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Chapter 2: Introduction—Coal Geology, Mining History, and Assessment Methodology and Results for the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain Region

Peter D. Warwick, Robert W. Hook, John R. SanFilipo

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Warwick, and J. R. SanFilipo, 2000, Preliminary Gulf Coast coalbed methane exploration maps: Depth to Wilcox, apparent Wilcox thickness and vitrinite...


Use of Natural Gas and Natural-Gas Products in the Manufacture of Petrochemicals

George P. Bunn

AAPG Special Volumes

...., 1954, Carbon black: Phillips Chemical Co. Bull. P-10. Studebakor, M. L., 1957, Chemistry of carbon black and reinforcement: Am. Chem. Soc., Rubber...


Production Forecasting for Shale Gas Well in Transient Flow Using Machine Learning and Decline Curve Analysis

Dongkwon Han, Sunil Kwon, Hanam Son, Janghyun Lee

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... extracts a certain pattern by judging similarity of data that are given without results. Reinforcement learning is an algorithm that maximizes a long...


The Origin, History, and Regional Structural Development of the Peace River Arch, Western Canada

Shaun C. O'Connell, George R. Dix,, James E. Barclay

CSPG Bulletin

... Devonian, the emergent Arch landmass was progressively onlapped by siliciclastic, evaporitic and shallow marine carbonate sediments, and was buried...


History of Petroleum Geology and Its Bearing Upon Present and Future Exploration

M. King Hubbert

AAPG Bulletin

... oil at a depth of 69½ feet in a well drilled expressly for that purpose. The subsequent history of petroleum production in the United States (exclusive...


Modelization of Slope Stability of a Landfill Liner with Large Displacements

N. Feki, P. Villard, J. P. Gourc

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

...), the tensile force (T) supported by the reinforcement to reach the equilibrium is added to the efforts applied on the active bloc in the direction...


The East Clinton Gas Field, Custer County, Oklahoma a Seismic-Stratigraphic Case History

Richard E. Schneider, William A. Clement

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... dominant high frequency formed a reinforcement. Note the strong peak-trough-peak relationship at the Conoco #1-14 Meacham well. (Figure 4). The Upper...


Mechanics of the Balcones and Mexia Faulting

Lyndon L. Foley

AAPG Bulletin

... the reinforcement of the beam against shear and tension. End_Page 1267------------------------------ by the support of the Llano positive element, causing...


Technology Selection, Acquiring and Assurance for Lima Subsidence Remediation Project

Budi Prasetyo, Oto Gurnita

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...) ‐ Additional docking  every 5 years system and reinforcement Deck Relatively High Less CAPEX but  the best economical Relatively High Relatively High more...


Overcoming Economic Gap for Women of MusiBanyuasin Regency through Community Development Program

Robby Wijaya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... their products. Institutional Reinforcement The groups are encouraged to reach sustainability and independence from the company by forming their own...


Methods in Exploration Series #2: Seismic Models of Sandstone Stratigraphic Traps in Rocky Mountain Basins - Introduction

Robert T. Ryder, Myung W. Lee, Gerald N. Smith

AAPG Special Volumes

...) as the thickness of the bed where maximum reflection amplitude, through event reinforcement, is achieved for a given wavelet. For waveforms associated...


Using Simulations and Virtual Worlds for Success in the Marcellus; #70096 (2011)

Susan Smith Nash

Search and

... if they turn out to be inaccurate, biased, or incomplete or otherwise flawed. How many maps do you see repeated endlessly? Social reinforcement...


Maximizing Emergency Preparedness with Employee Involvement

Adhika Aryaguna, Suhadiyatno, Sendy Utommi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the company. Each personnel in their daily work will not be privileged to learn such skills if not due to joining EIT team. - Reinforcement from nearby site...


Downstream Changes in Shape in the Pebble Morphometry of the Tambo River, Eastern Victoria

Albert Goede

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... variables are truly independent of each other. Where this is not the case, interaction gives rise to either redundancy or reinforcement. Where the addition...


The Organization Development Approach in Human Resources Development

Etty Wijaya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... activity is to conduct a Management Reinforcement Workshop, which has the objective of sharpening top managerial skills in individual and group...


The Future of Oil Prices

Leon Fuller

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for affirmation and reinforcement from other forecasters and decision-makers. Most of those we interviewed said they believed themselves to be on surer ground...


A Paradoxical Clarification of an Expense Account

Richard H. Ruggles

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

..., and an axle assembly being impractical, the only place left to hook onto was a reinforcement indentation on the bottom of the fly wheel housing. Every time...


A Brief History of the Birmingham Mining District

Henry N. McCarl

Alabama Geological Society

... financial reinforcement of Josiah Morris, and leadership financial reinforcement of Josiah MOrris, and leadership of James R. Powell were of essential...


Iraq and Asiatic Mediterranean Countries: Chapter 19

Edgar Wesley Owen

AAPG Special Volumes

... device for divining the quality of oil at depth .. I made water supply reports on most of the districts we examined... Our work in 1919...


Heart Mountain — Blocks in a Giant Volcanic Rock Glacier

John K. Sales

Wyoming Geological Association

... into deep basin, 12) Possible major to minor fault at depth, 13) Highest HM block on Pat Ohara Mtn. projected into line of section, 14) Heart Mountain...


The Public Service Opportunity of the Oil Geologist

George Otis Smith

AAPG Bulletin

... supplies from which to draw for their use. At least it is true that each new advance in the engineering arts calls for a corresponding reinforcement...


ExxonMobils Project Approach to Safety - Nobody Gets Hurt

Zainul Bahri, Ryan A. Klue, Joey Tucker, Robi Nugraha, James David Smith

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in making lasting behavioral changes in the workforce. These kinds of programs are aimed at identifying safe and unsafe behaviors followed by reinforcement...


Bizarre forms of Depositional and Diagenetic Calcite in Hot-Spring Travertines, Central Italy

Robert L. Folk, Henry S. Chafetz, Pamela A. Tiezzi

Special Publications of SEPM

...). If the bands are indeed daily, then the fans accomplished the bulk of their growth in one or two summer ~nonths. Some reinforcement of this idea of daily...


Operation Optimization through GTS Preservation Using Holistic Project Management Approach: Case Study of GTS-H

Ismail Marzuki, Herry Junaedy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... reinforcement from external resources. The key actors on site works are maintenance, construction, and production discipline. Specific organization taken...


New Geohazard Tools, Coupled with Lessons Learned in System Safety, Will Improve Infrastructure Safety which Engineering cannot do Alone

Kelly Haggar

GCAGS Transactions

..., 1997). ECP 1124 included the ‘railroad iron‘ reinforcement; photo from USAF (1962?). ‘ECP‘ means Engineering Change Proposal, while ‘CCP‘ is a Contract...


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