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An Integrated Study of a Deepwater Gas Well

Shie-Way Wang, Rob Mathers

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... was completed with a frac pack to mitigate problems with sand and fines production. Average water depth is approximately 3400 ft. Since initial production...


Geologists and Mother Earth, a Relationship that is More than Skin Deep and as Old as Time Can it Survive a Regulatory Future?

Dennis Leask

CSPG Special Publications

...Geologists and Mother Earth, a Relationship that is More than Skin Deep and as Old as Time Can it Survive a Regulatory Future? Dennis Leask 1995 164...


A Simple Coring Tube for Soft Sediments

Marcus A. Hanna

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...: Operated by one or two men depending on length of core cut and depth of water. Relatively light weight. Double tube barrel, inner plastic tube and core...


ABSTRACT: Geological And Engineering Factors Afecting Coal Seam Gas Development In The Gloucester Basin, NSW, Australia

L. Gurba, S. Madden

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... (apart from two) there appears to be a correlation between increased skin factor and shallower depth of the seam. In all seams but the Bowen Road seam...


Induced Fracture Dimension Prediction Method Based on Production and Pressure Data During Waterflooding

Hendry Setiawan Lie, Dedy Irawan, Doddy Abdassah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... depends on the injection history, such as injection pressure and injection rate. Falloff test analysis provides estimates of transmissibility, skin factor...


ABSTRACT: Structures of the external domain of the Lesser Caucasus; #90109 (2010)

Marc Sosson, Yann Rolland, Carla Muller, Taniel Danelian, Rafael Melkonyan, Lilit Sahakian, Ara Avagyan, Ghazar Galoyan

Search and

... to a significant evolution from thin-skin to thickskin tectonics mainly due to the reactivation of the previous normal faults in the SAB basement at depth...


Handil HRWP Case Study: Quantifying Range of Injection Rates to Achieve High Perforation Pack Factor and High Net Pressure Gained

Job Roy Ginting

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... completion is expected to have improved productivity (lower skin) when compared to a conventional gravel pack. A HRWP – designed and performed correctly...


Electro-Magnetic Oil Exploration Research Using Commensurate Frequency Phase Difference Technology: ABSTRACT

Donald B. Daniel

AAPG Bulletin

... from multiple directions. The shallow skin depth of current GeoDecca (VLF) and GeOmega (LF) sensors is acknowledged. However, a question that cannot...


Dynamic Underbalanced Perforating System Increases Productivity and Reduces Cost in East Kalimantan Gas Field: A Case Study

Dasa Manalu, Martin Simatupang, Aming Kusumadjaja

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... increase. Testing revealed an average skin value for four wells of -0.29, versus the average skin of 4.73 from 35 conventional EUB perforating jobs...


Geodynamic Model of the Subandean Zone in Alto Beni Area, Bolivia

Dietrich Roeder

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

...-angle dips at depth. Figure 4 shows part of Section A in more detail, with the east front of the central anticlinorium. Visible elements of thin-skin...


ABSTRACT: A Regional Structural Interpretation of the Zagros Mountain Belt in Northern Fars and High Zagros (SW Iran); #90007 (2002)

Jean Letouzey, S. Sherkati, Jean Marie Mengus, H. Motiei, M. Ehsani, A. Ahmadnia, J. L. Rudkiewicz

Search and

... style is controlled by the stratigraphic position of the decollement levels, that varies with depth for the different areas of the 300 km long transect...


Abstract: Invasion and Reservoir Damage in Tight Reservoirs; Options of Avoiding and Stimulation Based on Damage Mechanisms; #90316 (2017)

Wael El Sherbeny, Robert Kennedy, Jean F. Aly Madkour, Ali E. Farag

Search and

... ABSTRACT Formation (reservoir) damage is normally thought of as being equivalent to “skin damage”. However, it is not always identifiable by skin...


Utilization of Pressure Data Recorded While Perforating

Ronny Maas, Andon Suwito, Cholid Mas

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of reservoir fluid influx into the wellbore and determination of both permeability and skin. This paper discusses the field experience gained by use...


Opinion of Structural Mechanics of Central Basin Platform Area, West Texas

John W. Harrington

AAPG Bulletin

... of sediment between the basement and the Barnett shale. This thin skin orogeny appears as a series of thrust-faulted anticlines and is believed...


Comparison of Wireline Formation Testing and Drill Stem Testing in Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs

Iain Paton, Peter Westaway, Tan Chi Ying

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... – Injection/Falloff (IFO), Drill Stem Test (DST), and Wireline Formation Test (WFT). Evaluation of formation pressure, permeability and skin factor...


Acid Fracturing Stimulation Treatments in the Arun Field — A Case Study of the Results

Royke Kristanto, William L. Cannan, Seno Sardjono, Virgil C. Stone

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...' performance, effective permeability and damage skin value. These parameters have been used to determine whether a well needs to be treated...


Incremental Reserves Calculation Method for Hydraulic Fracturing Candidate Screening

Radya Senoputra, Julfree Sianturi, Tamara Wulandari

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... 2000 to 5000 mSS deep. It is mainly built by stacked multi-layered mouth bars and several channels. Later on at late 00’s, the Shallow Zone, with depth...


What Controls the Taphonomyh of Exceptionally Preserved Taxa - Environment or Biology? A Case Study Using Frogs from the Miocene Libros Konservat-Lagerstätte (Teruel, Spain)

Maria E. McNamara, Patrick J. Orr, Luis Alcalá, Pere Anadón, Enrique Peñalver


... of the frogs; the most important of these is the original biochemistry of specific tissues, especially the skin, and the postmortem fate of the skin...


Sub-Thrust Plays in the Papuan Fold Belt: The Next Generation of Exploration Targets

J. P. Cole, M. Parish, D. Schmidt

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... the fold belt; however, they lack the resolution to be able to map individual prospects at depth. Until relatively recently the acquisition...


A Sandstone Matrix Acidizing Simulator for Engineered Treatment Designs: A Field Study

R. L. Thomas, V. Fannin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the damage mechanism. Skin evolution plots versus volume of acid injected allow the design engineer to easily optimize the treating fluid volume, injection...


Stimulation Treatment Design Optimization Through the use of a Nodal Analysis Program

Aditomo Dwimaryanto, Kuswo Wahyono, I. G. Solaryo, Amin Hartoni

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... 1993 171 185 One of the most common problems associated with Indonesia well performance is the existence of high wellbore skin factors. The accurate...


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