fracture...


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