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Abstract: Event-directed Spectrum Extrapolation for Upsampling Seismic Traces; #90172 (2014)

Zhengshong Yao, Elvis Floreani

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... a minimum weighted norm extrapolation method by using the power spectrum of the known signal as the main criteria for the weighting function to guild...


Lunar Solar Power (LSP) System: Practical Means to Power Sustainable Prosperity, #70070 (2009)

Dave Criswell

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...Lunar Solar Power (LSP) System: Practical Means to Power Sustainable Prosperity, #70070 (2009) Dave Criswell Lunar Solar Power (LSP) System...


How to Correct Seismic Data to Improve Seismic Impedance Logs: ABSTRACT

E. Robein, J. M. Komatitsch

AAPG Bulletin

...: (a) the amplitude spectrum of the basic seismic wavelet, which controls the power of resolution; and (b) its phase characteristics that monitor...


Fractal Structure of Stylolites

Carl N. Drummond, Damon N. Sexton

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...). In such an analysis, white noise plots as a flat spectrum in that spectral power is uniformly distributed over all frequencies (Schroeder 1991), while...


Abstract: Data Interpolation by Angular Weighted MWNI; #90187 (2014)

Mark Ng and Dan Negut

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... domain amplitude spectrum reveals a reasonable recovery of full data spectral form with some chattering. The power angular weights gamma designed from...


Abstract: Characterizing Spatial Deformation Patterns in a Laramide Rocky Mountain Basin; #90301 (2017)

Cody W. Bomberger, Brianna Berg, Jenica Andersen, Michael H. Hofmann

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... dataset for the analysis. Using the techniques from Fourier analysis, a power spectrum of the mapped Cloverly formation is created which shows...


Abstracts: The Deconvolution of Multicomponent Trace Vectors; #90173 (2015)

Xinxiang Li, Peter Cary, and Rodney Couzens

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... method based on the vector trace power spectrum is introduced in this paper. It treats the horizontal components as trace vectors so that the energy...


Analysis of Spatial Order in Sandstones II: Grain Clusters, Packing Flaws, and the Small-Scale Structure of Sandstones

Christopher M. Prince, Robert Ehrlich, Yannick Anguy

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... into a series of discrete spatial frequencies (harmonics). The result is a 2-D power spectrum, a mathematical analog of an X-ray diffraction pattern...


Use of Computers by Geologists: Abstract

Daniel F. Merriam

Tulsa Geological Society

..., and cosine-theta) harmonic analysis (includes time series, Fourier and power-spectrum analysis) auto- and cross-association PCA (principal component...


Magnetism of the Earth's Crust and the Earth's Interior: ABSTRACT

Takesi Nagata

AAPG Bulletin

...Magnetism of the Earth's Crust and the Earth's Interior: ABSTRACT Takesi Nagata 1965 354 354 49 3. (March) Power spectrum analyses of the geomagnetic...


Design of the Acoustic Zoom Method for Non-Specular Backscatter Imaging of the Eagle Ford Formation, #41495 (2014).

J. Guigne, S. Azad, C. Clements, A. Gogacz, W. Hunt, A. Pant, J. Stacey

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... −45 dB at maximum fold assuming a flat (white) noise power spectrum. The exponentially decaying (attenuated) power spectrum is estimated as >99.99...


Variations in Morphology of Major River Deltas as Functions of Ocean Wave and River Discharge Regimes

L. D. Wright , J. M. Coleman

AAPG Bulletin

... this spectrum depends on the wave power in the immediate vicinity of the shoreline and on the discharge of the river relative to the wave forces (discharge...


Application of a Stochastic Deposition and Erosion Model to Reservoir Heterogeneity and Stratigraphic Data

Jon D. Pelletier, Donald L. Turcotte

Special Publications of SEPM

... of sedimentalion T with R 2 3 series with power spectrum Sif f J T 75 We also examine the persistence in the series of bed thicknesses as afunction...


Synthetic Stratigraphy with a Stochastic Diffusion Model of Fluvial Sedimentation

Jon D. Pelletier, Donald L. Turcotte

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... could be associated with topographic variations. The power spectrum S (the square of the coefficients in a Fourier series) of one-dimensional transects...


Abstract: Recovering Low Frequencies for Impedance Inversion by Frequency Domain Deconvolution; #90224 (2015)

Sina Esmaeili and Gary Frank

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... power which means that it is not a white reflectivity, and is called colored. This type of spectrum displays the principal character of amplitude...


SEAMONSTER Southeast Monitoring Network for Science Monitoring Telecommunications, Education and Research - Abstract

M. Heavner, E. Hood, C. Connor, R. Fatland

Alaska Geological Society

... three technological emphases 1) Network adaptation in response to acquired data and detected events (2) Network nodes that self modify their power...


Abstract: Where We are in Nuclear Power Development

P. R. Keep , K. F. Paulovich

GCAGS Transactions

...Abstract: Where We are in Nuclear Power Development P. R. Keep , K. F. Paulovich 1973 Vol. 23 (1973), Nuclear-generated electric power has clearly...


Microseismic Data Analysis Using Matlab 2010 for the Determination of Hydrocarbon Presence in the Field LCYŽ Ombilin Basin

Lucy W. Sari, Moh. Sarkowi, Suharno, Rahmat C. Wibowo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Starts Pasisve Seismic Data Spectrum Analysis 1. 2. Maximum Spectrum Density Average Spektrum Density Power Energi Spectrum Frequency Anomaly...


Optical Methods and Equipment for Processing Geophysical Data: ABSTRACT

Arthur L. Ingalls

AAPG Bulletin

.... In spectral analysis 2-dimensional data may be analyzed to obtain the power spectral density for the whole area of interest, or spectrum analysis may...


Power-Spectrum Analysis of Two "Varved" Argillites in the Huronian Cobalt Series (Precambrian) of Canada

Togwell A. Jackson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Power-Spectrum Analysis of Two "Varved" Argillites in the Huronian Cobalt Series (Precambrian) of Canada Togwell A. Jackson 1965 Vol. 35 No. 4...


Some Seismic Instantaneous Bandwidth Attribute Applications; #42515 (2020)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt

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... measured in Hertz (or better still, in octaves) between the half-power points of a smooth spectrum. Bandwidth is the best measure of resolution...


Abstract: Estimating the Spectra of Small Events for the Purpose of Evaluating Microseismic Detection Threshholds; #90174 (2014)

N. Ackerley

Search and for a variety of magnitudes and epicentral distances. This method avoids the problem of having to pick a duration over which to compute a power spectr...


Abstract: Separation of Geometric Spreading, Scattering and Intrinsic Attenuation in VSP data; #90187 (2014)

Amin Baharvand Ahmadi and Igor Morozov

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.... Figure 2 shows the power spectrum of reflection coefficient to ~1390 m depth (top of reservoir caprock). The reflection coefficient generally continuously...


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