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Abstract: Fast-Track and Robust Reservoir Modeling Using Probabilistic Neural Network; #90319 (2018)

Islam A. Mohamed, Basem K. Abd El-Fattah

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... is accomplished using derivative attributes and structural smoothing. Then, after proper well-log data conditioning, the training and cross-validation...


Fracture Surface Extraction and Stress Field Estimation From Three-Dimensional Microseismic Data

Dylan Copeland, Alfred Lacazette

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... without the written consent of URTeC is prohibited. Summary This paper demonstrates a technique for extracting complex fracture surfaces in three...


Glacially Smoothed and Polished Surfaces on Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah

Peter H. Stauffer

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... surfaces would appear to be (1) glacial smoothing and polishing and (2) wetting of the rock by water. Tne possibility that these rock slopes were reflect1ng...


CRS-Stack and NIP-Wave Tomography Implemented to the SH-Wave Reflection Seismic Data for Shallow Hydrocarbon Prospecting (Paper P30)

M. R. Sule, A. A. Valencia, A. Hendriyana, U. Polom, C. M. Krawczyk

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... for Applied Geophysics) stack method is to extract those attributes in efficient manner. Introduction Two versions of this method have been developed...


Dip and Azimuth Determination in 3D CRS-Stack

A. Hendriyana, M. Jaya, R. Sule, A.D. Guntara

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...) makes use of a stacking operator that differs from conventional stacking. 3D seismic land data employs CRS attributes searching sequences...


Gabor Deconvolution: Surface-Consistent and Iterative

Search and

... and attributes the Q function to the midpoint. Deconvolution operators are formed from the ensemble-averaged source, receiver, and midpoint components. A further...


Reservoir Characterisation Study: Inter Well Reservoir Property Prediction and Mapping by Petrophysics Data and Seismic Data Integration

Robi Junipa, Michel Bee

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the reservoir target. Detailed structure horizons were interpreted including top and bottom of Bekasap X sand. A set of average seismic horizon attributes from...


Regional and Local Components in Facies Maps

W. C. Krumbein

AAPG Bulletin

... and Exploitation of Response Surfaces: Some General Considerations and Examples," Biometrics, Vol. 10, pp. 16-60. BROWN, W. F., JR., 1955, "Minimum...


Quantification of fold curvature and fracturing using terrestrial laser scanning

Mark A. Pearce, Richard R. Jones, Steven A. F. Smith, Kenneth J. W. McCaffrey

AAPG Bulletin

.... McCaffrey 2011 771 794 95 5 Terrestrial laser scanning is used to capture the geometry of three single folded bedding surfaces. The resulting light...


Multi-Attribute Seismic Wheeler Volume Workflows, Illuminating Stratigraphy, Geomorphology, and Prospectivity within a Mezardere Slope Fan Exploration Model, Thrace Basin, Turkey; #41885 (2016)

Sean Norgard, Gary Focht, Valeura Geoscience Team

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... seismic attributes across horizon surfaces can be very effective at identifying recognizable geological / geomorphological patterns. Includes detailed...


Volumetric Fault Enhancement Applications; #41869 (2016)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt

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... data followed by directional smoothing and edge enhancement, thereby enhancing geological features of interest for effective interpretation...


Natural Fracture Networks Enhancing Unconventional Reservoirs Producibility: Mapping & Predicting; #41182 (2013)

H. Abul Khair, D. Cooke, and M. Hand

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... structural smoothing on the seismic cube to eliminate acquisition artifacts, then excluding low curvature values that do not reflect any structural feature...


AVO Analysis, Inversion and Spectral Decomposition to Detect Thin Channelized Sandstone Reservoir of BED-15, Western Desert, Egypt, #20369 (2016).

W. Salah, I. Mohamed, S. Talaat

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... Attributes • Pre-Stack Inversion • Results with upside potential • Conclusion Objectives • To delineate channelized thin reservoirs. • To support...


Attribute-Assisted Automatic Fault Extraction - A Case Study in a Tectonically Complex Area Offshore East Coast of Canada; #41925 (2016)

H. M. Garcia, J. Dexter, R. Martin

Search and

... the east coast of Canada. The workflow consists of: data conditioning to clean the data to minimize false positives; selecting appropriate attributes...


Controls on fracture network characteristics of the middle member of the Bakken Formation, Elm Coulee field, Williston Basin, United States

S. Khatri, and C. M. Burberry

AAPG Bulletin

..., and J. Schlaf, 2000, Three-dimensional texture attributes for seismic data analysis (abs.), in Society of Exploration Geophysicists Technical Program...


Five Geological Datasets: Appendix B

David E. Hamilton, Thomas A. Jones

AAPG Special Volumes

...Five Geological Datasets: Appendix B David E. Hamilton, Thomas A. Jones 1992 279 292 CA 1: Computer Modeling of Geologic Surfaces and Volumes...


Reservoir Delineation Using Spectral Decomposition, Spectral Inversion and Neural Network Analysis for an Oily Reservoir in Offshore Thailand, #41092 (2012)

Dan Cox, John Castagna, Gabriel Gil, Robert Ripple, Scott Rubio, Jerry Moon, Robert Roever, Andrew Laird, Geoff Peace, Ronald The, James Mitchell, John Pringle, Nyan Htein

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... in this basin, traditional seismic attributes are not particularly helpful in identifying the black oil accumulations. Inversion to illuminate the presence...


Automated Cyclostratigraphic Analysis in Carbonate Mudrocks Using Borehole Images; #41425 (2014)

Mustafa A. Al Ibrahim, Neil F. Hurley, Rick Sarg

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... inspection, suitable pad images are cross-correlated and aligned. They are summed together to increase signal to noise ratio, then smoothing is used to remove...


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