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Abstract: Full Anelliptic Time Processing (Paper 7)

Charles Zeltser

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of seismic events follow hyperbolic behaviour. Of course neither is true, the velocity of propagation within a seismic layer can vary between horizontal...


Time-Domain High-Resolution Radon Transform (Geophysics Paper 4)

Michel Schonewille, Peter Aaron, Carl Notfors

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... utilizing moveout differences were applied in the F-K domain. The procedure was typically to first apply NMO with a velocity slightly slower than the medium...


True Amplitude Preserved Multi-Azimuth Pre-Stack Depth Migration for Structural and Reservoir Characterization (Sisi-Nubi Field, Indonesia)

M. Baturin, F. Bertini, J. Bonnafé, A. Riou, S. Birdus, Y. Yin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Seismic tomography to transform measured residual moveout into a new and more accurate velocity/anisotropy model that can be used again in the first...


AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 19: The Future of Pressure Prediction Using Geophysical Methods

Alan R. Huffman

AAPG Special Volumes

... prediction is to use conventional stacking-velocity analysis and convert the stacking velocities to Dix equation–corrected interval velocities...


Abstract: Using-MultiFocusing 3D Diffraction Imaging to Predict Fracture Corridors/swarms in the Bazhenov Formation; #90187 (2014)

Marianne Rauch-Davies, Alex Berkovitch, Danil Pelman, and Kostya Deev

Search and

... present a generalization of the method proposed by Berkovich et al. (2009) to a 3D data set. The method is based on the MultiFocusing moveout time...


The Application of 2D Common-Offset Common-Reflection-Surface (CO CRS) Stack Method Towards Synthetic Data

Parapaty Halley, Rachmat Sule, Teuku Abdullah Sanny

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... automatically based on coherency analysis. Hence, a macro model velocity is not necessary to perform the stacking, only near velocity around the source...


Complex Model Building using Objective Construction of Curve Ray Time Migration Moveout with Geologic Constraints, #41596 (2015).

Kerry Stinson, Shlomo Levy, Edward Crase, Wai-Kin Chan

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...Complex Model Building using Objective Construction of Curve Ray Time Migration Moveout with Geologic Constraints, #41596 (2015). Kerry Stinson...


Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Seismic Exploration

Emil J. Mateker, Jr.

GCAGS Transactions

.... This addition, called stacking, requires knowledge of a form of velocity (the rms or stacking velocity) which can be obtained from the time moveout...


Acquisition and Ananlysis of Wide-Angle Reflection and Refraction Seismic Data

Paul L. Stoffa

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... T is the two-way normal time and V is the hyperbolic array or stacking velocity. Typically, constant-velocity normal-moveout displays of the CMP gathers...


Marine Statics

Chiem Boon Hong

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... would expect the reflected signal of a flat subsurface event A to appear in the shot record as a hyperbolic moveout event due to the shooting geometry...


Abstracts: Determining Microseismic Event Locations by Semblance-weighted Stacking; #90173 (2015)

David W. Eaton, Jubran Akram, Andy St-Onge, and Farshid Forouhideh

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...Abstracts: Determining Microseismic Event Locations by Semblance-weighted Stacking; #90173 (2015) David W. Eaton, Jubran Akram, Andy St-Onge...


High-Resolution Model Building in a Full-Azimuth Nodal Survey in the GOM

Sandip Chattopadhyay, Gary Rodriguez, Tefera Eshete, Guy Hilburn, TGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

... the checkshot velocities at checkshot locations, The time-RMS model derived from PSTM velocity analysis residual moveout at these locations is attributed...


Improved Structural Imaging of the Karama Seismic Survey Using Anisotropy Kirchhoff and Beam Depth Migration

Zbigniew Ostapiuk, Bee Jik Lim, Martin Bayly

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... number is assumed for the water velocity, the moveout and depth of the water bottom may be compromised, especially if overall water depths vary across...


Abstract: Prestack Signal Enhancement by Non-hyperbolic MultiFocusing; #90187 (2014)

Evgeny Landa, Alex Berkovitch, and Kostya Deev

Search and

... in conventional CMP stacking. For a given source-receiver pair, the MultiFocusing moveout equation is based on the spherical approximation of the reflection...


Three-Dimensional Seismic Method: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Oz Yilmaz

AAPG Special Volumes

... midpoint (CMP) gathers, while in 3-D processing, traces are collected as common-cell gathers (bins). These gathers are used in velocity analysis...


Anisotropic Multi-Azimuthal Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging on Tulip 3D Coil Shooting Survey

Michele Buia, Suyang Chen, Olga Zdraveva, Swee Leng Ng, Martin Bayly, Michelle Tham

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for the source to receiver azimuth contribution of each source to receiver residual moveout (RMO) analysis. Multi-Azimuthal Anisotropic Velocity Model...


Combining high resolution modelling and one-way wave field extrapolation migration to image beneath a complex overburden: A case study from Porcupine Basin, Ireland

Partha Pratim Mandal, Weidi Koh, Julien Bluteau, David Laws, Jennifer Greenhalgh

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... acceptance for structural imaging and tomographic velocity analysis in geologically complex depositional environments (Gray et al., 2006...


Converted-Wave Prestack Time Imaging without using P-Wave

Search and

... part. Effective velocity ratio (γeff) affects the intermediate offset moveouts and anisotropic parameter χeff only affects far offset in the moveout...


Reservoir Description by Interferometric Imaging of VSP Data in Transition Zones

Thomas Radford, Martin Karrenbach, Ferry Yustiana, Willi Brianno, Dhea Wachju

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... aspects, we focused on the value of information obtained by using advanced processing flows, such as a 3D depth-tied velocity model construction using...


Structure Interpretation Problems of a Lower Miocene Reef Associated with a Shallow Low Velocity Anomaly, North Sumatra

Peter Walker, Masrizal Maas, Michael D. Burnaman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Detailed stacking velocity analysis of line DD' (Figure 9) suffered from the poor data quality beneath the shallow anomalous zone...


The Use of Modern 3D Seismic Data Processing Techniques, 5D Interpolation, and Anisotropic PSTM to Improve Existing 3D Data in South Louisiana Data—Pulling the Scales from our Eyes; New Truth from Existing Datasets

John Asma, John Stevens, Sukhdev Hyare, Dave Spaulding

GCAGS Transactions

... of the interpolation. Anisotropic PSTM The first normal moveout corrections were performed using well velocity functions and a mechanical apparatus...


Shallow VSP for Near-Surface Structure and Statics, #41535 (2015).

Soo-Kyung Miong, Robert R. Stewart, Joe Wong

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... using the root-mean-square velocity derived from a velocity analysis and then followed by VSPCDP stacking with a bin size of 10 cm (Figure 3b...


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