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Seismic Characterization of the Fiordland Gas-hydrate Province, New Zealand

Miko Fohrmann, Andrew R. Gorman, Ingo A. Pecher

AAPG Special Volumes

...-simulating reflector (BSR). (center) The BSR is characterized by an increase of root mean square (RMS) amplitude with offset. (bottom) The phase...


Abstract: New frontiers in ocean mapping

G. Costello, B. D. Loncarevic, L. Meyer

Atlantic Geology

...) advances in digital data processing and image presentation. In 1992, as part of the ongoing CHS/AGC ocean mapping program, a multiparameter survey...


Extended Abstract: FAR Ahead of the Game in West Africa

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... 2010 PESA News No. 108 (2010) Copyright © 2017 by Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) company focus the AGC area, the zone...


The Application of Seismic Stratigraphy Analysis to Predict Potential Reservoir and Its Depositional Environment on Baong Formation, North Sumatra Basin

Argya Hastubrata Basundara, Andi Mardianza

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by using seimic attribute RMS amplitude helps to justify the correlation of sandprone. The results of this study on MBS generated a map of depositional...


Abstracts: Bringing Seismic Ideas to Acoustic Logging; #120181 (2015)

Partha Biswas & Shreya B. Ley

Search and

... publications, GeoBiz has found that RMS normalization is not only essential in processing sectored compressional waveforms, but in shear wave anisotropy...


Abstract: Shallow Reservoirs, the Neglected Play in the Malay Basin - A Case Study from the A Field (Paper P27)

S. H. So, S. Shahar, N. Ahmad

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... amplitude anomaly conformable to the structure. b) Intra B-I RMS amplitude anomaly conformable to the structure. Warta Geologi, Vol. 38, No. 2, April – June...


Reservoir Characterisation Study: Inter Well Reservoir Property Prediction and Mapping by Petrophysics Data and Seismic Data Integration

Robi Junipa, Michel Bee

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... attributes (including RMS amplitude, reflection strength, and average absolute amplitude) based on interpreted horizons in zone of interest were...


3D Seismic Data and Geohazard Analysis

Eric Bouanga, James Selvage

GEO ExPro Magazine

... from the HorizonCube, which honors the gross dip in 3D. Windowed Root Mean Square (RMS) amplitude extractions can also be used to take account of any...


Structural and Stratigraphic Factors Influencing Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Bakken Petroleum System in the Elm Coulee Field, Williston Basin, Montana; #20214 (2013)

H. Eidsnes and S. Sonnenberg

Search and

... amplitude map of the Vaux 3D seismic survey. No distinct trend was observed. A production map produced by Enerplus Corporation was compared to the RMS...


Interpretive Techniques Applied to the Pliocene "T" Sand:South Marsh Island Blocks 106 and 115, Offshore Louisiana

Toby A. Roesler, Gerald T. Gonzales, and W. Kent Webb

GCAGS Transactions

...). A variety of amplitude extractions of the T sand were analyzed: an extraction from the top of sand, an extraction from the base of sand, and an rms...


Chapter Eleven: Regional and Reconnaissance Use of 3-D Data

Alistair R. Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the deposition can only be understood by studying regional displays. Figure 11-10. RMS amplitude map over 100-ms window in lower Paleocene from...


Structuration & Stratigraphic Influence in Post Carbonate Trap Geometry of 'K' Prospect, SK315 Block, Offshore Sarawak (Paper P24)

K. A. K. Amry, M. S. M. Sharir, S. S. Wafa, A. M. S. Azlan

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... attribute analysis. Method RMS amplitude maps were generated for the targeted reservoirs at Near Stack and Far Stack from a very thin window of only...


Understanding the Spatial Geological Heterogeneity of the Delaware Basin from Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion

Simon Payne, Andrew Lewis, Ben Hardy, Venkatesh Anantharamu, Iestyn Russell-Hughes

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... to be undershot at depth. The peak amplitude of the estimated wavelets exhibit a strong correlation with the patterns observed in the RMS amplitude...


Azimuthal Velocity Analysis of 3-D Pre-Stack Seismic Data for Fracture-Induced Anisotropy in the Altamont-Bluebell Field

Khaled Al Dulaijan, Gary Margrave

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., inline-azimuth-shot line). Also, spherical divergence correction, surface-consistent amplitude corrections, and deconvolution were applied. The zero-offset...


Compensating for Seismic Absorption for Orthogonal Shooting Field Data: A Case Study on NW Tunu Area, Indonesia

Doddy Iqbal Biramandita, Vishal Kumar, Wayne Zanussi, Jacques Bonnafe, Natalia Anggriani, Cepi M. Adam, Didiek Bhudy Prabowo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... increasing the confidence in the interpretation. Figure 7 shows RMS values computed from target windows (600-1400ms). The RMS amplitude value between...


Intra-Muda Shallow Gas in Cumi-Cumi PSC, Natuna Sea - a Driller's Nightmare Becomes a Geophysicist's Dream

Martin Bennett

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... amplitude maps were produced: the peak value of the top reservoir reflector, and the root-mean-squared (RMS) amplitude for the interval top to base...


Estimating Unconformity Thicknesses from Vitrinite Reflectance Data: ABSTRACT

C. G. St. C. Kendall, Ian Lerche

AAPG Bulletin

.... In the presence of an unconformity, the residual r.m.s. fit of the paleoheat flux to the observed data is significantly improved when the unconformity...


Characterization of Deep-Water Depositional Systems in the Basin Plain Environment Using Shallow 3D Seismic Data Across the Topaz Anticline, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Deddy Sebayang, Angus Ferguson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Methods The seismic horizons are interpreted and interpolated throughout the 3D seismic volume to produce horizons maps, dip azimuth maps, RMS amplitude...


Abstract: Seismic Processing of Ocean Bottom Cable and Streamer Data over Seligi Field

Lye Yue Choong, Abdul Razak Mohd Nurin

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... to bring its RMS amplitude up to the level of the streamer data. The amplitude difference is due to different instrument response between the OBC cable...


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