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Physical Properties of Carbonate Reservoirs in South Sumatra

B. Sudewo, A. R. Suhendan, S. Chacko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... resistivity. These parameters were investigated for their relationship with porosity. Established modeling equations like the Time-Average Equation...


Characteristics of Velocity-Porosity Relationships in the Baturaja Limestone Reservoir: A Case Study in the South Sumatra Basin

Muhamad Noor Ali

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for their relationship with porosity derived from Neutron-Density cross-plots from wireline logging. Established modeling equations like the Time Average Equation, Raymer...


A Review of Petrophysics of Cooper Basin Reservoirs in South Australia

Chris Porter

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... himself is at variance with the conclusions drawn. Wyllie's equation Wyllie's 'Time Average Equation' app• lies for a model consisting of a layered...



W. F. Clarke

Asociación Venezolana de Geología, Minería y Petróleo (AVGMP)

... relationship and arrive at a time-average equation which gives satisfactory results at the lower porosities. (Equation 1) The time-average equation by-passes...


Quick Look Techniques

Richard H. Merkel

AAPG Special Volumes

... quick looks have been very effective in the Gulf Coast area. Resistivity and travel time average values should be noted and recorded for each zone...


Impossibility of Bernoulli Pressure Forces on Particles Suspended in Boundary Layers: DISCUSSION

John B. Southard

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... the instantaneous velocity and the mean velocity in the y direction and the bar denotes a time average), to the equation of motion in the y direction...


Standard Interpretation: Part 4. Wireline Methods

Mark Alberty

AAPG Special Volumes

... equal to 0.9 for oil and 0.7 for gas. The Wyllie time average equation is [EQUATION] The Raymer-Hunt-Gardner equation is an empirical approach...


The Impact of Pore Geometry and Microporosity on Velocity-Porosity Relationship in Carbonates of Central Luconia, Sarawak; #41030 (2012)

Nor Sara Izzatti Bashah and Bernard Pierson

Search and

... scattering along the Wyllie’s time average equation. The large scattering in most cases will result in large uncertainties in seismic inversion...


Unconventional Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using Sonic Velocity and Characterization of Pore Architecture: An Example From the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestone; #50979 (2014)

Beth Vanden Berg, G. Michael Grammer, Gregor Eberli, Ralf Weger

Search and

... to Pore Type 7000 6000 4000 Time Average Equation for Dolomite 3000 Time Average Equation for Calcite microporosity interpart./crystalline por...


Basic Log Analysis Resolved a Heterogeneous and Complex Carbonate Pore Type Problem

Al Hafeez, Ananto Wibisono, Rochmad, Dadi Lestiyardi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... at the validity of sonic measured and the Wylie’s time average equation as stated by Anselmetti-Eberli. Unlike another clastic reservoir, carbonates are unique...


Geological Factors Influencing Porosity Estimates From Velocity Logs

Roberto Sarmiento

AAPG Bulletin

... the variables mentioned. The resulting equations give more accurate porosity estimates than the time-average equation, which is in widespread use...


Fractional Isostatic Mantle Compensation of Carbonate Buildups: GEOLOGIC NOTE

I. Lerche , M. A. Perlmutter

AAPG Bulletin

... depth, so that EQUATION (4b) At the present time, the average depth of the photic zone for carbonate or reef growth is around 70 m, with a maximum...


Difficult Lithologies: Part 4. Wireline Methods

Khaled Hashmy, Mark Alberty

AAPG Special Volumes

... formations. Density-Sonic Crossplot Two versions of the density-sonic crossplot also exist, one using the Wyllie time average equation and the other...


Basin-Filling Models: Chapter 9

Charles L. Angevine, Paul L. Heller, Chris Paola

AAPG Special Volumes

...) equation for sediment: [EQUATION (9.1)] where is the elevation of the sediment surface above a fixed datum, the subsidence rate, t time, C0...


Aspects of Rock Physics From Laboratory and Log Data that are Important to Seismic Interpretation: Section 1. Fundamentals of Stratigraphic Interpretation of Seismic Data

A. R. Gregory

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The time-average equation (1) empirically relates velocity and rock parameters for a fairly wide range of porosities: [EQUATION (1)] where...


ABSTRACT: Elastic Wave Velocity Model Analyses for Gas-Hydrate Bearing Sediments; #90061 (2006)

Dong Wang and Xiuming Wang

Search and

... obtained using the time-average equation, the Gassmann model, the Biot-Gassmann model, and the LCA model are compared. AAPG Search and Discovery #90061...


ABSTRACT High-Velocity Carbonates with High Permeability: Implications for Reservoir Quality in High Acoustic Impedance Intervals, #90104 (2010)

Eberli Gregor P.; Verwer Klaas

Search and

.../s from the Wyllie time‐ average equation. The two sample sets differ, however, in regards to permeability. The moldic group has low permeability while...


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