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Case History: Rulison Field, Colorado, Fracture Detection, Mapping, and Analysis of a Naturally Fractured Gas Reservoir Using P-wave Reflection Seismic

Heloise B. Lynn, K. Michele Simon, Vello Kuuskraa, Dave Decker

Four Corners Geological Society

... Volume horizon pick), and also for the interval AVO Gradient (RMS amplitude of the interval on the Far Offset Volume minus the RMS amplitude...


Contourites and Turbidites of the Brazilian Marginal Basins, #51069 (2014).

Emiliano Mutti, Rogerio S. Cunha, Elvio M. Bulhoes, Luci M. Arienti, Adriano R. Viana

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...., 2012 127 96 80 64 48 32 16 FINE-GRAINED SEDIMENTS 112 0 -16 -32 -64 RMS TECVA AMPLITUDE MAP 1 km -80 -96 -112 -128 SANDSTONES -48 A SANDY...


ABSTRACT: Investigation of the Behavior of Surface Noise within Seismic Arrays of Variable Geophone Density; #90051 (2006)

Ibrahim A. Al-Hokail

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... as the residual RMS amplitude of the simulated geophone gathers after separating the signal. The result confirms the existence of spatial correlation...


ABSTRACT: An Assessment of Potential Reservoir Distribution through Seismic Texture Attribute Facies Classification: A Case Study of the Bilousivksko-Chornukhinska (BC) Field Gas Reservoirs, Ukraine; #90109 (2010)

Oluseyi Olajide, Cyril Nwonye, Olufemi Adepoju, Tony Harrison

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... a faster and improved modelling workflow. A combination of RMS attribute and variance analysis enables the mapping of the seismo-facies distribution...


ABSTRACT: Geophyical and Geostatistical Modeling of an Incised Valley in the Anadarko Basin; #90133 (2011)

Oswaldo Davogustto, Carlos Cabarcas, Marcelo Sanchez, Bradley Wallet, and Kurt J. Marfurt

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... including density, porosity, resistivity, and gamma ray and integrated the results with seismic attributes such as coherence, volumetric curvature, and RMS...


Seismic Attribute Analysis of a Mississipian Chat, Osage County, Northeast Oklahoma, #40605 (2010

Malleswar Yenugu, Miguel Angelo, Kurt J. Marfurt

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... Analysis Different seismic attributes like RMS amplitude, fault lineaments from coherency volume, and curvature attributes like most positive and most...


Dare to Think Outside the Box: A Success Story in Shallow Reservoirs, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia, #20184 (2012)

M. Sharir Mustafa, Sharifah Shahira Wafa, Khairul Amry Kamarudzaman, Azlan M. Sabirin

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... amplitude for seismic attribute analysis. Method RMS amplitude maps were generated for the targeted reservoirs at Near Stack and Far Stack from a very...


Geophysical Interpretation of Pinedale Field

Sally G. Zinke

AAPG Special Volumes

... suggested that mapping the RMS (root-mean-square or the square root of the average of the squares of a series of measurements) amplitude from the seismic...


Unconventional Processing for 3D Data: A 1993 Case History

Claude Eizlini, Jacques Bonnafe, Bugi Kamil, Gilles Bitoun

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... much effect on RMS velocities. In order for the preliminary (pre-DMO) velocities to verify these premises, the velocity lines (one every 1.5 km) were...


Estimation of Reservoir Fluid Saturation from 4D Seismic Data: Effects of Noise on Seismic Amplitude and Impedance Attributes

Rafael Souza, David Lumley, Jeffrey Shragge

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of RC estimates from seismic waveform data and, therefore, the accuracy of the RMS maps. The very good correlation of amplitude and reflection...


Structural and Stratigraphic 3D Seismic Interpretation of Middle Cretaceous in South East Muglad Basin, South Sudan; #30269 (2013)

Dorar Hamdoba Elshaikh Saror and Zuhar Zahir Bin Tuan Harith

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.... Water 2. Water 3. Water 4. NP. 5. Water 6. Poor Oil 7. Oil 8. NP. 8 7 6 5 4 3 1 2 39 RMS (root mean square) amplitude A post-stack attribute...



Ramiz Israel

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

... described from the delta plain, all the way down to the depositional slope. The different attribute extractions used include RMS amplitude, coherency...


Pre-Stack Calibration to Well Data: Intercept & Gradient Scaling … A Case Study From the Norwegian North Sea

Nguyen Nam, Larry Fink

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Calibration is the key to successful amplitude vs. offset (AVO) analysis to identify fluid and lithology changes using prestack seismic data. A common...


3-D AVO Analysis and Modeling Applied to Fracture Detection in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

Antonio C.B. Ramos, T.L. Davis

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... data prior to fitting. Undulations in the normalized RMS amplitude data are mainly caused by converted waves and coherent noise, which can contribute...


Future of Tunu Field Development: A Breakthrough of Gas Sand Identification Using Automated Seismic Assessment, #42144 (2017).

Firman B. Kurniawan, Rangga A. Brahmantio, Argo Wuryanto, Yudhistira Adji, Eros S. Erriyantoro, Pujo Rahmanto

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...) and type of lithology, and the other one is Root Mean Square (RMS) corresponds to seismic background amplitude and gas reservoir thickness. Geobody...


Abstract: Shallow VSP Survey using a Small Vibrator Source; #90171 (2013)

Joe Wong, Soo K. Miong, Robert R. Stewart, Eric V. Gallant, and Kevin W. Hall

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.... Bandpass filtering by an Ormsby filter with corners at 40-50-200-300Hz and AGC have been applied to the seismic traces before display. AAPG Search...


Facies and Sandstone Distribution Pattern of XŽ Sandstone Reservoir in Air Benakat Formation, Sungai Gelam Field, Jambi Subbasin

Silfi Ariani, Andri Yumansa Sihombing, Imam Muda Gunawan, Aris Setiawan, Peter Adam, Aziz Tarmusi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... hydrocarbon indications and other geologic features which are isolated from background features by amplitude response. The result of RMS attribute...


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