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Abstract: Wavelet Estimation by Non-Linear Optimization of All-Pass Operators; #90211 (2015)

Somanath Misra and Mauricio Sacchi

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... factor, the fourth-order moment of the all-pass wavelet. The minimum phase wavelet estimated from the autocorrelation of the trace has the same...


Importance of Seismic Attributes in Heterogeneous Reservoir and Improvements Expected from Multi-Component Seismic

Miroslav Barisic, Igor Futivic, Tomislav Malvic

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... and heterogeneous reservoir lithofacies. It is well known that geostatistical mapping of primary variable done by autocorrelation could be highly improved...


Deconvolution Using Matlab Script to Identify Fault-Seal

Maulana Hutama Rahma Putra, Irvan Rahadian Putra

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... approachment, so the equation of error becomes; ∑ with r is the jth terms of autocorrelation of x(n) where g is the jth the term of crosscorrelation beetween...


Abstract: Comparison of Low-Frequency Data from Co-Located Receivers Using Frequency Dependent Least-Squares-Subtraction Scalars; #90172 (2014)

Kevin W. Hall, Gary F. Margrave, Malcolm B. Bertram

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... autocorrelation. In order to investigate amplitude dependence on frequency, data traces were band-pass filtered before calculating the LSSS with a series of 1 Hz...


Abstract: Acquiring Low Frequencies : Sweeps, Sensors, Sampling and Stories; #90224 (2015)

Olivier Winter, Anna Leslie, and Forest Lin

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... of adding octaves is illustrated on the amplitude spectra of the sweeps (figure 1b) as well as on the autocorrelation wavelets (figure 1c). The broader...


Seismic Attribute Mapping in Carbonate Depositional Environment, Some Lessons from Case Studies; #41159 (2013)

F. Hong and E. Shipilova

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.... Autocorrelation + Chaotism + Coherency + Dominant frequency Workflow Our workflow (Figure 6) consists of, firstly, extracting the single independent seismic...


Populations, Trends, and Cycles in Combined-Flow Bedforms

Indranil Banerjee

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

....) The autocorrelation function for the data was computed using the method outlined by Chestnut (1966). The autocorrelation value has no units and varies...


Computer Mapping: A Review of What is Available and What is Useful for Exploration Purposes

Nigel M. Waters

CSPG Bulletin

... Autocorrelation: London, Pion, 178p. Cubitt, J. M. and Henley, S., 1978, Statistical analysis in geology: Benchmark Papers in Geology, v. 37, Dowden, Hutchison...


Forecasting the Domestic Utilization of Natural Gas in Nigeria (2015…2020)

J. J. Adaji, R. U. Onolemhemhen, S. O. Isehunwa, A. Adenikinju

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

... measure of goodness of fit for a model suitability. 4.4.The F-statistic, Intercept and Autocorrelation result The F-statistic result (127.1194...


Recognition of cyclicity in the petrophysical properties of a Maastrichtian pelagic chalk oil field reservoir from the Danish North Sea

Morten Stage

AAPG Bulletin

... autocorrelation function to produce the power spectrum, which displays the spectral content of the data series (Stage and Nielsen, 1999). The initial...


Identification of Fracture Zone in Field AŽ Using Maximum Entropy Method

Aditya T. Pratama, Leonard J.I. Lisapaly

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the spectrum is the Fourier transform of the autocorrelation function (Baert, 1995) : (1.6) Where φ x (k ) are the 2K+1 known autocorrelations (− K ≤ k...


Physics of Marine Orogenesis

A. E. Scheidegger

CSPG Bulletin

... that if continental drift exists, it could be explained by a randomwalk model with autocorrelation. The basic data that are to be explained are as follows...


Codes and Ciphers Simultaneous: Source Separation: PART II

Johan O. A. Robertsson, Dirk-Jan Van Manen, Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

... be decoded. correlation between two (infinite) random sequences is zero whereas the autocorrelation is a spike. It is deterministically mapped onto known...


Demultiple for Wide-Tow Broadband Acquisition in a Shallow Water Environment: A Case Study from the NW Shelf, Australia

Mike Hartley, Shuo Ji, Alex Browne

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... on an autocorrelation of the near trace data. Both methods of water-bottom picking were tested for this survey and results were very similar. Multiple Modelling...


Overview of Exploration Geophysics: Recent Breakthroughs and Challenging New Problems: Hydrocarbons

B. S. Flowers

AAPG Special Volumes

... autocorrelation. In either method of modeling, the periodicity and amplitude of the multiples change with time and distance, respectively. Moreover...


3.2 Basement Involved: 3.2.1 Crustal Profiles: COCORP Deep Seismic Profiles Across the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

AAPG Special Volumes

... with an operator of 560 msec was useful in removing some multiple energy, autocorrelation studies show that significant multiple reflections, generated wit...


Overview of Exploration Geophysics--Recent Breakthroughs and Challenging New Problems

B. S. Flowers

AAPG Bulletin

... model derived from the periodicity of multiply reflected events through autocorrelation. In either method of modeling, the periodicity and amplitude...


Abstract: Transmission Imaging: Moving Source Offset VSP (MSOVSP) Case Study; #90172 (2014)

Emmanuel Bongajum, Bernd Milkereit, Douglas Schmitt

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... et al. (1988). ii) Transmission wavefield modeling and imaging We use the von karman autocorrelation function as described by Geoff & Jordan (1988...


Abstract: Reflectivity Color Correction in Gabor Deconvolution; #90211 (2015)

Carlos Montana and Gary Margrave

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...) The autocorrelation shows nonwhite character, evidenced by the presence of significant negative values at small lags. (c): The amplitude spectrum of the reflectivity...


High-Resolution Variograms from Optical Borehole Imaging for Borehole-Scale Geostatistical Rock Simulation and Lattice Boltzmann Flow Simulation in High-Permeability Carbonates; #120091 (2013)

Michael C. Sukop and Kevin J. Cunningham

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... with only slight anisotropy in the horizontal direction. The vertical variograms show strong short-range autocorrelation out to a lag of about 0.5 m...


Linking Channel-Margin Bed Thickness to Hydrodynamics in the Tidally Influenced Fraser River, British Columbia; #50879 (2013)

Andrew La Croix, Shahin Dashtgard, and James MacEachern

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... extends landward of turbidity max Seasonal Cyclicity in Fraser River IHS Autocorrelation, Fourier…   Qualitative cyclicity in structure...


Statistical Appraisal of Molteno (Triassic) Sedimentary Cycles from the Upper Part of the Karroo (Gondwana) System in South Africa

B. R. Turner

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... is not feasible because of the unequal length of the series and the possibility of autocorrelation. Correlation therefore must be made in the usual geological...





... composition) (Fig. 10). In the living fauna this is interpreted to reflect similar habitat preferences and possibly also spatial autocorrelation (Tomasovych...


Transition–Zone Seismic Surveys in Southeast Asia

R. E. Sheriff, Palmer L. Greene, Harold Reaves

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to be determined from analysis of the data themselves. Seiscom Delta's PULSE II program forms the autocorrelation of the wavelet shape by compositing...


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