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Time-Slice Thermal Maturation Data for Mainland Yukon and Northwest Territories

B. Jean Dougherty

CSPG Special Publications

...Time-Slice Thermal Maturation Data for Mainland Yukon and Northwest Territories B. Jean Dougherty 1995 261 261...


Figure 6

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The Use of Coherence Cube Visualization in Picking Seismic Processing Parameters and Post Processing Hybrid Visualization Products

Otto J. Welper

GCAGS Transactions

... to view a third dimension of our seismic data as a coherence time slice or a horizon slice. By viewing the data in this fashion we are able to see...


Abstract: Use of Seismic AVO Inversion and Ant Tracking Techniques to Understand and Predict Fracture Behaviors; #90224 (2015)

Homayoun Gerami, Jiwu Lin, Amer Haque, and James Johnson

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.... Time Slice @ C • Good correlation in between of Ant Tracking and Stiffness from AVO inversion suggest to always run and integrate these two products...


Phanerozoic Time Scale and Definition of Time Slices

Jan Golonka, Wolfgang Kiessling

Special Publications of SEPM

... - <{ Sea level Time slice Sea level Time slice __Fal Rse~ Fa Rse 1000 100 2OO im ·100 0 100 100 :mn L ) Santonian Santonian Coniacian Coniacian...


Implications of 3-D Domain Transformation for Structural and Stratigraphic Interpretation, #40765 (2011)

Geoffrey A. Dorn

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... reflection events are flat. This volume is ideal for imaging and interpreting depositional systems because every horizontal slice represents a paleo...


ABSTRACT: Kinematic Analysis using Profile and Time-Slice Animations of 3-D Seismic Volumes: Examples from the Rocky Mountain Foreland Province; #90106 (2010)

Donald S. Stone

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...ABSTRACT: Kinematic Analysis using Profile and Time-Slice Animations of 3-D Seismic Volumes: Examples from the Rocky Mountain Foreland Province...


Gulf of Mexico: Shallow Overlooked Channels, Offshore Gulf of Mexico: Application of 3-D Seismic Analysis to Stratigraphic Interpretation

W. C. Riese and B. E. Winkelman

AAPG Special Volumes

... is displaced below the 760 msec time slice by 20 msec. Examination of the 760 msec line in the record will reveal amplitude variance and some hint...


Source-to-Sink Sediment Delivery in the Gulf of Papua from SEM-MLA-aided Provenance and Textural Analysis of Turbidite Sands, #30181 (2011)

Erlangga Septama, Samuel J. Bentley, Michael Shaffer

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...-plag in Moresby Trough from volcanic source Authigenic Albite in Moresby Trough = Metamorphic Source Pulse 1B Melt Time slice 1 ( ~ 42 Ka) Time...


Time Slicing the Cooper Basin

Witold Seweryn, Dave Cockshell, Peter Hough, Steve Fabjancic

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... for gridding and imaging. The ability to time slice 3D volumes of seismic seg-y data is a basic method employed in seismic interpretation...


Sedimentation on a Passive Continental Margin (Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician), Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Gary G. Lash

AAPG Bulletin

.... (August) Environmental reconstruction of rocks of the Richmond slice, the tectonically highest slice at the eastern end of the Hamburg klippe...


Cretaceous to Holocene structural and stratigraphic development in south Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, inferred from well and three-dimensional seismic data

Mara Vernica Castillo, Paul Mann

AAPG Bulletin

... reflection time slice data to better understand the structure and stratigraphy of multiple deformed sedimentary basins, such as the Maracaibo Basin...


One Million Years from the Upper Arang Formation, West Natuna Basin, Implications for Reservoir Distribution and Facies Variation in Fluvial Deltaic Deposits

Keith Maynard, Iain Murray

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... marine flooding events provide intra-formational seals. A series of horizon slices over a 1 million year geological time interval, at a depth...


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