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A review of two different methods for the estimation of water footprint of crops

Nageen Farooq, Shabbir H. Gheewala

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... the sustainability of freshwater use. Keywords: Water footprint, life cycle assessment, water footprint network, water scarcity, environmental impacts...



Hugo Meyer Van den Berg

Search and

... SARChl Research Chair: Mineral Law is Africa ABSTRACT In South Africa, both energy and water are scarce resources and this scarcity will be exacerbated...


Structure of the Continental Margin of Northeastern North America: Abstract

Charles L. Drake

Tulsa Geological Society

... to the Taconic Revolution. The shelf is similar to the early Paleozoic Appalachian miogeosyncline with sediments of shallow water origin derived from...


Abstract: Origin of Dolomite and Its Spatial and Chronological Distribution — A New Insight

Miriam Kastner

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... with geologic age. Changes in sea water magnesium concentration were invoked to explain these observations. During the last 30 years, for both scientific...


Abstract: Desalination: A Drought Proof Solution for the State of Texas

Paul Choules

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

....   There is heightened interest in the process of desalination as a proposed drought-proof solution to address the issue of water scarcity with the ultimate goal...


Early Cretaceous Stratigraphic Sequence in Chihuahua Trough, Presidio County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Donald Reck

AAPG Bulletin

...-water marine facies are recognized in four exposures of upper Neocomian to lower Aptian strata on the eastern side of the Chihuahua trough...


Holocene Intertidal Deposits of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California: ABSTRACT

Brian F. Atwater, Daniel F. Belknap

AAPG Bulletin

... into standing water--affected the delta during historic floods. Tidal wetlands (marshes and swamps), generally served by fresh water, covered most...


Abstract: Late Cretaceous Eugeosynclinal Sedimentation, Gravity Tectonics, and Ophiolite Emplacement in the Oman Mountains, Southeast Arabia

H. Hugh Wilson

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... of rocks, known as Steinmann's Trinity has been little disturbed since its emplacement during the Late Cretaceous. The scarcity of Late Cretaceous fossils...


Origin of Dolomite and Its Spatial and Chronological Distribution--A New Insight: ABSTRACT

Miriam Kastner

AAPG Bulletin

... reasons, many attempts were made to explain the scarcity of recent dolomites. Carbonate rocks composed mainly of dolomite generally have high...


Abstracts 10. Paleosols and Late Albian Sea Level Fluctuations; or Why Coals are Scarce in the Boulder Creek Formation, Northeastern British Columbia

D. Leckie

CSPG Special Publications

... and the Gething and Nikanassin Formations of northeastern British Columbia. The palesols formed in a humid to sub-humid climate with a periodically high water...


Carboniferous Colonial Rugose Corals, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology, Lisburne Group, Arctic Alaska: ABSTRACT

Augustus K. Armstrong

AAPG Bulletin

... ages are present in carbonate rocks associated with shallow-water shoaling facies. The scarcity of corals in carbonate rocks of Osagian, Chesterian...


Deep-Water Deposition of Upper Wilcox Sandstones, Katy Field, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. R. Berg, R. L. Findley

AAPG Bulletin

...Deep-Water Deposition of Upper Wilcox Sandstones, Katy Field, Texas: ABSTRACT R. R. Berg, R. L. Findley 1973 1827 1827 57 9. (September) Lower Eocene...


Produced Water: An Alternate Way Out of Water Scarcity?

Dasapta Erwin Irawan, Rofiq Iqbal, Herry Maulana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Produced Water: An Alternate Way Out of Water Scarcity? Dasapta Erwin Irawan, Rofiq Iqbal, Herry Maulana IPA15-O-280 PROCEEDING, INDONESIAN...


Abstract: Kinematic and Sequence Stratigraphic Frameworks of the Gulf of Mexico and the Niger Delta: Contrasts and Analogs

David J. Hall, Bruce E. Bowen

GCAGS Transactions

... Tertiary sequences and systems tracts; and (6) good evidence of deep-water reservoir sandstones, in basin-floor fans and lowstand slope-fan systems...


Lacustrine Criteria: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Lee R. High, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... physical aspects should not be expected. Comparisons of these features from lacustrine and epicontinental rocks indicate the scarcity of significant...


Origin of Quebrada Arriba Oolitic Ironstone (Eocene), Venezuelan Andes: ABSTRACT

Santosh K. Ghosh

AAPG Bulletin

...) chamosite, (4) siderite, and (5) hematite. Petrographic evidence suggests a quiet water back-reef origin for the calcareous oolite. The first...


Trace Fossils as Environment Indicators in the Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Betsy Shepard

AAPG Bulletin

... activities. The two major types of lebensspuren were made by suspension feeders found in turbulent water where organic matter is held in suspension...


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