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Abstract: An Innovative Approach For Successful Exploration of Shallow Heavy Oil Play, Kuwait; #90254 (2016)

Anjaneyulu Singavarapu, Sunil K. Singh, Afrah S. Al-Ajmi, Sarah Al-Rashidi, Hanan Al-Owihan

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... classification. Analysis of the RMS amplitude attribute extracted from consistently high amplitude anomalous event shows that this event is correlatable...


Seismic Characteristics and Distribution of Hydrothermal Vents in the Rift Section of the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil; #11196 (2019)

Renata Alvarenga, David Iacopini, Juliano Kuchle, Claiton Scherer, Karin Goldberg, Luis F. De Ros

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...) A combination of seismic attributes was used: RMS amplitude Cosine phase Rela�ve acous�c impedance Seismic Attribute: Normal Phase 3 Ducts are recognized...


Mesozoic to Cenozoic Depositional Environments & Fluid Migration Within the Caswell Sub-basin: Key Insights from New Interpretation & Modelling of the Schild Phase 2 3d

Jarrad Grahame

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... slice creation through attribute volumes, primarily Frequency Envelope and RMS Amplitude. This is followed by automated horizon picking of the entire...


Magma, CO2 and Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways in El Huemul Field, Golfo San Jorge Basin

Gastón Jarque, Niccoló Luz, Pablo Caprioglio, Martín Irigoyen, Gonzalo Maiztegui, Alejandro D´Agostino, Mercedes Casal

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... amplitude features, the extraction of individual geobodies was carried out. They were obtained by using simple cutoffs of Variance and RMS attributes. Figure...


Quantitative Petrophysical AVO Error Analysis in a Layered Model

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... with exact angle. Vrms angle component is the vertical-component amplitude calculated from Zoeppritz equation with angle from RMS velocity. Best fit model...


Seismic Amplitudes and Low Gas Saturation: A Case Study from Green Canyon Block 474

John O'Brien

GCAGS Transactions

... on an rms amplitude extraction over a 100 msec window encompassing both the trough and peak of the anomaly. The King Kong Field gives rise to the NW\SE...


ABSTRACT: Exploration Potential of Offshore Southern Dent Peninsula, Sabah, Northeast Borneo; #90061 (2006)

Zulhaimi A. Rahman, Robert Wong, and Peter Barber

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... (LSTs) heralded the start of each cycle. Accommodation space was mostly created by syn-tectonic movement along south-bounding half-graben fault zone. RMS...



Azhar Jamil Siddiqui and Muhammad Haneef

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... of operate, processing sequence to delineate the prospect. The Key Processing Sequence Selected is as under: • True Amplitude Recovery to compensate the loss...


Abstract: An investigation of Middle to Late Jurassic Reservoir, Source Rocks and Seals near the Gotnia Intrashelf Basin Margin, Saudi Arabia; #90254 (2016)

Stanley Wharton

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... well picks and subjected to RMS amplitude, RGB blended frequency decomposition, seismic facies classification, isopach thickness and structural...


Abstract: Multi-Scale Heterogeneity Within Deep-Lacustrine, Partially-Confined, Slope-Apron Turbidite Fans: Examples From the Early Cretaceous, North Falkland Basin; #90310 (2017)

Thomas J. Dodd, Dave McCarthy, Phil C. Richards

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..., tabular expressions in conventionally-processed, 3D seismic data. RMS amplitude maps display intricate depositional architectures, which are interpreted...


Control of Regional and Local Structural Development on the Depositional Stacking Patterns of Deepwater Sediments in Offshore Brunei Darussalam

Angus Ferguson, Arnold Bouma, Lauti Dwita Santy, Sofiana Suliaman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... structural development (Figure 5). Figure 5. Area B. Horizons B_1 to B_5 and defined Units I to IV are illustrated. Locations of RMS amplitude slice maps...


Single-sensor towed streamer acquisition: a case study from the Gulf of Mexico

P. Munoz, J. Uribe, N. Moldoveanu

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... frequency and rms attributes derived for estimated signatures of consecutive shots Figure 5: Amplitude spectra comparison between conventional 3D data...


Repeatability Evaluation of Time-Lapse Technology Using Ultra-Stable Seismic Source; #42078 (2017)

Junzo Kasahara, Khaled Al Damegh, Ghunaim Al-Anezi, Yoko Hasada, Kei Murase, Aya Kamimura, Osamu Fujimoto, Hiroshi Ohnuma

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... Kragh and Christie (2002) proposed NRMS for the repeatability. NRMS  200  RMS (at  bt ) , RMS (at )  RMS (bt ) (1) where the RMS operator...


3D Finite Difference Acoustic Modeling to Address Advanced Seismic Imaging Challenges in Bintuni Bay, Irian Jaya Barat: Part II of II

Greg J. Schurter, Yayat Supriatna, Angke Nuraeni, Supriyono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... (Model 2). First, RMS amplitude extractions were run on the geologic intervals, with particular attention paid to the karst, Paleocene and Jurassic...


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