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Time-Domain High-Resolution Radon Transform (Geophysics Paper 4)

Michel Schonewille, Peter Aaron, Carl Notfors

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... utilizing moveout differences were applied in the F-K domain. The procedure was typically to first apply NMO with a velocity slightly slower than the medium...


Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis of Shallow, High-Resolution Seismic Data from the Outer Continental Shelf and Upper Slope, Offshore Louisiana

Susan E. Nissen , Janet M. Combes , Anthony G. Nekut

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... differences between the primary and the multiple were not practicable. Long prediction-length deconvolution was successful in suppressing sea-floor multiples...


Post Migration Processing of Seismic Data

Dashuki Mohd.

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... deconvolution is aimed at suppressing remaining or residual multiples in the migrated data. Zero phase correction is necessary for reshaping the minimum phase...


Abstracts: Seismic Attributes on Frequency-enhanced Seismic Data; #90173 (2015)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt, Somanath Misra

Search and

... to model and remove multiples on NMO-corrected gathers using the multiple velocity. Examples of the application of structure oriented filtering...


Enhanced Sub

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Characteristics of the Free Surface Multiple Attenuation Using Wave Field Extrapolation; #40504 (2010)

Patrícia P. Ferreira, Marco Antonio, Cetale Santos, and Luiz Landau

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... in suppressing multiples that interfere with signals of primaries without coincidentally attenuating the primaries when the water bottom is either...


Abstract: The Approximate use of 1D Internal Multiple Prediction in a Multidimensional World: Errors and Recommendations; #90224 (2015)

Pan Pan and Kris Innanen

Search and

... to the classification of Xiao et al. (2003), there are three basic methods for suppressing multiples. The first type is deconvolution methods, which use...


Prospectivity of volcanic basins: Trap delineation and acreage de-risking

Max Rohrman

AAPG Bulletin

... supply, subsidence, and topography, causing accumulation of volcanic flows in basins and a relative thinning over highs. Important differences between...


Poststack Processing Steps for Preconditioning Seismic Data; #42399 (2019)

Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra

Search and

... continuous events by reducing randomly-distributed noise, without suppressing details in the reflection events consistent with the structure. Usually, event...


Seismic Acquisition in the Papuan Fold Belt: A New Approach

G. S. Hill, S. J. Price, M. S. Foster, R. W. Stephenson, D. Ellis, J. A. Lyslo

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... deconvolution (160msec operator) NMO (velocity analysis every 1.25km) Outer trace mute (max. offset retained 18(K)m) Residual statics (2) DMO Stack (36 fold...


III Columbia Oil & Gas Investment Conference: Conventional & Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources - Abstracts

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... filtering and Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME). Tau-p filtering fails because the moveout of primaries and multiples is too complex...


Utilizing the Two-Way Wave Equation: Reverse Time Pre-Stack Depth Migration

Matthew H. Karazincir, Clive M. Gerrard, Andrew Long, Lynn B. Comeaux

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in time and high order in space domain finite differences, and use threading and domain decomposition methods to split the image cube amongst multiple CPU...


Identifying and Fixing Artifacts that Arise in Structure-Oriented Filtering; #42479 (2019)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt Marfurt

Search and

...-to-noise ratio deteriorates at both the low and high end of the spectrum. On unmigrated gathers, source-generated coherent noise such as multiples...


Investigation of DMO Algorithms during Test-Line Processing: Some Recommendations

Ng Tong San, Mohd. Hashim Abas, Leong Lap Sau

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... not be used solely for suppressing high velocity linear noise and lessening back scattered energy. Other filtering options are available. INTRODUCTION...


Interpolation Using Higher Dimensions: A Case Study ON KE2 Three-Dimensional Transition Zone Seismic Survey, Madura Field, Indonesia

Cecep Sutisna, Frans Langitan, Vishal Kumar, Keat Huat Teng, Pongga Wardaya

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... related multiples (Verschuur et al., 1992). Source deghosting is required to increase the bandwidth of the acquired data by suppressing the source...


Abstract: A Phase Shift Plus Interpolation Extrapolation for Two-way Wave Equation Migration; #90172 (2014)

Jianhua Pan

Search and

.... In practice, both wavefields travel up and down when the velocity model is complex. This generates turning rays and multiples. In addition, the one-way WEM...


Pitfalls in Seismic Interpretation

Paul M. Tucker, Howard J. Yorston

Pacific Section of AAPG

... Multiples Example 16.   Example 16 has a central no-reflection zone reminiscent of the previously described reef. At the left there is also a nice wedge...


Abstract: Strategies for suppressing heave effects in sub-bottom profiles from the upper Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

R. White, K. E. Butler, P. Simpkin

Atlantic Geology

...Abstract: Strategies for suppressing heave effects in sub-bottom profiles from the upper Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick R. White, K. E. Butler, P...


Processes Involved in Salt-Dome Development I: Dynamic Effects: ABSTRACT

I. Lerche, J. J. O'Brien

AAPG Bulletin

... the initiation of diapirism and suppressing the later growth of the salt structure, (d) the formation of a "mushroom cap" on a diapiric structure can...


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