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Controls on Fabric Development and Morphology of Tufas and Stromatolites, Uppermost Pethel Group (1.8 Ga), Great Slave Lake, Northwest Canada

Michael C. Pope, John P. Grotzinger

Special Publications of SEPM

... by the uppermost 10 m of the 18 Ga Hearne Formation Pethei Group developed across alarge carbonate platform during a transition from normal marine...


Recognition of the Sedimentary Architecture of Dryland Anabranching (Anastomosing) Rivers

Colin P. North, Gerald C. Nanson, Simon D. Fagan

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., usually achieved by cohesive bank sediments or the reinforcement of banks by vegetative root mats. In some drylands, riparian vegetation can be sparse...


Upper Cretaceous Trace Fossils, Book Cliffs of Utah: A Field Guide

Robert W. Frey, James D. Howard

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

... occur in major marine facies of the Star Point and Blackhawk Formations in the Book Cliffs of Utah. Ichnogenera include Ancorichnus, Arenicolites...


Laboratory Sands and Natural Siliciclastic Sandstones: Implications for the Behaviour of Reservoirs; #42165 (2017)

Amanda Murphy, Kenichi Soga, Koji Yamamoto

Search and

... and temperature increase with depth in sedimentary basins. Typical geothermal gradients range from 10oC/km in stable cratons and 30oC/km in rifting...


The Neuquén Super Basin

Ricardo D. Veiga, Gustavo D. Vergani, Ignacio E. Brissón, Carlos E. Macellari, and Héctor A. Leanza

AAPG Bulletin

.... Continued subsidence during the Early Jurassic resulted in the first marine ingression (Los Molles Formation, total organic carbon [TOC] 1%–7%). This unit...


Improved Methodology for Using Embedded Markov Chains to Describe Cyclical Sediments

Dennis W. Powers, Robert G. Easterling

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... is to construct a sequence of lithologies by recording the transitions from lithology to lithology as they occur, without regard to thickness...


Indispensable Fossil Energy … Perception and Reality; #70148 (2013)

Dietrich H. Welte

Search and

... policies and a reinforcement of national fossil energy reserves and resources, such as brown coal, shale gas, and coalbed methane (CBM). The third argument...


Formation of Lateral Patterns In Rock Properties By Dolomitization: Evidence From A Miocene Reaction Front (Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles)

David A. Budd, Whitney D. Mathias

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of carbonate islands: their attributes and origin: Earth-Science Reviews, v. 42, p. 1–47. Budd, D.A., 2001, Permeability variation with depth...


Calculating Lunar Retreat Rates Using Tidal Rhythmites

Erik P. Kvale , Hollis W. Johnson , Charles P. Sonett , Allen W. Archer , Ann Zawistoski

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., on an idealized Earth completely covered by deep water of uniform depth that is capable of instantly responding to changes in tractive forces (Macmillan...


Ocean Magnetic Anomalies and Their Relations to Continents

A. A. Meyerhoff , H. A. Meyerhoff

AAPG Special Volumes

... and the Minia Seamount near 53°N in the Atlantic Ocean: Marine Geology, v. 14, no. 1, p. 47-72. Kamen-Kaye, Maurice, 1970, Age of the basins: Geotimes...


Biogenic Sedimentary Structures Produced by Crabs in Lagoon Margin and Salt Marsh Environments Near Beaufort, North Carolina

Elizabeth A. Allen , H. Allen Curran

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., Ocypode quadrata, in the backshore and foredune ridge zones above the high tide line. Salt marshes influenced by normal to near normal marine...


Communication and Exploration Synergism

John H. Silcox

Circum Pacific Council Publications

..., a drilling engineer, and a researcher. These three men were early practitioners of the art of bridging the gap between, and gaining reinforcement from...


Optimization of Unconventional Well-Pad Area Using Reservoir Simulation and Intelligent Sequential Sampling

Eric Robertson, Naresh Iyer, Robert Klenner, Guoxiang (Gavin) Liu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... equal to 1 – Sw. Initial pressures of the fracture system were set equal to the matrix values for a given depth. The static reservoir model...


Geotechnical Engineering Investigations of the Highland Tower Condominium Collapse, UIu Kelang, Selangor

Nik Ramlan b Nik Hassan

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Tests Compressive strength of concrete Bending Tests Bending strength of reinforcement bars and rail piles liii:l;llim;nIff~~g~~*m~~g~!lDi...


Chapter Two: Color, Character and Zero-Phaseness

Alistair R. Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

... are saturated or clipped; and (3) the troughs, where they have significant amplitudes, are not visible beneath the depth points where they belong. The red...


Development of Insulator Components for Electrical Heating of Oil Sands: Section VI. Recovery

K. Okahashi, I. Ishii, S. Hirabayashi, A. Higuchi, Y. Takahashi, Y. Ohata

AAPG Special Volumes

... as matrix and glass cloth used for reinforcement have been studied. The PEEK-glass composites were made by heat pressing at 380°C with alternating layers...


Carbon Black Manufacturing

Suroso W. S., D. Djoearsa, M. S. M. Situmorang

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... application. Approximately 90% of all carbon black produced is used in the reinforcement of rubber goods, because of its excellent reinforcing effect...


Reefs and Evaporites: A Summary

L. L. Sloss

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Once the pattern is established it demands little reinforcement by continuing differential subsidence. Operation of the continuous process...


Pipeline Integrity Improvement … Case Study for Petani-Pematang-Bekasap Water Transfer Line

Yudianto Utomo, Rianto Hutagalung

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... reinforcement. Pipe leaks are unpredictable, so leak-handling seems like firefighting. The lesson learnt was that proper inspection and comprehensive study...


Wegener's Hypothesis

J. W. Gregory

AAPG Special Volumes

... and the crust thick r and more rigid. Van der Gracht's reinforcement of the Wegener theory by Joly's periodic melting of the sima by radioactive heat...


Engineering Geology of Jordanelle Dam and Reservoir Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project, Utah

Gary Dow

Utah Geological Association

... to the north to a depth of approximately 150 feet below the flood-plain elevation, and up to 400 feet deep below the left abutment. The contact dips...




Williston Basin Symposium

... of incompletely developed rings, can also be seen in the Tableland area (Figure 7a). Whether or not the inferred highs at depth are basement hills, large...


Advanced Machine Learning Methods for Prediction of Fracture Closure Pressure, ClosureTime, Permeability and Time to Late Flow Regimes From DFIT

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed, Dinesh Mehta, Mohamed Salah, Mazher Ibrahim, Erdal Ozkan

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... (ISIP), total vertical depth (TVD), closure pressure, closure time, and target formation from multiple offset wells can be used to predict the properties...


Chapter 12: Increasing Interpreter Capability in Structurally Complex Settings through Combined Fieldwork, Interpretation, and Geocellular Modeling

John G. Solum, Stephen J. Jolley, Benjamin D. Meyer

AAPG Special Volumes

... be familiar with seismic interpretation and reservoir engineering practice. Faults at depth must be interpreted on seismic data, and these interpretations...


Hydromechanical Principles of Sediment Structure Formation

L.I. Briggs, G. V. Middleton

Special Publications of SEPM

... OF SEDIMENT FORMATION diffusion or exchange of momentum 3 1000 It is found experimentally that when the velocity or depth is large...


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