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Kinematics of Sand Avalanches Using Particle-Image Velocimetry

Michael Tischer , Marcus I. Bursik , E. Bruce Pitman

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., AND BUCHHAVE, P., 1993, PIV: comparison of three autocorrelation techniques: International Society for Optical Engineering, Proceedings, v. 2052, p...


Seismic Resolution in the Mahakam Delta

J. B. Beauchamp

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... This rapid change is better illustrated by plate 7 where we have computed for different seismic arrivals at different depths the autocorrelation...


Simulation and Mapping of Space-Dependent Data in Geology

Michel Dagbert

CSPG Bulletin

... autocorrelation as existing data. Also, the similarity between the control data and the neighbour simulated values is in accordance with the spatial...


A Comparative Study of Wave Equation Multiple Suppression to Conventional Tau-p Deconvolution and Radon Multiple Attenuation Methods

Kriyanti Setiyono, Ken H. Matson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... deconvolution eliminates multiples statistically, a design window has to be significantly longer than the operator length. If the autocorrelation window does...


Abstract: Nonstationary Predictive Deconvolution; #90172 (2014)

Gary F. Margrave, Michael P. Lamoureux

Search and

... because it operates directly on the individual Gabor slices. We also prescribe the construction of nonstationary autocorrelation functions...


Abstract: Simultaneous Multiple Source Acquisition using m-Sequences; #90187 (2014)

J. Wong

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... an autocorrelation which is a delta function, while crosscorrelations between different members are exactly zero. Sets of real pilot signals will never be perfectly...


Abstracts: The Deconvolution of Multicomponent Trace Vectors; #90173 (2015)

Xinxiang Li, Peter Cary, and Rodney Couzens

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... by the autocorrelation of a segment of the trace. In the Fourier domain the autocorrelation of a trace is its power spectrum. Extending the discussions...


Seismic-Based Volcano Identification and Characterization in HD Oilfield, Tarim Basin; #10747 (2015)

Yaonan Li, Guizhong Wang, Desheng Sun, Hongmei Zhang, Zhen Zou, Lin Yu, Sheng Cao

Search and

... autocorrelation analysis in the control line, it is evident that the wavelet variation due to shooting, receiving and near-surface changes is eliminated, thus...


Mapping, Locating and Recovering By-Passed Hydrocarbons - Workshop Summary

Thomas Hampton, Larry Lake, Skip Pack


..., used to determine lateral autocorrelation and permeability trends. It provides an alternative to interference tests. The method can indicate...


Vaporchoc: Utilization of Steam as a New Seismic Source

P. Staron

Pacific Section of AAPG

...% deconvolution, AMCO H, TIVF. Figure 15. Flexotir 1200% and Vaporchoc 2 × 2400%. Figure 16. Autocorrelation, Flexotir and Vaporchoc. Figure 17. Flexotir 1200...


Time Series Analysis II

Gerard V. Middleton

Special Publications of SEPM

... extremes. There is no theory which indicates exactly what delay should be chosen but two guiding rules have been suggested: Plot the autocorrelation...


Hierarchy of Controls on Cyclic Rhythmite Deposition: Carboniferous Basins of Eastern and Mid-Continental U.S.A.

A. W. Archer

Special Publications of SEPM

... in three- and ultimately two-element rhythmites technique involves autocorrelation in which the thickness se technique involves autocorrelation...


Results of an Investigative Program for Direct Exploration for Gas-Oil Fields on the Rudenkov Monocline

Ye. P. Puzdrovskiy, V. S. Karpiy, V. T. Muravik, R. V. Gerasimovich, Ya. I. Guzik, P. P. Shostak

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... periods of phase autocorrelation of seismic reflections in Lower Permian and Lower Carboniferous sediments (%); C is helium concentration...


Application of Upscaling Permeability Workflow: Pore to Core Plug Scale on Malay Basin Thin Sections (Paper P6)

L. A. Lubis, Z. Z. Tuan Harith, K. A. Moh Noh, H. Khairy, A. Moh Salih

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., L04606. Rubin, D. M., 2004. A simple autocorrelation algorithm for determining grain size from digital images of sediment. Journal of Sedimentary...


Amplitude Mapping of Reservoirs in North Africa

Search and

... because the actual down-going wavelet is measured directly and not determined by assumption. The autocorrelation of the VSP wavelet removes all...


Abstracts: Blind L1-norm Multichannel Deconvolution for Seismic Source Function Estimation; #90173 (2015)

Jaime Meléndez Martínez

Search and

... is the average autocorrelation matrix of the reflectivities, and is the average cross-correlation vector of the traces with the reflectivities. Estimation...


Abstracts: Akaike Information Criterion Applied to Detecting First Arrival Times on Microseismic Data; #90173 (2015)

Andy St-Onge

Search and

..., variance and autocorrelation over the time of the investigation. The first series is random noise and the second series records an energy motion over...


The Signal and the Noise: Forward Modeling of Allocyclic and Autocyclic Processes Influencing Peritidal Carbonate Stacking Patterns

Peter M. Burgess

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... by a superimposed, longer-term eustatic oscillation and parasequences generated are analyzed using runs analysis and Durbin-Watson autocorrelation. Results from...


Data Analysis and Model Development

Alan P. Byrnes

Special Publications of SEPM

... are re­ viewed in Table 18-5. Multicollinearity and Autocorrelation Because there is very frequently a high degree of correlation between independent...





... for spatial autocorrelation, which could be indirectly influencing intraspecific morphoclines via shifts in growth rates. On the other side, shell size and shape...


Creation and utility of a large fit-for-purpose earth model in a giant mature field: Kern River field, California

Dale Beeson, Katrina Hoffman, Dave Larue, Jerry McNaboe, and Janae Singer

AAPG Bulletin

... layering, which is accomplished by correlating the more than 12,000 wells (well spacing from 50 to 150 ft [from 15 to 46 m]) with an autocorrelation program...


Setting environmental standards: A statistician's perspective

Peter Guttorp

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... and variance. Of more serious concern, perhaps, is the fact that the time series of daily maximum hourly average ozone shows some autocorrelation. Data...


Punch-Card Calculations of Detailed Stratigraphic Correlations

Charles W. Oliphant, Paul Fullerton

Tulsa Geological Society

... correlation function; the same process performed on two identical rock sections results in an autocorrelation function. That autocorrelation...


A New Permeability Prediction Workflow Using 3D Porous Media Reconstruction Method, Case Studies: Malay Basin Thin Sections

Luluan A. Lubis, Zuhar Zahir T. Harith, Khairul Arifin M. Noh, Hilfan Khairy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of this method was first employed on sand sediment by Rubin (2004). Rubin (2004) used autocorrelation between two rectangular regions in digital images...


Exploring the Sub-Salt Play in the Frontier Amadeus Basin„Insights from Regional 2D Seismic and Potential Field Data

Emma Hissey, Jennifer Clifford, Tim Debacker

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... cut 0.8 Nyquist Linear Phase Low cut out SEG-D TB,100Hz,Pilot,DPG Ref, Sweep AutoCorrelation Sercel SN428/FairField Nodal Hi cut 0.8 Nyquist Linear...


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