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Dip or Strike? … Complimenting Geophysical Sampling Requirements and Acquisition Efficiency for Towed Streamer Marine Seismic

Martin Bayly, Low Cheng Foo, Michelle Tham, M Nabil El Kady, Saeeda Hydal, Thomas Olanrenwaju Ajewole, Nigel Seymour, Satyabrata Nayak, Bidyut Chowdhury, M Faizal Idris, Sandeep K Chandola, M Iqbal Supardy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... sampling along the major fault and dip direction. The main survey design considerations were: will a north-south (N-S) strike shooting direction cause...


Seismic Techniques in the Alberta Foothills

L. H. Reed

CSPG Special Publications

... on the attitudes of those beds. An areal pattern of special strike-dip shot-points (cross spreads shot from the same hole) may thus give adequate control...


Projected Sections for Areas of Steep Dip

Harry J. Fenton

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... maximum dip. This is not always feasible for a variety of reasons, i.e., topography, strike unknown, etc. In such cases it is possible to construct...


Strike Line Methodology as an Optimization to Exploring in Fold and Thrust Belts

B. A. Blake, D. Figueroa, A. Otero, R. Manceda, W. Prayitno

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... domain in which the strike and dip lines tie. The time structures are mapmigrated which shifts the location of the culmination spatially and collapses...


History of Seismic Exploration-Santa Barbara Channel: ABSTRACT

F. E. Schultz

AAPG Bulletin

... strike and dip at each shot point. These seismic events were laboriously hand picked, plotted, and migrated. Interpretation of the deep structure...


Relative Accuracies of Thickness Based on True and Apparent Dips

William F. Tanner

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... as the true dip procedure; in the latter method, the line of traverse is taken as closely as possible to 90° from the strike. Considerable experience with both...


Multi-Azimuth Seismic

Andrew Long

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... shooting translate into low amplitudes Dip Figure 7. Comparison of the strike (left) vs. dip (right) amplitude density at a target surface from a 30...


The Use of the Seismograph Tool in the Western Canadian Foothills

L. H. Reed

CSPG Special Publications

... an appreciable area so that local dip information is the best that reflection shooting can provide. The usefulness of this information is considerably enhanced...


Abstract: 3D Coil Shooting Survey on Tulip Field: Data Processing Overview … Planning, Challenges and Opportunities (Geophysics Poster 18)

Michelle Tham, Michele Buia, Riccardo Vercesi, Swee Leng Ng, Andreas Tyasbudi Waluyo, Suyang Chen

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of circular “strike” and linear “dip” acquisition geometries for salt diapir imaging. The Leading Edge, May, 314-322 Warta Geologi, Vol. 37, No. 1...


Statistical Curvature Analysis Techniques for Structural Interpretation of Dipmeter Data

C. A. Bengtson

AAPG Bulletin

... next example, the non-plunging fold of Figure 6, is characterized by constant strike but variable dip. Referring to the azimuth versus depth plot...


Field Technique Design for Seismic Reflection Exploration

L. R. Denham

Dallas Geological Society

... of dip direction. (With off-end shooting, where there is significant dip and the geophone array is longer than the source array, the spread should...


Two Decades of Progress in the Art of Oil Finding: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Alexander Deussen

AAPG Bulletin

..., structure was delineated on maps by means of strike-and-dip arrows. Geologic observation consisted of strike-and-dip measurements of isolated...


Developments in Upper Gulf Coast of Texas in 1972

John R. Lewis , Joseph C. Gauss

AAPG Bulletin

... to have reached bottom in 1972, as there was only a 3% decline in 1972 versus a 20% decline per year since 1969. Exploration drilling emphasis...


Critical Analysis of Stack Seismic Systems: DISCUSSION

Richard H. Hopkins

AAPG Bulletin

... harm than good comes from stacking unless the line is parallel with the strike of the reflecting beds. Nugent's examples are based on a dip of 10...


Extending the Resolution of Seismic Reflection Exploration

L. R. Denham

Pacific Section of AAPG

... shooting, where there is significant dip and the geophone array is longer than the source array, the spread should be updip of the shot.) The benefit...


Tulip Field 3D Coil Shooting Survey„Preliminary Data Processing Results

Michele Buia, Riccardo Vercesi, Michelle Tham, Dmitry Nikolenko, Andreas Tyasbudi Waluyo, Swee Leng Ng

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., UK Central North Sea” First Break, vol.12 September, 463-475. Reilly, J.M., 1995, “Comparison of Circular ‘Strike’ and Linear ‘Dip’ Acquisition...


Pematang Bow Field, Central Sumatra: A Case Study of 3-D Seismic as an Effective Reservoir Management Tool

Patrick E. Leach, Suwarno Kromokartono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... 1990 209 223 Pematang Bow Field is located near the southeastern termination of a strike-slip fault system in central Sumatra. Structurally, the field...


Abstract: Multi Azimuth Survey Design for a Complex Carbonate Reservoir in Offshore Spain; #90255 (2017)

German Ocampo, Guillermo Marro, Pedro Muñoz, Carlos Gordillo, Pablo Ortoloa, Miguel Polanco, Mauricio Hanzich, Juan-Esteban Rodriguez, Josep De La Puente

Search and

... generated to determine differences on the following configurations NAZ configuration with navigation lines in the dip and strike directions...


Case Study - Advanced Seismic Acquisitions and Processing Results in Indonesia

Michele Buia, Bakhrudin Mansyur, Herastya Iman Priyonggo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Azimuth” (WAZ), “Rich Azimuth” (RAZ) and Coil Shooting marine surveys. Here we are presenting planning, acquisition and processing results...


Refraction Profiles Over the Southern Rocky Mountain Trench Area of British Columbia

A. T. Lamb, D. W. Smith

CSPG Bulletin

... strike on the west and east margin and in the central portion of the Trench in order to obtain velocity data and establish an acceptable shooting...


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