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Abstract: Interpretation of Natural Fractures from the Traveltime Variation with Source-receiver Azimuth in the Alberta Foothills; #90172 (2014)

Draga A. Talinga, Don C. Lawton

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..., parallel to the geological dip and strike orientations, respectively. The second method estimates fracture parameters from the inversion of the reflection...


Seismic Imaging in Anisotropic Media. or... "A Better Way to Moveout and Migrate Long Offset Data"

Rolf Klotz, Martin Bayly, Sue Downie, Swee Leng

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is that as the rays approach the critical angle the results are less accurate than the second order hyperbolic moveout calculation. Higher order Taylor series...


AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 18: Velocity Estimation for Pore-Pressure Prediction

David W. Bell

AAPG Special Volumes

... of Western Canada basin: discussion: AAPG Bulletin, v. 63, p. 812–814. Liner, C. L., 1999, Concepts of normal and dip moveout: Geophysics, v. 64, p...


A Time Migration Before Stack

Richard Cooper, Malcolm Hobson

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... processing sequence. Today it is common to incorporate a Dip Moveout (DMO) correction into the processing sequence prior to stacking. In this paper we present...


The Application of Image Processing Techniques for Complex Structures

V. Sudhakar, I. T. McMahon

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... used to image data: dip moveout (DMO) and prestack migration. Either process approximately solves the problem of multivalued moveout due to dip...


Use of Seismic-Derived Velocities for Stratigraphic Exploration on Land: Seismic Porosity and Direct Gas Detection: Chapter 4

Norman S. Neidell, J. H. Beard, Ernest E. Cook

AAPG Special Volumes

... with moveout velocity analysis: World Oil (January), p. Reneer, B., 1983, Depositional history, potential of Permian Tannehill sandstone, King, Knox counties...


Pre-Stack Imaging: Time or Depth? (Paper 25)

Carl Notfors, Peter Whiting, Geoff Mansfield

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... accurate estimation of the diffraction surface. Conventional normal-moveout (NMO) is a second-order approximation to the true moveout curve...


Effects of Stacking Misaligned CRP Traces: ABSTRACT

James D. Morgan, T. H. Hollingsworth, Monroe Ashworth

AAPG Bulletin

... due to inexact datum and normal moveout corrections usually can be determined by visual or machine correlation within the common-point collection...


Developing an Exploration Tool in a Mature Trend: A 3D AVO Case Study in South Texas

Mark E. Gregg, Charles T. Bukowski, Jr.

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... are required to observe them. A large non-exclusive 3D survey was reprocessed using non-hyperbolic moveout and resulting angle stacks were analyzed...


Derivation of Seismic Depth Sections

H. Buchholtz, W. Houba

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... If steep and/or conflicting dips are involved in the data a special dip moveout (DMO) processing is required to improve the stacked data for migration...


Improved Structural Imaging of the Karama Seismic Survey Using Anisotropy Kirchhoff and Beam Depth Migration

Zbigniew Ostapiuk, Bee Jik Lim, Martin Bayly

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... survey within the same basin to derive the Thomsen parameters. The tilt parameters for the anisotropy symmetry axis were estimated from the seismic dip...


Investigation of DMO Algorithms during Test-Line Processing: Some Recommendations

Ng Tong San, Mohd. Hashim Abas, Leong Lap Sau

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... 82/V 2 (3) The first term on the RHS of (equation 3) is associated with normal moveout (NMO) and the second term with dip moveout (DMO) since...


High Performance Seismic Data Migration for High Resolution Interpretation

C. N. Chernoff

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... acquisition: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 253 p. Stolt, R.H., 1978, Migration by Fourier Transform: Geophysics, v. 43, p. 23-48. Seismic dip-bar...


What is Horizontal Resolution?

L. R. Denham, R. E. Sheriff

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... topographic relief, and hence datum statics, are large. The Second Type of Approximation These limitations are inherent in using the scalar wave equation...


Abstracts: Seismic Wave Propagation and Imaging in Heterogenous Media; #90173 (2015)

Yijian Meng, Emmanuel Bongajum, and Bernd Milkereit

Search and

... in the dip direction. Such local distortions in the wavefield moveout suggest that equivalent homogenous models with effective anisotropic parameters...


Abstract: Velocity Updating for Converted-Wave Prestack Time Migration; #90211 (2015)

Xiaogui Miao

Search and

... controlled by Vc; thus, Vc affects the first order travel time. γeff contributes to the second and higher order moveout and χeff only affects the higher...


ABSTRACT: North Sumatra Basin Organic Content Estimation Using Anisotropic Rock Physics Modeling Based On Core, Log And Seismic Data

R. Ryacudu, T. S. Priantono, P. M. O. Iriana, G. W. Purnama, D. Risdianto

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...   seismic   gather,   whereby   the   isotropic  normal  moveout  (NMO)  reveals  the  phenomenon  called  the  hockey...


The Geophysicists' Bane: Multiple Suppression on the North West Shelf

C. R. T. Ramsden, M. R. Hobson, R. Cooper

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...) differential moveout between primary and multiple reflections. e) second order differential moveout between primary and multiple reflections. f...


Basic Seismic Processing: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Peter M. Duncan

AAPG Special Volumes

... moveout (DMO) correction: NMO corrections are made under the assumption of horizontal planar reflectors. If the reflector has appreciable dip...


Abstract: Azimuthal Processing For Unconventional Resource Plays Using An Orthorhombic Velocity Model; #90174 (2014)

Shaowu Wang and David Wilkinson

Search and

..., dip-moveout (DMO) removal and time migration. The estimation of velocity parameters for orthorhombic media is the key for azimuthal processing using...


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