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Estimating Exploration Potential

W. W. Hambleton, J. C. Davis, J. H. Doveton

AAPG Special Volumes

... by the functional relationship. (The "uncertainty" function shown in Figure 7 is a simple spatial autocorrelation model and has much in common...


Pre-Alleghenian (Pennsylvanian-Permian) Hydrocarbon Emplacement Along Ordovician Knox Unconformity, Eastern Tennessee

Frederick M. Haynes , Stephen E. Kesler

AAPG Bulletin

... autocorrelation (holes "predict" organic content of adjacent holes), thus precluding traditional inferential statistical analysis (Clark and Hosking, 1986...


Relationship between mineralogy and porosity in seals relevant to geologic CO2 sequestration

Alexander M. Swift, Lawrence M. Anovitz, Julia M. Sheets, David R. Cole, Susan A. Welch, and Gernot Rother

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... communication). BSE Image Autocorrelation as Extension of SANS and USANS As the low- limit of the USANS data is not small enough to cover the maximum...


Eustatic Controls on the Stratigraphy and Geometry of the Latemar Buildup (Middle Triassic), The Dolomites of Northern Italy

Robert K. Goldhammer, Mark T. Harris

Special Publications of SEPM

... series analysis: autocorrelation graphs refer to two different, but overlapping, sets of 32 consecutive cycles within the measured section; repeated...


Facies Mapping from Three-Dimensional Seismic Data: Potential and Guidelines from a Tertiary Sandstone-Shale Sequence Model, Powderhorn Field, Calhoun County, Texas

Hongliu Zeng , Milo M. Backus , Kenneth T. Barrow , Noel Tyler

AAPG Bulletin

... into the contouring process. Computer mapping programs, however, usually keep the spatial autocorrelation among wells invariant when mapping different...



Jack C. Pashin

Alabama Geological Society

... Society of America Bulletin, v. 105, p. 129-136. Martino, R. L., and Sanderson, D. D., 1993, Fourier and autocorrelation analysis of estuarine tidal...


Assessing spatial uncertainty in reservoir characterization for carbon sequestration planning using public well-log data: A case study

Erik R. Venteris, Kristin M. Carter

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... modeling. The ratio of the partial sill to the nugget effect provided information on the strength and consistency of spatial autocorrelation within...


Paleoclimate of the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) portion of the Winton Formation, central-western Queensland, Australia: new observations based on CLAMP and bioclimatic analysis

Tamara L. Fletcher, David R. Greenwood, Patrick T. Moss, Steven W. Salisbury


... for (see Green 2006; Greenwood 2007), as well as lingering concerns regarding spatial autocorrelation or regional signals (e.g., Greenwood et al. 2004...


Limited ichnologic fidelity and temporal resolution in pelagic sediments: paleoenvironmental and paleoecologic implications

Charles E. Savrda


.... 21, p. 185–209. JUMARS, P.A., 1978, Spatial autocorrelation with RUM (Remote Underwater Manipulator): vertical and horizontal structure of a bathyal...


Geochemical dispersal in till: Waterford area, New Brunswick

M. D. Munn, B. E. Broster, A. G. Pronk

Atlantic Geology

... an autocorrelation between irregularly spaced data points producing a minimum variance unbiased estimate. Grid nodes were established to A t l a n t ic G e...


Criteria for Proper Production Decline Models and Algorithm for Decline Curve Parameter Inference

Peng Zhou, Yuewei Pan, Huiyan Sang, W. John Lee

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...quare error. The foundation of the proposed algorithm is the assumption on the residual errors and we can check its validity by computing the auto...


An Ensemble-Based History Matching Approach for Reliable Production Forecasting from Shale Reservoirs

Usman Aslam, Rafel M. Bordas

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...-in and autocorrelation issues in the samples used...


Late Mississippian Prodeltaic Rhythmites in the Appalachian Basin: A Hierarchical Record of Tidal and Climatic Periodicities

Daniel J. Miller, Kenneth A. Eriksson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and autocorrelation analysis of estuarine tidal rhythmites, lower Breathitt Formation (Pennsylvanian), eastern Kentucky, U.S.A.: Journal...


Taphonomic Reworking and Stratal Organization of Tempestite Deposition

Carl Drummond, Hope Sheets

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... spaced data (e.g., autocorrelation, Fourier analysis, wavelet analysis), no technique is as broadly discriminating or as universally applicable...


An Analysis of a Seismic Reflection from the Base of a Gas Hydrate Zone, Offshore Peru (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... distance based on the second zero crossing of the autocorrelation function, (2) a filter length of 148 ms, and (3) 1.5% white noise added to stabilize...


Fault Seal Analysis in the North Sea

Steven D. Knott

AAPG Bulletin

... Sea well with a N/G = 0.82 shows the approximate match between the empirical curve (obtained by autocorrelation of the succession over the range...


Shell Taphonomy and Fidelity of Living, Dead, Holocene, and Pleistocene Land Snail Assemblages

Yurena Yanes


..., S.M., 2011, Accounting for the effects of biological variability and temporal autocorrelation in assessing the preservation of species abundance...


Geophysical characterization of a nonaqueous-phase liquidcontaminated site

Alberto Godio, Alessandro Arato, Stefano Stocco

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... the profile direction (few decimeters) and the distances between two adjacent profiles (12 m [3.26.6 ft]), which has influenced the autocorrelation...


Geostatistical Modeling of the Spaces of Local, Spatial, and Response Uncertainty for Continuous Petrophysical Properties

P. Goovaerts

AAPG Special Volumes

... is approximated by imposing an autocorrelation pattern on the probability values (probability field) used for sampling these CCDFs.Simulated annealing (SA...


Environmental Setting and Quaternary History of the San Francisco Estuary

Lisa Esquivel Wells

Pacific Section SEPM

... 5). Although the data presented in a tree-ring series has annual resolution, the strong autocorrelation in the record limits the temporal...


Mapping the Barnett Shale Gas With Probabilistic Physics-Based Decline Curve Models and the Development of a Localized Prior Distribution

Rafael Wanderley de Holanda, Eduardo Gildin, Peter P. Valko

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... in space, it represents the spatial 0.2 0.15 20 autocorrelation of the data (Gringarten et al., 1999). There are different types of models, however...


Controls on Upper Devonian, Metre-Scale Carbonate Cyclicity, Icefall Brook, Southeast British Columbia, Canada

Paul E. Fejer, Guy M. Narbonne

CSPG Bulletin

... workers have attempted to use autocorrelation analysis to show time-dependent repetitions that have a Milankovitch characteristic (i.e., individual...


Climatic Forcing of Cyclic Carbonate Sedimentation During the Last 5.4 Million Years Along the West Florida Continental Margin

Steven R. Roof , Henry T. Mullins, Steven Gartner, T. C. Huang, Ed Joyce, John Prutzman, Leonard Tjalsma

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... data spacing in the time domain. The Fourier procedures used involve first calculating the autocorrelation of the time series for time lags up to n/4...


Rhythmic Sedimentation in a Mixed Tide and Wave Deposit, Hazel Patch Sandstone (Pennsylvanian), Eastern Kentucky Coal Field

Stephen F. Greb , Allen W. Archer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and autocorrelation analysis of estuarine tidal rhythmites, lower Breathitt Formation (Pennsylvanian), eastern Kentucky, USA: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 63...


Rhythmic Deposition on Mudflats in the Mesotidal Changjiang Estuary, China

Daidu Fan,, Congxian Li

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., AND SANDERSON, D.D., 1993, Fourier and autocorrelation analysis of estuarine tidal rhythmites, lower Breathitt Formation (Pennsylvanian), eastern...


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